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Sijil perkhidmatan cemerlang
Sijil perkhidmatan cemerlang
Year 2016
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Internal Examiner Part 1 May 2016 Clinical Oncology ExaminationsInternal Examiner Part 1 May 2016 Clinical Oncology Examinations
Internal examiner
Year 2017
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Prognostic Factors in Patients with Non-small Cell Lung Carcinoma and Brain Metastases: a Malaysian Perspective


Capecitabine Pattern of Usage, Rate of Febrile Neutropaenia and Treatment Related Death in Asian Cancer Patients in Clinical Practice


On the Use of Optically Stimulated Luminescent Dosimeter for Surface Dose Measurement during Radiotherapy


Treatment Outcome for Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma in a Developing Country: University Malaya Medical Centre, Malaysia from 2003-2010


Budget Allocation: Give Priority to Cancer Treatment