Dr Nor Asrina Sairi is currently attached to University of Malaya as a researcher, specializing in CO2 capture and photocatalysis studies. She graduated in 2012 with a PhD in Thermodynamic under the Skim Latihan IPTA (SLAI) program, a scheme established by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to improve the quality of academic staff with the goal to make Malaysia a regional centre of higher learning. Her PhD work focused on CO2 capture using ionic liquids based solvents.She also had training at School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland, under supervision Professor Christopher Hardacre and was given an opportunity to delve into the world of liquid-liquid separation. In parallel green chemistry idelogy, her major research interest is focus on developing new solvents for CO2 capture using ionic liquids and deep eutectic solvents. She is also exploring photocatalysis area using nanocomposite for water treatment under visible light irradiation as well as bioglycerol, separation and computational.

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Suhaiza Hanim Mohamad Zailani received her MSc and PhD in Management Science from Lancaster University, England, United Kingdom, in 1995 and 1998, respectively. She is a Professor of Supply Chain with the Faculty of Business and Accountancy, Universiti Malaya, and is currently a Director of the University Malaya Entrepreneurship Centre (UMEC) since Dec 2014. As a director, she is responsible for identifying attractive opportunities for the graduates to be excelled as an entrepreneur through her excellent industry linkage, both locally and overseas. Recently under her directorship, her centre has been selected as the best 20 entrepreneurship centres in the world for the ACCSB Entrepreneurship Spotlight Challenge. This challenge showcases how AACSB-accredited schools engage with business practice to provide students an opportunity to gain to core skills required to be successful in business whether that business is a start-up or a world-renowned corporation (http://www.aacsb.edu/esc). As a self-sustained centre in UM, she has created so many innovative and impactful entrepreneurship programs not only for the students but also to the communities. From all the success stories that she has achieved from the programs, she was able to market them to the agencies and communities as income generation to UMEC. For the professional qualifications, she used to hold a position as the Vice President of the Society of Logisticians Malaysia and holds the title of MlogM. She has been certified with Entrepreneurial Leader (ELP) by the Ministry Higher Education in 2017 and certified with Industry Foundation Programme (CIFP) in 2013 by the Department of Standards Malaysia. She was a visiting professor for Supply Chain Management (SCM) at AIMTS Universiti, Malaysia in 2013. Recently, she was one of the finalists for the Anugerah Pemikiran Dan Reka Bentuk Semula Pendidikan Tinggi Malaysia 2017. Her field of expertise is in Supply Chain Management. Her achievements in supply chain management are excellent as is evident by the number and quantum of postgraduate’s students that she has supervised, publications, research grants, consultations, training, industrial linkages and professional appointments that she has successfully secured and fulfilled. First and foremost, she has written two articles in the New Straits Times column entitled “SCM in the context of the New Economic Model” and “1Malaysia Supply Chain: Reality or Myth”. To date, she has completed more than 20 research university grants, and, at the national level, she has completed more than 10 national grants, as principle investigator. Most importantly, she has also completed 3 international research grants from the World Bank, Departmental Pendidikan Indonesia in the form of research collaboration with Andalas University, Indonesia and with Sri Lanka National Centre for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences (NCAS) on a research entitled “Sustainable Supply Chain Management as a Strategy for Triple Bottom Line Maximization: Comparison Study between Malaysia and Sri Lanka”. She was the main researcher for national grants under ERGS, FRGS and as co- researcher for two LRGS (UKM and UM). For UM grants, she had led one research programme with four sub-projects on “Halal Supply Chain Business”. She has also completed a research on “Muslim Friendly Medical Services Quality,” and completed two UMCARES grants. In respect of her interest in sustainability, she was the main researcher for two grand challenge sub- projects on “Market Assessment and Technology Commercialization of Biochip Product for Food Security Detection” and “Social and Socio-Economic Impacts along the Value Chain of the Ester-Based Lube Oil from Palm Agricultural Waste”. She is creative in transforming her research findings into product inventions and has won many gold medals in the competitions such as in Invention, Innovation and Design Exposition (IIDEX 2015, 2016 and 2017) and few others. Few of her product inventions have been successfully patented e.g. “Product Returns Management Process Model”. Therefore, in conjunction with her excellence in research, she has then been awarded the Distinguished Researcher Award UM in 2016. She has published more than 100 papers in various citation indexed journals on Operations Management, particularly in ISI-based and Scopus journals. Her current ISI H-Index is 11 with 689 citations, Scopus H-Index is 17 with 1502 citations and GS H-Index is 26 with 3544 citations as of 9 December 2017. She has been nominated for Anugerah Akademik Negara 2012 (USM) and 2017 (UM), won USM Sanggar Sanjung 2012, awarded for Distinguished Researcher in 2016 and Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2016. She has also published more than 200 papers in local and international conference proceedings in addition to her research book and chapters in the book. As for teaching textbooks, she has published two textbooks on Operations Management and Production Management that are being widely used, as a second edition, in Universiti Sains Malaysia and Universiti Utara Malaysia. On the subject of postgraduate supervision, she has, as main-supervisor, successfully graduated seventeen PhD students, three MA students, and two DBA students when she was in USM. One of her PhD students won two awards (Best Thesis Award in Applied Arts, USM, and the Best Thesis Award Tan Sri Dato Muhyiddin Mohd Yassin 2009). Presently in UM, 5 of her Phd students will be graduating soon. Two of her Phd students are looking at the area of health care; “A Quasi-Experimental Approach towards Impact of Lean-DEA on Emergency Department Operational Performance” and “Effectiveness of Klinik 1Malaysia: Supply Chain Rationalization as Mediator”. With regards to the appointment, she has been appointed as an external examiner for PhD students from various local universities, including UIA, UITM, UKM, UTM, UTP, UUM, UPM, INTI College and MMU, as well as an external examiner for three international PhD students from universities in India and Australia. Her excellence in consultancy is enumerated by the number of projects achieved. As for herself, she has been involved in providing consultancy to several industry players either when she was in USM and presently in UM. At present, she is currently active in three types of consultancy – academic, research and service purposes. First and foremost, she was responsible for the development of the program Diploma in Logistics Management, which was worth RM840,000.00 that awarded by Kolej Professional Mara in 2007. The management of KPM believes that she has the academic expertise to assist them in establishing the programme. Apart from being acknowledged within academic circles, she has also been approached locally and internationally to act as a consultant for research and service. In fact, 2008 continued to strengthen her achievement in providing consultancies when she was awarded the prestigious USAINS Industrious Award when she was in USM for her considerable achievements in consultancy activities and therefore was appointed as an Honorary Consultant to USAINS. There were also appointments from the Federal Agricultural Malaysian Authority (FAMA), as the main researcher for the study on “Halal Supply Chain” and MARDITECH Sdn Bhd for the study on the “Labuan Halal Distribution Hub”. In 2009, she was awarded a grant by the Northern Economy Economic Region (NCER) to conduct a study on “Repositioning Supply Chain for E&E Industry in Northern Malaysia”. In addition, she presented a proposal to MIMOS Sdn Bhd on the topic of “Market Needs on Supply Chain Innovation”. She was appointed by USAINS to lead a group consisting of 32 members on a project relating to Belum Temenggor under the Northern Economy Economic Region (NCER) and presented a proposal to the Malaysian Productivity Cooperation (MPC). Several notable local and international organizations have also approached her regarding contract research, including the European Reference Point for Technology Transfer at Tutech Innovation in Germany for the ITTO project, the Norwegian Centre for Telemedicine for the Telemedicine project, and Teras Technology Sdn Bhd for the AVTAM project in Saudi Arabia. Remarkably, she continued to be excelled in her consultations in UM when she first involved with the project under PEMANDU on “Lean Practices in the Healthcare Industry” as well as collaborating with MPC on “Healthcare Services Productivity” project both in 2013. She is also quite active in contract research with MyCC when she has been granted projects in 2013 to look into “A Study on Competition Issues among Depots in Malaysia” and “Investigation on the Competition Issues in Taxi Industry in Malaysia” in 2016. Then she has been appointed by Kementerian Luar Negeri (KLN) for a project worth RM650,000.00 for a “Study to Establish Malaysia Foreign Policy Direction as a Middle Power”. Following that, in 2017, she has been granted a project by Gagasan Badan Ekonomi Bumiputera (GABEM) to study on the “Model Keusahawanan, Strategi dan Pelan Tindakan Mampan Sistem Pembinaan Perindustrian (IBS) bagi Firma Bumiputera di Rantaian Bekalan Industri Pembinaan” and Pricewaterhouse Coopers Advisory Services Sdn Bhd as a specialist in a study on “Strategy Development to Increase Bumiputera Participation along the Construction Value Chain”. Her expertise has also been recognized within academia as she has been appointed as an editorial board member for almost 100 international refereed journals and conferences. She was also invited to be a panellist, speaker, guest speaker on the national and international stage by both the business and academic community. She has been appointed as the external course assessor for Wawasan University for Supply Chain Management and Procurement Inventory Management, AIMST University, Multimedia University, Lincoln University, Universiti Islam Antarabangsa and Universiti Sabah Malaysia. In addition, she was being given the opportunity to organize an international conference in supply chain management when she attached as a visiting professor at AIMST University for the 3rd International Conference in Operations and Supply Chain Management (ICOSCM). She has been appointed as local chair at many international conferences e.g. the 2nd International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management and the 2nd International Conference and Annual International Conference on ERP & SCM (ERP & SCM). Her appointment to the International Advisory Board for many international conferences delineates her international recognition. To date, she is a member of the Asian Academy of Management (AAM), Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences, member of the Malaysian Nature Society, member of the Environmental Management & Research Association of Malaysia (ENSEARCH), member of IEEM, associate member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK and a member of the publication committee for the Decision Sciences Society that is based in the United States. She has been working closely with Dewan Perniagaan Melayu Pulau Pinang (DPMPP) as an academic advisor to three centbiz of PEMANDU – halal, logistics and manufacturing. She has been given the opportunity to conduct a seminar on Halal Awareness to SMEs owned by bumiputra. In addition, she is now on the panel for Malaysian Qualifications Accreditation (MQA) for Supply Chain and Logistics. Her research and publication expertise in Supply Chain and Logistics is recognized by the academic as well as the industrial world.

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Dr Chong Pan Pan is highly qualified with B.Sc. (Hons) Microbiology (2001), M.Sc. Biochemistry (2004) and successfully completed PhD (2013) on her research on mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and skeletal tissue engineering. After that she works as post-doctoral research fellow (2013-2016) at the National Orthopaedic Centre of Excellence in Research and Learning (NOCERAL), Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya (UM), Malaysia. Currently, she is the senior lecturer in NOCERAL, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, UM. Additionally, she is the person in charge to set up the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Laboratory in NOCERAL. She has also been put in charge of the newly proposed clinical study, entitled the use of staged intra-articular injection of cultured autologous mesenchymal stromal cells following marrow stimulation of the repair of focal articular cartilage defects. This involves running Phase I & II clinical trials of the completely built up in house technology. Her research interest involves the current and innovative area of tissue engineering and manipulation of adult mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) for future use as biological therapies for poorly regenerating tissues. Her work focuses on driving the adult MSCs from bone marrow, peripheral blood and adipose tissue along chondrogenic lineages for later transplantation to replace worn out joint cartilage in patients suffering from joint disorders, including trauma or osteoarthritis. To attest her work, Dr. Chong has published in several quality (Q1/high impact factor) peer reviewed journals and presented her works extensively and globally at numerous international level conferences. At that time, she has also won a number of awards, including top prizes at the regional level, such as Young Investigator Awards, L’Oréal Malaysia for Women in Science, Best Poster/Oral Presentations and travel fellowships etc. In addition, she has participated in several biotechnology exhibitions and won many innovation awards for her work on MSCs as biological therapies for tissue regenerations. She has also developed intellectual property related to these novel works which has been successfully patented.

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