Dr. Raja Jamilah Raja Yusof holds a bachelor degree in Engineering from Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine. She holds a Master of Computer Science from University of Malaya. She received her PhD in 2012 from the University of Malaya. She is currently a lecturer in the department of Software Engineering in Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology. She is also a member of at Centre of Quranic Research, University of Malaya. Her area of expertise includes usability of interfaces, Big Data Visualization, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Java Programming, Computational and Algorithmic Thinking, Scratch Programming and Islamic educational and Wasatiyah evaluation systems. While her research interests is in Human Computer Interaction and Algorithms. She was invited as a speaker in a local seminar, Innovation & Technology in The Muslim World: An Applied Perspective in Information and Communication Technology during International Seminar & Expo on Muslims' Technology and Innovation in the year 2002. She was involved as a consultant in the development of Quranic Tajwid speech recognition project. She has also published many papers in journals and conferences. She was also appointed as guest editor in Multicultural Education and Technology Journal, an Emerald group journal which is now known as Multicultural Education Journal. Some of her papers includes Cyber-volunteering: Social Media Affordances in fulfilling NGOs social mission, Visualizing Qur'anic words with parallel plot; Qur'anic Words Stemming; Visualization Systems Supporting the Reading of Arabic Document for non- Arabic Speakers; T-test for Visualizing Frequently Used Arabic Words; and Quantitative Analysis of the words in Surah Al-Muawwidhat. She has also been involved in local and international conferences as a presenter to papers on Intelligent Systems for Qur'anic Learning Environment, Information Visualization for Learning words in the Qur'an; Parallel versus Perpendicular Plots: A Comparative Study; Improving Usability of HTA Charts and many others. She had started teaching since year 2000, lecturing courses such as programming, analysis algorithms, human-computer interaction, software engineering, web programming and others. She has a patent on Quranic Learning and Visualization system with the software trademarked with the name Ainul Quran. In terms of community engagement, she is very active in uplifting educational awareness and levels of underprivileged community such as immigrants (Rohingnya and Champa war refugees), homeless and aborigines in Malaysia. She is also interested in doing community outreach programs promoting computer science education specifically and STEM education in schools especially to girls. Cyber security awareness is also among other issues of interest that she aims to bring to the local community.

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Dr. Soong Ming Foong received B.Eng. (Mechanical) from University of Malaya, Malaysia, and later received Ph.D. from the same institution in 2015 with a specialization in vehicle and suspension dynamics. He is currently a post-doctoral researcher based at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Malaya, working within the Advanced Computational and Applied Mechanics (ACAM) research group. His research interests cover intelligent vehicle suspension systems including inerter and semi-active suspension, vehicle ride and handling, and vehicle modeling.

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Roslan Hashim was appointed Professor of Geotechnical Engineering at University of Malaya in 2009. He is Head of Coastal Processes Studies and Coastal Engineering at Institute of Ocean and Earth Sciences (IOES), University of Malaya. He is also one of the Directors of the University of Malaya Consultancy Unit (UPUM), a multi-discipline consultancy company registered under the Board of Engineers Malaysia, started in 1992. He was the of Head of Civil Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering at University of Malaya between December 2007 and August 2009, and between September 2009 and June 2011. In 1983, after graduating from Leeds University in Civil Engineering, he joined the Department of Civil Engineering at University of Malaya. One year later, he returned to U.K to work for his Ph.D on time-dependent cavity expansion in normally-consolidated clayey soils. His early involvement with problematic soft soils began at that time and in 1989, he was awarded a PhD degree. Throughout his career he has specialized primary in construction on soft soil grounds, providing advice on numerous projects involving ground improvement methods, earth-fill dams, organic soft soils and design of foundations. In addition, he has been responsible for the introduction of innovative integrated coastal protection measures under the umbrella of ecological engineering when in 2012 he was appointed as Principal Investigator of High Impact Research (HIR) project supported by Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education. The developed program was successful in rehabilitating the degraded coastal ecosystem in a number of pilot projects at the west peninsular Malaysia. He has been a member of Institute of Engineers Malaysia (1998), Professional Engineer (P.Eng) licensed by Boards of Engineers Malaysia (1999), member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (M.ASCE) and Fellow member of Engineers Australia (FIEAust). He was a member of the Commission of Enquiry into the Failure of Certain Civil Structures in the State of Penang. He received his award - DARAJAH SETIA PANGKU NEGERI (DSPN) that carries DATO' title from Penang Government. Prof. Ir. Dr. Dato' Roslan Hashim has taught undergraduate and graduate level courses in Soil Mechanics, Coastal Geotechnics, Geotechnical Engineering and Foundation Engineering. His main research themes are Soft Soil Improvement; Erosion Mitigation and Prevention; Field Characterization of Soils; Field Testing and Monitoring; Groundwater, Seepage, and Permeability; and Eco-friendly Coastal Protection structures. He has supervised over 30 Ph.D and Master students and published numerous papers, books, engineering guidelines and conference papers.

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