Dr. Mohd Nasir Hashim is a prominent figure in the University's music arena.  Having served the Cultural Centre in University of Malaya for 32 years, he is a seasoned musician specializing in composition, orchestration and music technology.  Upon graduation from the Mara Institute of Technology (UiTM) in Music, Dr. Nasir later obtained his post graduate degrees at the University of Southampton, United Kingdom. Dr. Nasir also studied under the tutelage of Andrew Llyod Webber in writing scores for musical broadways.  His affiliations with the Cultural Centre began when he was appointed as a Cultural Affairs Officer.  He is today an Associate Professor at the Music Department. Since his postgraduate days, Dr. Nasir has been actively involved in the orchestra both locally and internationally.  During his days at the University of Southampton, Dr. Nasir taught and arranged orchestration on a part-time basic.  In addition, he was also the music director and deputy conductor of a jazz band and a symphony orchestra. It was at time that Dr. Nasir performed alongside the world-renowned composer, Dave Brubek. He toured with Dave Brubeck, the accomplished jazz composer and his big band orchestra in UK and USA. Dr Nasir also participate in several music camps such as the National Music Camps, Asian Music Camp and World Music Camp where he performed as he principal trumpet player. Dr. Nasir was a guest conductor with the London Guildhall Jazz Orchestra. As a result of his wide exposure in UK in conducting and arranging, he believes that whilst every genre of music is special, music can be used as a conduit for the University to reach out to members of society. Apart from conducting, he also copies songs for recording artistes and film soundtracks.  He has composed and arranged numerous scores of various genres for the orchestra. He plays the trumpet, accordion, guitar, piano and a number of traditional instruments.  His involvement in Malay traditional music, Western Jazz, Rock, Rock and Symphony Orchestra gives in a special edge into these genres.  At present Dr. Nasir is also actively producing scores and CDs for publication by the University od Malaya.  He conducts workshop, camps and lectures across the region, with a hope that music can be performed an appreciated as a discipline as well as for leisure.

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  Dr. Mukhri Hamdan is a professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology with subspecialist in reproductive medicine. He currently works as an O&G consultant at Universiti Malaya Medical (UMMC) and Specialist Centre (UMSC). He is currently the Head for O&G Department in Faculty of Medicine, Universiti Malaya and Head of National Conjoint Board for O&G specialty for Malaysia. He also sits in National Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Reproductive Medicine subspeciality evaluation committee for Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) and actively involved in Advisory and Coordinating Committee for Reproductive Health (Subfertility) for LPPKN. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Southampton UK in reproductive sciences (Endometriosis) and also a clinical master in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (MObGyn) from University Malaya. He was trained locally and the United Kingdom hospitals. After he completed his clinical master, he joined Complete Fertility Southampton, United Kingdom and gained advanced training in infertility. He is certified by British Fertility Society (BFS) to perform embryo transfer (IVF/ET) and intrauterine insemination (IUI). Dr. Mukhri has been a keen researcher in the field of reproduction. He has presented his work in many international meetings and has published them in high impact academic journals in various aspects of the endometriosis field. He has also actively involved in writing up the National Curriculum for O&G. He speaks regularly in the O&G Society of Malaysia congresses and currently elected as the council member for the College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Academy of Medicine Malaysia. He has the vision to improve the quality of training both in O&G and reproductive medicine training.  

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2005- 2007 : PhD Degree in Islamic Philosophy, Faculty of Usul al-Din, Academy of Islamic Studies. University of Malaya (UM), Malaysia.2000 – 2003 : Master Degree in Usul al-Din with CGPA of 81% and a rating of very good. Faculty of Islamic Studies. Islamic University Baghdad, Iraq.1996-2000 : Bachelor Degree in Islamic Shari'ah with CGPA of 80.52% and a rating of very good, Faculty of Islamic Studies. Islamic University Baghdad, Iraq.WORKING EXPERIENCES • Assistant Lecturer (Part-timer) at Mu'ta University taught Islamic civilization (From 2003 to 2005).• Assistant lecturer (Part time) at University of Malaya (UM), teaching • Professor Assistance (Lecturer) in King Faisal University / KSA from 2008 till now 2018. • Professor Assistant in Islamic University of Minnesota‎‏.• Senior Lecturer in University of Malaya (UM) from 2019 till now.

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