Shirley Chua Jin Lin holds a PhD degree in Asset & Facilities Management and Bachelor degree in Building Surveying from the Faculty of Built Environment, University of Malaya, Malaysia. Her research interests are in Facilities Management and Analytic Hierarchy Process. She has also been involved in various research grants and has published some ISI and Scopus-indexed technical publications in journals and proceedings pertaining building maintenance and facilities management. She has also received a few awards throughout her studies and career path which include Building Surveying Excellent Award, University of Malaya Book Prize and University of Malaya Excellence Award 2015.

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Sedek bin Ariffin was born in Bagan Datoh, Perak. He received early education of al-Quran from his family. At Secondary level, he studied at SMKA Slim River and continued with the study of Tahfiz Al-Quran and Al-Qiraat at Diploma level. He achieved the earliest award of Hafiz Al-Quran at Darul Quran JAKIM. Then opportunity came for him to continue his studies in the field of Al-Quran at Ma’had al-Qiraat at Al-Azhar in Egypt and in the field of Arabic Language at Umm Al-Qura University of Makkah Al-Mukarramah. In 2005, he returned to his homeland and obtained a PhD from the University of Malaya. He is active in academic writing that involves the memorizing of al-Quran at national and international levels. He also shared the study at Oxford University and a fellow researcher at Warsaw University, Poland.

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Dr Sheena is currently the Head of the Language Unit at the Faculty of Languages and Linguistics, which services all the compulsory English proficiency courses to undergraduates at the University of Malaya, and which provides various inbound courses for international students mainly from the Asian region and Middle Eastern countries. She was previously the  Head of the Multimedia Planning Unit at the Faculty of Languages and Linguistics from 2010-2012 and was actively involved in promoting the use of Spectrum and e-learning courses at her faculty, and was part of the University's e-learning committee. She is a Principal Investigator of a UMRG sub-programme on Health Tourism in Malaysia, and her research examines the discourses surrounding Australian cosmetic surgery patients in Malaysia.  She has taught ESL and EFL for more than twenty years at various levels from secondary school to university and to adult learners. She has also conducted various workshops for English, communication and the use of ICT. She was a facilitator for the NIE programme with the New Straits Times, and conducted various courses for officers at the Ministry of Education. She is also involved in designing various short term courses for English teaching and learning. She is a reviewer for journals including Pertanika (UPM), Gema Online Journal of Language Studies (UKM) and SEARCH (Taylor's College). She is also competent in the Malay Language and has experience translating research questionnaires in English- Malay. Her research interests include the use of corpus linguistics in semantic and text analysis, English language and education, and computer technology.  She is also actively involved in community work and is the coordinator the community engagement programme at her faculty. She recently led her faculty's community programme at Pos Pantos, Kuala Lipis, Pahang at the Semai community, through a programme involving 121 undergraduate students. She also actively volunteers on educational and leadership programmes for Sikh students, and is a volunteer for Majlis Kebajikan Malaysia and Tourism Ministry, Malaysia.  

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