Ir. Dr. Ang Bee Chin completed her Ph.D in year 2011 at the University of Malaya, Malaysia. She was the scholarship holder in University of Malaya and currently served as a Associate Professor in Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering. She obtained her Chartered Engineer (CEng) in year 2014 under Institution of Mechanical Engineers, United Kingdom and Professional Engineer (Ir.) in year 2016 under the Board of Engineers, Malaysia. She published more than 40 high impact papers in her field. Her research interest includes the synthesis and application of nanoparticles, nanocomposites, nanofiber and materials characterization. Currently, she is concentrating in developing a polymer based nanofibrous membrane embedded with nanoparticles for various applications. She is the key person in organizing international and national events such as conferences, symposia or seminars for the past few years. In addition, she is currently serving as Secretary in the Centre of Advanced Materials. Ir. Dr. Ang has won awards at numerous international/national exhibitions pertaining to her research work.     

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Dr. Thamil Selvee Ramasamy earned her PhD in Clinical Medicine Research Programme (specialisation: human embryonic stem cell research) from Department of Surgery and Cancer, Hammersmith Hospital, Imperial College London, UK. Currently, she is serving as a Principal Investigator/Group Leader of Stem Cell Biology Laboratory as well as managing Cell & Molecular Biology Laboratory, Central Research laboratories at Faculty of Medicine Dean’s office, University of Malaya. She is also serving as deputy head of Internationalisation Unit, Faculty of Medicine. Dr. Ramasamy has been actively engaged in stem cell research for more than a decade now and recently embarked on cancer stem cell research, the research fields that she has so much of passion. Her research group has set their focus to strive for innovative and creative cutting edge research in developing effective stem cell therapy and target cancer stem cells by developing scientific programs of exceptional merit in collaboration with multiple institutions at national and international level. She has been leading and involved in many research programmes/grants at national and international levels. She has been invited to present the research findings in many national and international meetings. Her passion for bringing the impact of regenerative research in Malaysia to a great height is very much evident through her leadership role as the President of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Society of Malaysia (TESMA) and collective effort at national level in building the network with international institutions and societies.

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Dr. Faissal completed his medical degree from University of Wales College of Medicine, United Kingdom in the year 2001. Following which he completed his housemanship and worked as a senior house officer (SHO) in the MRCS Basic Surgical Training in Wales, United Kingdom. He returned to Malaysia in 2005 as a trainee lecturer under the Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) and continued working at Selayang hospital. He joined the Master in orthopaedic surgery at University of Malaya (UM) in 2006. During his training, he was given the position of chief resident and completed his Master of Orthopaedic Surgery successfully in the year 2010. He practised orthopaedic surgery at Selayang Hospital, managing trauma and other general orthopaedic cases. He was involved in arthroplasty and arthroscopy surgery at Selayang Hospital. He then joined the orthopaedic oncology fellowship programme at University Malaya Medical Centre for two years (2013-2015). After completion of his fellowship, he was appointed as the Head of Orthopaedic Surgery Discipline at the Faculty of Medicine, UiTM, Sungai Buloh Campus. He passed the National Board of Orthopaedic Oncology examination under the Malaysian Ministry of Health in March 2018. Dr Faissal joined the Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya as a senior lecturer and consultant orthopaedic surgeon in October 2015. He is currently practicing in University Malaya Medical Centre as well as UM Specialist Centre. He is well experienced in general orthopaedic, trauma, arthroplasty and orthopaedic oncology. He is active in research and has authored scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals, presented free paper and posters at national and international conferences, such as Malaysian Orthopaedic Association (MOA) Annual Scientific Meeting, International Society of Limb Salvage (ISOLS) and Asia Pacific Musculoskeletal Tumour Society (APMSTS).

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