Dr Sr Ainoriza is a senior lecturer and currently is the Programme Coordinator for Master of Real Estate, University of Malaya. She completed her PhD in area of sustainability and responsible property investment. Her current research interest is on financing issues for the first time home buyers and housing challenges for migrants. In the past she has completed national studies on elderly housing, Housing-Income Index©, corporate real estate as well as sustainability. Outside of academia, she has acted as a consultant for private developer. She currently serves as an Editorial Member of Journal of Design and Built Environment and has been appointed as UM's internal auditor. She teaches Corporate Real Estate, Valuation, and Property Finance & Investment to both undergraduates and postgraduates in UM. She has been invited as speaker, forum panellist at national conferences and as guest lecturer in other local universities. She is also the trainer for UM's iCON project ; THINK SOLVE INNOVATE & GET STARTED (personal development & financing) modules. She has also been appointed as UM internal auditor and program assessor. Dr Ainoriza has been recently selected as the Youth Member in the TN50 Circles of the Future (Living & Well-being). Her role is to collaborate with other youth leaders and experts to develop recommendations for TN50.

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I developed my interest in science during my undergraduate education. I am a virologist focused on the epidemiology and pathogenesis of enterovirus A71, an emerging virus that causes severe neurological disease. I lead a laboratory with research interests in epidemiology and pathogenesis of emerging viruses such as enterovirus A71, chikungunya, and respiratory viruses. With more than 20 years of research experience, I have over 80 publications, and have been involved in many research programs and grants at both national and international levels. I served as an Associate Editor of BMC Infectious Diseases and guest editor in PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases. I have multiple joint publications with collaborators from Asia, Europe, and USA. My studies have led to a better understanding of how viruses spread and infect humans.

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Amira Firdaus is a Senior Lecturer at UM’s Department of Media Studies, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences. Amira is also Head of the Unit for Leadership and Well-being (LeadWell) at UM's Academic Enhancement and Leadership Development Centre (ADeC). She was previously the inaugural Head and Coordinator of the Emerging Scholars Leadership Advancement (EmeraLd) program, ADeC's flaghship training program for new academic staff. Amira has a deep interest in the career development and well-being of early career academics, including postgraduate students. She enjoys close mentoring relationships with her PhD and Masters students, and occasionally conducts postgraduate research talks and clinics for others. In both teaching & learning (T&L) and learning & development (L&D), Amira makes conscious effort to create a safe space for learning in a participatory and social constructionist environment. Amira values collegiality and community and believes that a growth-mindset is essential to develop and enhance strengths, overcome weaknesses, and foster resilience. Amira's multi-disciplinary research interests span across the fields of positive psychology, ageing, organizational studies, as well as media and communication. Amira holds a PhD in communication from the University of Melbourne, where her thesis was suggested for The Chancellor's Prize by her external examiner*. Amira's first international book Network Newswork: Media Globalization and Digital Journalism in Malaysia (Routledge, 2018) is currently available online from Routledge, Taylor and Francis, as well as Amazon books and other retailers. *PhD Supervisors: Ingrid Volkmer & David Nolan; PhD Thesis Chair & External Examiners: Robert Hassan; Stephen Reese; Brian McNair

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