Muhammad Azzam Ismail, PhD in Built Environment (UNSW) is a Graduate Architect and an expert in green architecture and green building rating. He teaches architecture at the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur and is the current Head of Department of Architecture. His current research through awarded grants includes building energy consumption management, operational carbon footprint of residential properties and low carbon cities. At national level, he was appointed as the Chairman of the Malaysia Council of Heads of Architecture Schools (COHAS) from 2014-2016. Through his appointment as Fellow at the Tun Syed Zahiruddin Residential College (9th College), he supervised and participated in numerous student-led activities including the yearly college award dinner and the "Global Community Service (GLOCOSE)" international community service program to Acheh (Indonesia), Kampung Cham (Cambodia) and Tay Ninh (Vietnam). In line with his interest in Sustainability and low carbon cities, he actively delivered capacity building lectures through UMCARES and was awarded UMCARES Certificate of Excellence in Sustainability 2014.

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Dr. Raja Jamilah Raja Yusof holds a bachelor degree in Information System Engineering from Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London. She pursued her studies in Master and PhD in Computer Science from the University of Malaya. She is currently a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Software Engineering in Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, a member of Centre of Quranic Research, University of Malaya and also a Senior Member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer (IEEE Senior Member). Her area of expertise includes usability of interfaces, Big Data Visualization, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Java and Python Programming, Computational and Algorithmic Thinking, Scratch Programming and Islamic and Quranic Systems. Her main research interests is in Human Computer Interaction and Algorithms while Quranic and Islamic information are valued aspects of her research. Her current research is on Computational Thinking and Gesture Based Interaction for people with disability of the arms, shoulders and hands. She had been invited as a speaker in a local and International conferences. She was involved as a consultant in the development of Quranic Tajwid speech recognition project. She was appointed as guest editor in Multicultural Education and Technology Journal, an Emerald group journal which is now known as Multicultural Education Journal and reviewer in Computers in Human Behavior, Multicultural Education Journal, The International Journal of Information and Learning Technology and Malaysian Journal of Computer Science. Some of her papers includes Cyber-volunteering: Social Media Affordances in fulfilling NGOs social mission, Student real-time visualization system in classroom using RFID based on UTAUT model, Visualizing Qur'anic words with parallel plot; Qur'anic Words Stemming; Visualization Systems Supporting the Reading of Arabic Document for non- Arabic Speakers; T-test for Visualizing Frequently Used Arabic Words; and Quantitative Analysis of the words in Surah Al-Muawwidhat. She has also been involved in local and international conferences as a presenter to papers on Intelligent Systems for Qur'anic Learning Environment, Information Visualization for Learning words in the Qur'an; Parallel versus Perpendicular Plots: A Comparative Study; Improving Usability of HTA Charts and many others. She had started teaching since year 2000, lecturing courses such as programming, analysis algorithms, human-computer interaction, software engineering, web programming and others. She has a patent on Quranic Learning and Visualization system with the software trademarked with the name Ainul Quran. In terms of community engagement, she is very active in uplifting educational awareness and levels of underprivileged community such as immigrants (Rohingnya and Champa war refugees), homeless and aborigines in Malaysia. She is also interested in doing community outreach programs promoting computer science education specifically and STEM education in schools especially to girls.

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Dr. Siti Hajar Halili is a Senior Lecturer at University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. She was formerly with the Research Division, Prime Minister Department, Malaysia. She holds a Degree in Information System Management from the University Technology MARA, Master in Educational Technology and PhD. in Adult Education Technology from the University Sains Malaysia. Her works are published in ISI, SCOPUS, Malaysian and International journals including IRRODL, IJLT, MJLM, TOJET, Procedia of Social & Behavioral Sciences, Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, ASEAN Journal of Teaching & Learning in Higher Education etc. She has also published books and chapters in book on Pembelajaran Pelajar Dewasa Melalui Teknologi Sidang Video, Penggunaan teknologi maklumat dan komunikasi Dalam Kalangan Masyarakat Miskin Bandar etc. She has received awards such as Deans’ Award, Best of Presentation Award, Excellent Service Award, Gold Award, The Most Outstanding Reviewer, Appreciation Certificate from Jabatan Pendidikan Selangor and scholarships from MyBrain15 and USM Fellowship. She has wide experience in teaching and training in the area of Educational technology. She also serves as Chief of Editor of Jurnal Penyelidikan Pendidikan and article reviewer for Educational Technology & Society, Malaysian Online Journal of Educational Technology, Jurnal Kurikulum & Pengajaran Asia Pasifik, PERTANIKA, IRRODL etc. She is also Programme Coordinator for university open distance learning (ODL) program, Head of Auditor for faculty of education and one of the committee members of University Malaya Family Research & Development Center. Currently, she is actively researches and publishes in the Flipped Learning, E-Learning, Education 4.0, MOOC, Adult learning, Open Distance Learning, Learning Communities and Instructional Design & Technology.

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