Dr. Loh Sau Cheong received her Bachelor degree in Special Education (learning disabilities); and both Masters and Ph.D in Educational Psychology. Currently, she is a Full Professor and Head of Department for the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling, Faculty of Education, University of Malaya. Dr. Loh’s research interests include teacher self-efficacy, student self-concept, attribution retraining, attention development, motivation in learning, individualized education plan, assistive technology, and transitional plan for individuals with special needs. She had engaged in 25 researches and had filed 3 patents, 14 copyrights, and 1 trademark. Much of Dr. Loh's researches draw on, and is inspired by, the principle of Education For All and quality inclusive education for individuals with special needs from pre-school education to post-secondary education. Dr. Loh had received the Darjah Kebesaran Sultan Ahmad Shah Pahang Yang Amat Di Mulia Peringkat Ketiga - Setia Ahmad Shah Pahang (SAP) award from His Royal Highness the Sultan of Pahang in 2017. In addition, she had received 7 international awards, 11 national awards and 18 university awards. Among them are: UM Excellence Award (Excellent Lecturer) 2016, UM Excellence Award (Teaching Category) 2013, SEAMEO-Jasper Research Award 2010, Fulbright Scholar Award 2010, Fulbright Occasional Lecture Fund Award 2010, Excellent Service Award (2005, 2008), Excellent Certificate Award (2004, 2007, 2012, 2014), Malaysia Top 20 Authors for 2009, 2011 & 2012 under the Malaysian Abstracting and Indexing System and she is also listed in the worldwide AcademicKeys Who's Who in Education Higher Education. Dr. Loh participated actively in research expos where she has received 6 Gold, 7 Silver and 9 Bronze medals. She had published 43 articles (8 ISI, 5 Scopus, 31 refereed journal), 18 articles in conference proceeding, 8 articles on book/chapter in book and had conducted 77 presentations either as keynote speaker, invited speaker, workshop presenter, poster presenter, and conference paper presenter at international and national conferences. Dr. Loh is the Honorary Secretary and active Life Member for the National Association of Special Education, Malaysia, member of Fulbright Alumni Association of Malaysia, International Association of Special Education (IASE) and International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP). Currently, she is Panel Assessor for Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) (2010 - present), Editorial Board for Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health (ISI Journal), Editorial Consultant of Australiasian Journal of Special Education, Editorial Board of Journal of Special Needs Education, Article Reviewer for Pertanika Journal of Social Science and Humanities (Scopus Journal), and Honorary Consultant and Special Education Expert for Combined Cleft Lip and/or Palate Clinic, Dentistry Faculty, University of Malaya (2006-2014). She had supervised till completion 7 Ph.D students (Thesis), 18 Master’s students (Dissertation), 57 Master’s students (Project) and 5 Bachelor Degree students. Currently, she supervises 11 Ph.D (Thesis) students and 21 Master’s students with Dissertation. She teaches average 3 courses per semester and assumes various administrative roles at the faculty.

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Che Wan Jasimah bt Wan Mohamed Radzi is currently an Associate Professor and Head of Department at the Department of Science and Technology Studies, Faculty of Science, University of Malaya and Coordinator Faculty of Science for International Halal Research University Malaya (IHRUM). She completed her undergraduate studies in Food Science and Nutrition at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (1988), her Master of Science in Philosophy and History of Science (1993) and Ph.D. in Food Policy (2010) at University of Malaya. In 1997 she was appointed as a lecturer, promoted as a Senior Lecturer in 2006 and Associate Professor in 2016. She has to-date published more than 50 papers in journals, chapter of books, conference proceedings both locally and internationally. She also presented more than 30 papers as invited speaker and does presentation in oral or poster presentation. She manages to publish 2 books in the area of food, science and technology, religion and culture. Her research interest are in Food and Culture (food intake, traditional food); Food and Religion (Halal, Policy, Health); Food Technology and Health (Obesity, malnutrition, innovation, medicinal food); Food Security and Safety (food chain, food management, labeling, food bone disease). She has supervised more than 27 PhD and master students and 20 of them already graduated. With her research expertise and extensive experience, she has linked with an organisations and policy makers such as committee in Technical Analysis Halal, JAKIM, and Technical Committee for Environmental Health Indicators Development, Institute for Medical Research and Al-Quran and Science Research Mapping Committee, IKIM. In addition to this, she also collaborated with researchers in other disciplines, particularly in Halal studies and innovation management.

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Lucy Lum Chai See joined the University of Malaya, Department of Paediatrics in 1990. Assigned to the paediatric acute care ward, she recognised the need of acutely ill children and set to look after them even though resources were meagre, the resistance to expansion stiff and the doctors and nurses lacking in knowledge and skills. Pioneers of Paediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) were invited to Malaysia to begin PALS training. Over the next four years, Lucy and colleagues contributed to twenty-five consecutive training courses for >800 doctors and nurses in 12 of 13 states. Her enthusiasm and perseverance saw her refining the management of severe dengue in children and other critical conditions. She underwent clinical-fellowship training in paediatric intensive care in The Hospital for Sick Children, in 1996. The Toronto and the North American experience shaped Lucy’s physiological approach to mechanical ventilation of healthy and sick lungs. She later became the first Malaysian to complete the Paediatric examination for the European Diploma in Intensive Care. Back in Malaysia, the P1 Acute Care Ward was hit by a shortage of funding and support. Despite of the limited resources, the unit played a key role in defining the pathophysiology of EV71 outbreak which caused many deaths in 1997. In 2001 the Hospital allowed a charity fund to be established. Soon after The Star highlighted the PICU work, generous support poured in through individual, public and corporate donations. Then UMMC eventually acknowledged the work and formed the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit. For the first time the PICU received a stronger allocation of nurses and budget needed to ensure the smooth delivery of intensive care for children. Humanitarian medicine should not be a casualty of technology. Lucy is very much a hands-on bedside doctor. Her clinical rounds are characterised by both an incisive analysis of history, physical examinations and investigations as well as standing back to view the “Google map”. Doctors and nurses are trained not just to treat the disease, but to treat the patient as a human being connected to families and societies. Her clinical expertise was sought after by WHO, and regional offices in the Western-Pacific Region where she has been to China, Laos, the Solomon Islands and Africa. She was invited by WHO/TDR to be the lead author of the handbook on clinical case management of dengue and by WPRO to design a training curriculum of dengue management. She was credited for bringing calm to a chaotic situation in the Solomon Islands, a poor nation of islands in the middle of the Pacific. Re-training doctors in basic clinical techniques which identify the high risk patients was her legacy. She has managed to unify the various clinical departments in UMMC to work together so that dengue patients do not fall between the cracks. She collaborated with the various hospitals in Ministry of Health and WHO, Geneva, Oxford University, Brandeis University, and other universities in Singapore, SEAsia, Latin America and European Union. In the field of paediatric intensive care, she collaborates with colleagues in North America and around the world in pediatric sepsis, congenital diaphragmatic hernia and neonatal hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy. Compassion has to be the driving force behind the otherwise just another slogan, “First, do no harm”. Through her inspirational leadership, the PICU which used to record high rates of nosocomial infections has been transformed into one with high rates of hand hygiene and low rates of infection. Yet, the work is not finished; her KPI (key performance index) for her staff is zero blood stream infection. Indeed this is possible.

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