Rusnah S. D. Hussen, PhD: Studied Applied Chemistry at the University of Malaya and obtained MSc and PhD in Material Science and Nanotechnology. The scientific work covers the preparation of renewable resource derived surfactants and their molecular self-assembly related to emulsion and life science applications. Besides physical investigations of self-assembling materials, the research is emphasizing on the development of surfactant formulations for specific applications, e.g. water-oil emulsions and vesicles for medical applications. The research also includes metallomesogens for molecular switch applications related to liquid crystalline behaviour. Investigations cover spectroscopy, physical measurements at the nanoscale, optical polarising microscopy and systematic surface studies.

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Hazreena Hussein has over 20 years of progressive teaching and research experience at the University of Malaya. Her research interests are on Environment – Behaviour interactions, inclusive access to outdoor environments and Multisensory stimulation environments. The particular focus of her doctoral work has been on accessible design in relation to the use of sensory gardens, particularly by children with special educational needs. She has been the Principal Investigator for a number of projects: 'Urban park characteristics in integrating mental health comorbid with non-communicable diseases through salivary cortisol pattern and spatial analysis' (2019-2021)', `Landscape identity of Cameron Highlands Hill Station: Soundscape`(2013-2017) and `Enhancing wellbeing through recreational and sensory therapy in landscape design`(2014-2017). Hazreena has been granted seed money from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH) on `The physiological responses to Therapeutic Sensory Stimulation Garden: A pilot study (2016-2017). Her work has been awarded as the Best Paper at the AicE-Bs Conference in London (2013). Other recognitions awarded by UM, include The Distinguish Service Award (2012), Ph.D. completion period less than 4 years (2010) and Excellent Service Award (2005 & 2014). Since 2012, she serves as the Editorial Board of Asian Journal of Environment-Behaviour Studies and Journal of Asian Behavioural Studies. Having travelled extensively, she is particularly keen in obstacle racing and trail running.

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Dr. Sr Kho Mei Ye is a senior lecturer in the Department of Quantity Surveying, University of Malaya. She obtained her PhD from University Malaya in 2013. She has a Master Degree in Contract and Procurement and Bachelor Degree in Quantity Surveying from University of Malaya. Dr. Kho Mei Ye has worked as a consultant for a multinational construction company before she pursued her Master and PhD. She has worked and conducted research in several areas such as building commissioning, late payment, and project delay in construction. She has also been involved in many international and national conferences and workshops and has several journal publications to her name.

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