Manimaran holds a B.A. (Hons) in Social Science, M.A. in Sociology of Religion and Ph. D in Sociology from University Malaya. Manimaran has served as a lecturer in Stamford College. He has also served as a tutor as well as a part time lecturer in University Malaya. For a period of two (2) years, he was actively involved as a facilitator in Self Awareness Center, a center which involves in transformation programme which includes self realisation, self awareness and personal development. The target group people are from all walks of life. Apart from being a lecturer and facilitator, he was also attached with Tutee Training Center as a Personal Development Programmer and Trainer whereby he conducts programmes to educate, develop and inspire Indian youths and students in realising their potentials. Currently, he is a lecturer with University Malaya and at the same time he also conducts motivational and student programmes. Manimaran as a co-writer has written two books on “Malaysian Indians Belief and Culture” and “Hindu Festival in Malaysia”, which was published by Fajar Bakti Pvt. Ltd., He has written in detail explanations on “Kanda Sashti Kavasam”. Append below are some articles as co-writer by him and was published in Encyclopedia Malaysia: - “Hindu Temples”; - “Indian Festivals and Celebrations”; - “The Indian: Classification, Origin and Socialization”; and - “Indian Kinship, Beliefs and Value System” At the same time he has written articles that were published in journals and to keep in phase with the current market trend has been attending conferences held locally and internationally. He also host a few programmes in Astro’s Vaanavil channel in Malaysia. He is advisor for Malaysian Indian Science Intellectuals (MISI) Association. Manimaran has been conducting courses, seminars, talks and workshops for more than 25 years. With his vast enlightenment and experiences, he conducts programmers’ with optimistic and whimsical. He is capable of approaching courteously to either a serious subject or a hands-on approach to living life.

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Ong Lok Tik, better known as Ruth, is a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Languages & Linguistics, University of Malaya (UM). She has served UM for more than 20 years, first as a language teacher at its Language Centre, now known as the Faculty of Languages & Linguistics. She has seen FLL transformed from being a Centre conducting language courses relevant to the needs of the university to offering undergraduate (BLL) and postgraduate programmes (MA in Linguistics, MELS, PhD). She has thus evolved along, teaching a variety of communication related courses such as English Proficiency, ESP, ICC, Applied Linguistics, and courses related to workplace communication and interactions. She has also conducted courses for adult learners, including those from the corporate sector. Having obtained her PhD from the University of Nottingham, U.K., with a focus on Computer-mediated Discourse Analysis, and with her background in teaching communication skills which stretched back to her years as a school teacher, Ruth has a wealth of experience which she readily shares with her students in class and with those she supervises. These days, Ruth spends her off-duty time with her two very young and adorable children which she had the blessing of having late in life.

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Norma-Rashid is an avid researcher on faunistic living treasures with an extensive field experience. Her job involves four domains teaching, research, administration and providing scientific services to a wider community. The central theme of her research interest is behavioural ecology in the laboratory or various ecosytems (mangrove, marine, riverine, agricultural and forest) in wide ranging animals (insects, spiders & scorpions, selected vertebrates including humans). Currently, she has developed a passion for various aspects (biomonitoring, biocoenosis, ecomorphometrics, taxonomy, behaviour and ecology of dragonflies & spiders. She has described a myriad of species found to be new local records or new to science promoting Malaysian megabiodiversity. Being the only trained local odonatist led her to many connections and recognitions of international repute. Some of her collaborations include Natural History Museum, Leiden, Sussex University, Harvard University, Universiti Brunei Darussalam and National Univesity of Singapore. Her teaching techniques exploited her behaviour expertise relating animal behavioural repertoire as tool usage in capturing student interests which led onto enthusiastic learning. Relating her field activities; I always feel fortunate being part of an expedition as it is a voyage of discovery...

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