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National Antarctic Research centre, Director, (National)

Scientific Committee Antarctic Research, 1St Vice President, 2014-2018, (International)

Yayasan Penyelidikan Antartika Sultan Mizan, Board Member, 2013, (National)

Asian Forum on Polar Sciences, Chairman, 2012-2014, (International)

AKADEMI SAINS MALAYSIA, Fellow, 2011, (National)

University Malaya, European Union Framework 7, on Short Live Halocarbon (SHIVA), Coordinator, 2010-2012, (International)

British Anarctic Survey, Visiting Research Professor, 2010, (National)

Centre of Atmospheric Sciences, Chemistry Department, University Cambridge, Visiting Research Professor, 2010, (International)

MALAYSIAN ANTARCTIC TASKFORCE, Member, 2009, (International)

Antarctic and Global Climate System, Scientific Committee Antarctic Research, Member, Steering Committee, 2008, (International)

Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR), Committee Member, 2008, (International)

ANGKASA, UKM, Visiting Research Professor, 2008, (National)

Institute of Ocean and Earth Sciences, Member, 2008, (National)

Pacific Science Association, Treasurer, 2007, (International)

National Technical Commitee on Climate Change NAHRIM , Member, 2007, (National)

Taskforce on Climate Change, Member, 2007, (National)

INTERNATIONAL ANTARCTIC INSTITUTE, Council Member, 2006, (International)

Asia Pacific Research University World Institute (PRC/CMAS). , Member, Steering Committee, 2006, (International)

Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research, National Delegate For Malaysia, 2004, (International)

National Committee IGBP, Member, 2004, (National)

Secretariat of the Antarctic treaty, Malaysian Representative, 2002, (International)

Malaysian Antarctic Research Program, Director, 1999, (National)

Royal Meteorological Society, United Kingdom, Fellow Member, 1990, (International)

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Pengarah, Pusat Penyelidikan Antartika Kebangsaan, National, 01-Jan-12 - 31-Dec-16

Director, National Antarctic Research Centre, Institute Of Research Management & Monitoring, Deputy Vice Chancellor(Research & Innovation), 01-Jan-15 - 31-Dec-16

Deputy Director, Institute Of Ocean And Earth Sciences, Institute Of Ocean And Earth Sciences (Ioes), Institute Of Ocean And Earth Sciences, Deputy Vice Chancellor(Research & Innovation), 01-Apr-14 - 31-Dec-15

Deputy Director, Institute Of Ocean And Earth Sciences, Institute Of Ocean And Earth Sciences (Ioes), Institute Of Ocean And Earth Sciences, Deputy Vice Chancellor(Research & Innovation), 15-Apr-13 - 14-Apr-15

Head, Pusat Penyelidikan Antartika Malaysia (Narc), Kluster Penyelidikan Sustainability Science, Institute Of Research Management & Monitoring, Deputy Vice Chancellor(Research & Innovation), 02-Jan-14 - 31-Dec-14

Head, Earth System Observation & Simulation Unit, Institute Of Ocean And Earth Sciences (Ioes), Institute Of Ocean And Earth Sciences, Deputy Vice Chancellor(Research & Innovation), 18-Dec-07 - 31-Dec-09


Meteorology (Polar meteorology, Monsoon meteorology,Air Pollution)


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Chapter In Book

Antarctica: A new Landmark of the Malaysian Antarctic Research Programme. Edited by Tan Sri Salleh Mohd Nor. 

Azizan Abu Samah & Mazlan Majid, 2007, "Pengaruh Perubahan Persekitaran Terhadap Kegiatan Sosioekonomi Masyarakat Jah Hut di Daerah Temerloh, Pahang", dalam Mohammad Raduan bin Mohd Ariff & Thirunaukarasu (ed), Globalisasi Persekitaran Dan Pembangunan Di Asia Tenggara, Jabatan Pengajian Asia Tenggara, Fakulti Sastera dan Sains Sosial, Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. 

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Azizan Abu Samah (1995). Air Quality: Striving for Clean Air in Urban Areas. In Towards a Sustainable Urban Environment in Southeast Asia Urban Habitat and Highrise SEACUM 2 Monograph. Institute Sultan iskandar. Eds. Azman Awang, Mahbob Salim and John Haldane. Pp 143-158. 

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Article In Academic Journals

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Jawatankuasa Teknikal Kajian Susulan IMpak Kenaikan Aras Laut disebabkan oleh perubahan iklim., Expert Advisor, 2012-2016, Institut Penyelidikan Hidraulik Kebangsaan Malaysia

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Perlatikan Sebagai Pegawai Hubungan Negara di Peringkat Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting., Ministry of Science and Innovation, 2012, (INTERNATIONAL)


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Masters Degree, Siti Aishah Samsudin, Validation of the Penman Monteith, 1999/2000

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Ghasem Akbari, Hydrological Modelling of Flood Events in the Klang Valley, 2006/2007

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Aiman Soleiman Oklat, Observation and Modelling of Tropical Boundary Layer, 2000/2001

Masters Degree, Mazlan Majid, Man and Environment. Impact of landuse changes on Jahut Community in Kuala Krau, Pahang., 2002/2003

Masters Degree, Chan Lee Peng, Meteorological Parameters Affecting the Formation of Haze in the Klang Valley Region within the period 1998-2002, 2002/2003

Masters Degree, Hilal Sultan Ali Alshukaili, Climate Change in Oman, 2011/2012

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Sheeba N.C., Antarctic Meteorology, 2008/2009

Masters Degree, Mohd Fadzil Firdzaus Bin Mohd Nor, EFFECTS OF ARCTIC OSCILLATION OVER SIBERIAN HIGH VARIABILITY, 2010/2011


Doctoral Degree (PhD), Sholehah Ismail, Environmental Factors effecting the spread of Dengue, 2006/2007

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Safiah Mohd Hashim, Air Pollution and Health., 2008/2009

Masters Degree, Nikki Wong, The vulnerability and risk index of climate change for Malaysia ., 2010/2011

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Illyani Ibrahim, Urban Heat Island in KL, 2010/2011

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Member of University Utara Malaysia Professorial Selection Board, , 

Committee member to review and assess Fundamental Research Grants in the field of Natural Sciences and National Heritage. Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia, Project ,  (2010)

New Zealand Antarctic Research Institute in the field of Atmospheric Sciences, Project ,  (2013-2014)

International Polar Foundation. Atmospheric Science., Project ,  (2014-2014)

Jury member to select the winner of the SCAR medal on International Coordination award., SCAR Medal on International Coordination ,  (2014-2014)