Dr. Murali Malliga Raman has received his doctoral degree in Biochemistry from University of Madras, India in 2008. After his doctoral degree he entered to pharmaceutical industry where he was involved in research for developing various drugs from natural source for the treatment of inflammatory diseases, osteoarthritis, psoriasis and mucositic disorders. In 2011, he moved to University of Malaya as a postdoctoral researcher where he shifted his focus solely to the field of regenerative medicine and the use of mesenchymal stem cells for the treatment of orthopedic diseases. Later, he was promoted to Associated Professor during 2013. His research interest ranges from identifying the role of growth factors, adipokines and polymeric gels in regenerative medicine, in vitro and in vivo. He serves as a reviewer and editorial board member to a number of academic journals. He is also principal investigator for university (BKP, UMRG) and ministry (FRGS, Sciencefund) grants. Apart for this, he also plays a role as co-investigator for number of research grants and manage various top grants (HIR-MoE) in NOCERAL. He is also involved in academic teaching and research supervision for master and Ph.D students.

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Zamri obtained his BSc in Chemistry and MSc in pharmacology from the University of Malaya and later PhD in Clinical Pharmacology from the University of London (UK). He later joined the Department of pharmacology, University of Malaya as a senior lecturer and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2015. Currently he serves as head of Pharmacology Department and also Head of University of Malaya Bioequivalence Testing Centre (UBAT). His scope of research includes bioavailability and pharmacokinetic studies in human trials and also for in vivo pharmacokinetic studies using animal models. In animal models his research area further divided into conventional pharmacokinetic studies and also microdialysis which involve the measurement of drug in plasma as well as in the tissue such as brain, subcutaneous tissue, etc. His other research includes the development of transdermal and topical drug delivery system using semi solid base such as palm oil derivatives, studies on PLGA nanoparticles for the delivery of anticancer agents and bioavailability studies on other agents for anticancer. Apart from human clinical trials and preclinical studies in animals, his research also covers the screening and testing of natural product compounds derive from selected local plants. His laboratory also provides services and research in food contaminations, adulterated pharmaceutical products, xenobiotic studies on certain chemicals such as endocrine disruptors in food products, human bodies, etc. by the use of the equipments such as GCMS, HPLC, LCMSMS, etc. Apart from his research activities, he also actively provided consultation to local pharmaceutical companies to conduct testing on pharmaceutical formulations especially for bioequivalence studies, comparative dissolution, etc. His bioequivalence laboratory has conducted more than 40 bioequivalence studies for generic drug formulations and also conducting drug analysis in biological and pharmaceutical products by using state of the art chromatographic techniques such as gas chromatographic (GCMS) and liquid chromatographic mass spectrometric (LCMSMS), etc. His UBAT laboratory has two accreditations which are MS ISO 17025 for chemical testing and Ministry of Health compliance program to conduct bioequivalence studies.

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Syahrul Nizam was born in Klang, Selangor and married to a wonderful wife blessed with three children, Amierul Danish, Sarah Nuha and Ahmad Darwish. Syahrul starts his engineering career when completing a Certificate in Building Services Engineering from Polytechnic Jitra, Kedah (POLIMAS) in 1994. Upon completing his course, he has been a practical technician at the Holiday Inn Shah Alam for 6 months. During his training, Syahrul has been exposed to hands on and management works on maintenance aspects. After completing his studies at POLIMAS, Syahrul have been employed by a Civil & Structure Consultant which company was based in Petaling Jaya. Syahrul have been in the company for 11/2 years as an Autocad-Operator (Draught Person). Due to high enthusiasm and encouragement for continuing studies, Syahrul have been offered a place at University Science of Malaysia entering BSc. (Hons) Housing, Building & Planning course majoring in Building Technology in 1997. Looking at opportunities and support given by the university, Syahrul have continued his studies to the Masters level on Building Technology soon after graduating his first degree in 2000. Upon completing his degree course, Syahrul carried out a practical training as a civil engineer at Majlis Perbandaran Klang. During his training, he has been exposed with building design, procurement and government procedures that leads him to successfully completed the process of designing and tendering for the construction of 20 Units Food Complex in Klang, Selangor. On leaving the University Science of Malaysia in 2001, Syahrul joined Corak Petikan Sdn. Bhd, a construction company based in Kedah as a Building Coordinator. From this company, Syahrul moved to join a public listed company Negara Properties (M) Berhad in 2002 as the Management Trainee. During this period, he has applied his extensive knowledge in building design, construction materials, construction management and procurements procedures in managing and supervising a construction project located at Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. Due to Syahrul great emphasize and interest on research field, Syahrul left his working environment and sailed for United Kingdom to undergo a research on buildings. Syahrul Nizam enrol as a PhD student at UMIST which is now University of Manchester in 2003 and later graduated in 2006 in the field of Building Refurbishment. During his studies, he has actively involved in sports, social activities as well as research arena serving as Housing Bureau, Vice President of Malaysian Research Group, UK to name a few. Pursuing his career as academia, Syahrul Nizam joint University of Malaya on the 27th December 2007 and currently attached to the Building Surveying Department, Faculty of Built Environment as a Senior Lecturer. His research interest is in Building Technology, Construction Engineering, Energy Efficiency in Buildings and Facilities Management. Syahrul is a certified Building Surveyor and also a registered member of the Institution of Surveyors Malaysia (MISM). He is the executive editor of the Journal of Surveying, Construction and Property, editorial board for Journal of Facilities Management, UK (Emerald) and member of the editorial board for several international and local journals. Syahrul currently holds several publications in ISI (WoS) as well as in reputable international and national journal.

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