Hutkemri Zulnaidi (Ph.D) is currently a Mathematics and Science Education senior lecturer at the University of Malaya. He specializes in mathematics education, technology in education, problem solving, assessment and measurement, statistics and quantitative research method. He is presently involved in several research projects on industrial revolution 4.0, lifelong learning, learning support, burnout, soft skill, sports and teaching practice. Prior to joining University of Malaya, he was working at The National University of Malaysia as post-doctoral in Educational Psychology. He has presented papers at international conferences and published in many international journals ISI and Scopus Index. He is also actively involved in research workshops statistical data analysis (SPSS, AMOS and Smart-PLS) and Research Methodology.

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Nurul Husna Mansor currently is a senior lecturer in Department of Dakwah and Human Development. She graduated with Bachelor of Usuluddin (Hons) (Dakwah and Human Development) and PhD (Dakwah and Human Development) from University of Malaya. Her research were mostly on religion, human development, unwanted pregnancy,  adolescents and moral issue. She cctively involved in human development  and related research: 1) Tahap Pengetahuan Dan Kesedaran Ibu Bapa Terhadap Kepentingan Program Pemulihan Pesalah Seks Remaja: Kajian Di Selangor Dan Kuala Lumpur (PI). 2) Self-Care Practice and Well being of Helping Professionals: A Qualitative Exploration, Consultant, 2019 - 2021, RU Geran - Fakulti Program (Co-Researcher). 3)Pembentukan Growth Mindset pada diri Remaja dalam Kalangan Ibu Bapa di Selangor(Co-Researcher). 4) Transforming The Role Of Surau APIUM For Campus Sustainability Through 'Imarah Green Project'(Co-Researcher). 5)Keperluan Program Pemulihan Teraputik Berasas Agama Untuk Pesalah Seks Remaja Yang Berada Dalam Perlindungan Institusi(Co-Researcher).  She is now actively involved in academic writings and teaching regarding dakwah and human development focusing religious module implementation for rehabilitation of problem teenagers, strategy of dakwah on youth, methodology of dakwah and so on. She is experienced in knowledge sharing about ideas and researches in oversea countries like Egypt (Cairo University), Jordan (World Islamic Science and Education University) and Vienna, Austria.

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Dr Mahmoud Danaee is currently a senior lecturer at the Department of Social Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, UM. He was an academic member at Islamic Azad University (Iran) since 1998. Dr Mahmoud Danaee also was a member of scientific board in rural development institute of Iran and also was the general director of IT department in National Youth Organisation of Iran during 2000 to 2004. As a statistician, during last 23 years. He has taught courses in statistics, experimental design, advance statistical methods, Research Methodology at undergraduate and postgraduate level in different disciplines. He conducted many workshops and courses such as Basic and advance statistical methods using SPSS, Structural Equation Modelling (AMOS& Smart-PLS), Design of Experiments (RSM) in Iran and Malaysia. Dr Mahmoud Danaee was in charge of Research methodology and Statistic Help clinic (ReSH) in Academic Enhancement and Leadership Development Centre (ADeC) during 2016 – 2018 which supported UM academic staff and post graduate student from 14 faculties for their needs in conducting and analysis of research.

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