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Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
Faculty of Medicine
 Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya, 50603 Kuala Lumpur, W.Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Dr Loh is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya.  She is trained in Applied Rehabilitation (UK), Medical Education (UWCM, UK), Counselling (Mal) and her doctorate study is on Patient Self Management (Australia).  She teaches OncoRehabilitation, PsychoSocial Oncology, Occupational Science, Research methodology, and Community-engagement. Her research interests include Cancer survivorship,  PsychoOncology, Onco-rehabilitation, Patient Self Management (for Chronic Diseases including Cancer), Occupational Sciences, Cancer Prevention and Behavioural Medicine.  Dr Loh is the author of 5 books, 3 book chapters and more than a 100 ISI/Scopus Journal papers, with several copyright/patents from her research.  She is the Associate Editor for International OT Journal, and also the editorial board for several Journals.  She has been an active reviewer of Journal manuscripts (eg from PLOS one, BMC Public Health, Disability and Rehabilitation, Asia Pacific Public Health, PschoOncology).  She was also a reviewer for abstracts for World Conferences (WFOT, Nutrition, Asia Health Literacy, PsychoOncology), and as a 2019 UICC Technical Applicant's Reviewer. She was an invited reviewer for several new BSc and Master program proposal for the MQA Board, Malaysia     
Dr Loh is a two-times recipient of the Malaysia Public Scholar (JPA) Scholarships, a recipient of the Australia's International Postgraduate Research Scholarship, and the 2009 World Cancer Conference 's Scholar Scholarship awardee. She has numerous other local and international awards.  She is one of the three finalist for the  prestigious 2011 British Medical Journal's Group Award for Translating Knowledge into Practice, the  Australia's 2004 IPRIS Scholarship, the Union International cancer control (UICC) 2005 Scholar Scholarships, the 2009 Lance Armstrong Livestrong Travel Award , the 2012 International PsychoOncology (IPOS) travel award,  the Global Cancer Summit Travel Scholarships, UICC Geneva 2009 Travel Scholarship for Capacity Building workshop, IARC Lyon fellowship 2018, USA NIH Cancer Prevention Fellowship 2019 and NIH Fogathy Travel Award 2020.  She is the current Chair for Cancer Health Literacy under the International Health Literacy Consortium USA. Dr Loh is also the Malaysia collaborator for the ICare COVID19 Study with PI from Canada and with collaborators from 40 countries.
Dr Loh is also active in community work.  She is the founder of the KeepAble Cancer Community in Petaling Jaya, an academician led cancer prevention, cancer supportive volunteer-group that has been featured in national star paper and USA caring magazine.   She has contributed actively in media and newspaper articles to educate the public on cancer prevention and for improving health literacy .   

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  • ORCHID , Research Group, 2004 to 2025, (University)
  • INTERNATIONAL PSYCHOONCOLOGY SOCIETY (IPOS), Member, 2006 to 2021, (International)
  • ACTA KAUNSELOR , Registered Member, 2009 to 2019, (University)
  • Asia Pacific Physical Activity Network (APPAN), Member, 2009 to 2020, (International)
  • Aamerican Society of Nutrition ASN, Membership, 2017 to 2020, (International)
  • ScienceDomian International (asian Journal of Medicine and Health), Reviewer/ahli, 2018 to 2022, (International)
  • Institute for Healthcare Advancement , Judge, 2019 to 2019, (International)
  • American Society for Nutrition , Oridinary Member, 2019 to 2020, (University)
  • IHL, Panel Appointed, 2019 to 2022, (International)
  • Madridge Journal of Clinical Research (MJCR) , Member Of Editorial Board, 2019 to 2021, (International)
  • American Society of Nutrition ASN, Active Member, 2019 to 2020, (University)
  • International PsychoOncology Member, Ordinary Member, 2020 to 2021, (International)
  • IPOS SIG 2020, Academic Member, 2020 to 2021, (International)
  • International PsychoOncology Society 2021, Oridinary Member, 2021 to 2022, (International)

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  • Associate Editor , International, 03/08/2020 to 12/12/2020 (Associate Editor of Hindawi International Occupational therapy Journal: task of assigning academic editor to new manuscripts)
  • Task force 2020 for DS, University Malaya, 27/01/2020 to 30/03/2020 (Chair the meeting to propose a DS(M) for all DS staff)
  • SAPT for DS, University Malaya, 02/01/2020 to 31/07/2020 (Chair for JK Khas SAPT DS )
  • Chairman, International, 01/07/2019 to 01/07/2022 (Chair of Health Literacy and Cancer SLG)
  • Editorial Board, International, 03/09/2018 to 02/10/2022 (Editorial Board. International Journal of Psychology and Behavior Analysis (IJPBA) )
  • Coordinator (Talk with Selangor Health Team, KKM), National, 24/08/2018 to 24/08/2018 (Breast chapter - PACED Research Collaboration Talk at KKM Team _)
  • UMCRI Panel -Supportive, Rehab & Community , University Malaya, 01/06/2018 to 01/01/2019 (Panel to discuss Restructuring of UMCRI for UM, chair by Prof Hayathy, Wellness)
  • Committee Technical Panel (Restructuring UMCRI ), University Malaya, 14/11/2017 to 01/10/2018 (Restructuring UMCRI )
  • SESSION CHAIR 2017 AHLA CONF, International, 13/11/2017 to 15/11/2017 (Session Chair for Oral presentations -5th International Conference 2017 (AHLA) )
  • Viva Examiner, UITM, National, 27/03/2017 to 01/04/2018 (viva for PG student at UITM, shah alam)
  • CHAIR, Cancer Walk 2017 with Tan Sri Ramon Nava, National, 04/02/2017 to 25/03/2017 (Cancer Walk 2017 for cancer awareness in the community)
  • Head of Section, University Malaya, 01/09/2016 to 31/12/2020 (Cancer Survivorship Division, CEPH , SPM)
  • External Examiner for University of Sydney Master Thesis, International, 01/12/2014 to 15/01/2015 (Examiner for University of Sydney's Master thesis )
  • Ketua Pengawas, University Malaya, 02/06/2014 to 01/12/2015 (sesi 2014/2015)
  • Chairman, National, 23/05/2014 to 24/05/2014 (national Workshop cum AGM )
  • Chair (KeepAble Community Colorectal Cancer awareness Month), National, 01/03/2014 to 15/03/2014 (Chair Organiser of KeepAble Cancer Community Event 2014, in conjunction with Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month )
  • Vice President, National, 17/06/2013 to 17/06/2013 (Vice President Malaysian Association of Occupational Therapists 2013-2015)
  • FOM Committee Strategic Research Meeting , University Malaya, 01/05/2013 to 25/12/2013 (Strategic Research Meeting Committee )
  • Chair (Community PAUM), National, 01/05/2013 to 01/05/2014 (Chairman of Community Portfolio. Persatuan Alumni University Malaya )
  • Master Candidature seminar 2013, Faculty, 20/02/2013 to 20/02/2013 (Coordinating MSc Seminar for Maryam Hafsah & Ee Su Im )
  • Programme Coordinator, Faculty, 01/09/2012 to 31/12/2013 (Faculty of Medicine Co-ordinator for Biomedical Engineering Practice KUEU 3150 , Faculty Of Medicine, 01-Sept12 - Dec12 )
  • Coordinator KUEP 3134 (4 credit), University Malaya, 01/08/2012 ((BSc Prosthetic and Orthotic Program)for KUEPP 3134 rehabilitation Medicine)
  • Postgrad MMedSc & PhD Coordinator, Faculty, 01/08/2012 (MSc and PhD candidates by thesis )
  • ChairPerson & Seminar Coordinator 2012, University Malaya, 21/06/2012 to 21/06/2012 (Occupational Science, Occupational therapy & School children with Disability Workshop )
  • FOM Intermediate Panel for Strategic Research Meeting, Faculty, 02/01/2012
  • Editorial Board - Journal of Asian Scientific Research , International, 01/12/2011 to 02/12/2012 (Editorial Board - Journal of Asian Scientific Research (
  • Project Cordinator (curiculum), University Malaya, 21/06/2011 to 21/06/2011 (Mesyurat ahli jawatan-kuasa Kurikulum Jabatan (MSc Med Ed- AOT) )
  • MBBS Dept Cordinator , Faculty, 01/04/2010 to 01/04/2012 (Coordinator for MBBS teaching in rehabilitation as part of the Orthopedic block)
  • Invited delegate representing Malaysia and UM to the Lance Armstrong Global Cancer Summit, University Malaya, 23/08/2009 to 27/08/2009 (Invited country representative )
  • Country Representative to IPOS UK, University Malaya, 18/08/2006 to 23/09/2009 (Represent Malaysia for the PsychoOncology society meeting held at London, Imperial College, London UK )


  • Rehabilitation (Onco-rehabilitation, Psychosocial, Patient self management, Behavioural med, Therapy, Med Education, )



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Other Media(Tape,Video,Internet)

  • Communityt engagement 2018 

  • The Stay Active for Life Project: UICC Geneva 
  • The QIGONG Randomised Control Trial 

  • UM Research Gallery 1: The Staying Abreast, Moving Ahead Trial 

(Project title), (Role), (From)-(Until), (Level), (Source).

  • European OT Task Force Palliave care, Others, 2020 - 2021, NONE
  • Canada iCARE Study, Others, 2020 - 2022, Canada Goverment
  • Fogathy stigma research 2020, Others, 2020 - 2021, NONE
  • International I-care study (40 countries, 120PhD collaborators with Canada leading as PI), Others, 2020 - 2021, NONE
  • Survey of responses to Covid with TAR 2020, Principal Investigator(PI), 2020 - 2021, NONE
  • cancer stigma IIRG - shortlisted for funding, Director, 2020 - 2020, RU Operation
  • Proposal Kacip_KAW (keepable walk study) _applied, Others, 2019 - 2019, Others MOHE
  • The Keepable Cancer Community Project, PI, 2019 - 2020, Knowledge Transfer Programme (KTP), (National)
  • Proposal on KACCIP_Physical Trial applied for IIRG grant, Others, 2019 - 2020, Others MOHE, (National)
  • Proposal MYWELLCOR (Aging ) Applied with partners from Language, Sports, PTM, Surgery, Others, 2019 - 2021, Others MOHE, (National)
  • Promoting Awareness Of Cancer And Early Detection (paced) Initiative In Malaysia, Co-Researcher, 2017 - 2019, International Funding, (International)
  • KPT UTC Keepable Community Integration Program Kacip 2016, Principal Investigator(PI), 2016 - 2017, Knowledge Transfer Programme (KTP), (International)
  • KACIP with students and volunteers, Principal Investigator(PI), 2016 - 2019, Others MOHE, (International)
  • The Um Cancer Farm Project (a Lifestyle Lab), PI, 2016 - 2017, UM Living Lab Grant Programme - SUS (Sustainability Science), (National)
  • Research Activity, Skills and Training Needs of Health-Care Professionals - Call for Actions (PI), Principal Investigator(PI), 2016 - 2018, NONE, (National)
  • Keepable Community Integration Program (kacip 6_2015), PI, 2015 - 2016, RU Operation, (National)
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  • The KeepAble Community project (KPT), Principal Investigator(PI), 2013 - 2015, KPT- Knowledge transfer programme, (National)
  • Sensory Processing and Participation in Daily Life Activities Among Malaysian Children with and Without Autism, PI, 2013 - 2015, Postgraduate Research Grant (PPP) - Research, (National)
  • The Keep-Able Community Project (PJM-KTP-CITRA Community Project), PI, 2013 - 2014, Flagship - SBS (Equitable Society), (University)
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  • 3 Armed Randomized Controlled Trial of physical activity in breast cancer survivors, Principal Investigator(PI), 2011 - 2012, Postgraduate Research Grant(PPP), (University)
  • UMRG RM$62000 _Patient self management - a follow up, Principal Investigator(PI), 2010 - 2011, Geran Penyelidikan Universiti Malaya (UMRG), (University)
  • RANDOMISED TRIAL OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY IN BREAST CANCER SURVIVOR, Supervisor, 2010 - 2011, Postgraduate Research Grant (PPP) - Research, (National)
  • Work Rehabilitation, Occupational Health
  • Self Management, Chronic Diseases, Breast Cancer
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  • Occupational Therapy & Rehabilitation

(Project title), (Role), (From)-(Until), (Organisation).

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  • reviewer for clin epidemiology RTW in cancer in taiwan, Reviewer, 2020-2020, Dove med press
  • PsychoOncology Reviewer, Resource Person, 2020-2020, Wiley
  • Editorial Board Asia Pacific Clinical and Translational Nervous System Diseases 2019, Editorial Board, 2019-2022, Wolters Kluwer - Medknow
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  • Editorial Board women Health International, Editorial Board, 2019-2022, Elyns Pub
  • Editorial Board of Journal Clinical medicine, Editorial Board, 2019-2022, Science research association (Scirea)
  • Academic Editor for Asian Journal of Medicine & Health, Academic Editor, 2018-2022, Science Domain International
  • Cancer Myths_STAR Health, Public Education (National level media), Resource Person, 2018-2018, star HEalth paper
  • Promoting Awareness of Early Detection In Breast Cancer .with KKM Klinik Desa, I Malaysia, Klinik ibuanak Selangor, Co-researcher, 2018-2019, newton Ungku Omar
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  • postgraduate Viva, Examiner, 2016-2017, UiTM
  • Examiner of PG thesis, Examiner, 2016-2017, UiTM
  • Invites for OCM & Speaker: Occupation​al Health-201​3, Speaker, 2013-2013, OCM
  • Frontier Topic in oncology, Project Leader, 2013-2014, EPFL Science Park, switzerland
  • Creating a Keep-able Community: Um-PAUM partnership, Chairman, 2013-2016, Persatuan Alumni University Malaya
  • Invites for OCM & Speaker: Occupation​al Health-201​3, Speaker, 2013-2013, OCM
  • JBI COnNECT plus (Cancer Care node) Corresponding Reference Group, Expert Advisor, 2012-2014, Cancer Care Node Administrator ,The Joanna Briggs Institute,
  • Examiner for Master thesis entitled Chemo brain in Breast Cancer., 2012-2013, University of Sdyney
  • MQA Evaluator for UITM Master OT Program, Expert Advisor, 2011-2011, Malaysian Qualification Agency
  • MQA Evaluator for the MSc proposal from a Private College (IMU) MSc Med science and Community health at Bukit Jalil Campus on 6-7 april 2011, Curricullum Evaluator, 2011-2011, MQA
  • MQA Panel Evaluator for MSc RESEARCH (Community Health and Medical Science), IMU, Evaluator, 2011-2011, MQA
  • Panel of assessor for Malaysian Qualifying Agency (MQA) for Cyberjaya Master,Phd program, Expert Advisor, 2011-2011, Malaysian Qualifying Agency (MQA)
  • Panel of Assessor for Malaysian Qualifying Agency (MQA) for UiTM master program, Expert Advisor, 2011-2011, Malaysian Qualifying Agency (MQA)
  • Panel of Curriculum Evaluator for Malaysian Qualifying Agency (MQA) for IMU master by research proposal, Expert Advisor, 2011-2011, Malaysian Qualifying Agency (MQA)
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  • MQA Evaluator for a MSc/PhD Program_Proposal from a Private College (MUCH), Expert Advisor, 2009-2010, Malaysian Quality Assurance (MQA)
  • reviewer for Elsevier Lung cancer, Reviewer, 2009-2019, Elservier

(Name of Award), (Awarding Institution), (Year Awarded), (Level).

  • Letter of Acknowledgement as Cancer Control Expert Reviewer, Uicc, 2021, (International)
  • Penghargaan Untuk Jk Sapt Ds, Fom , 2020, (University)
  • Uicc Letter of Thankyou for Reviewing The 2020 Applicant to Uicc Technical , Uicc, 2020, (International)
  • Usa'S Nih Stigma Research Training Institute Award 2020, Fogarty Nih Usa, 2020, (International)
  • Certificate of Appreciation World Cancer Day 4 Feb 2020, Union International Against Cancer , 2020, (International)
  • Academic Editor Amjh , Ajmh, 2019, (International)
  • 2019 Harvard South East Asia Leadership Education Offer, Harvard -Sunway University, 2019, (International)
  • 2019 Union International Cancer Control, Geneva Fellowship for Teaching and Learning, Union International Cancer Control, Geneva, 2019, (International)
  • Certificate of Recognition, Madridge Conferences, 2019, (International)
  • Certificate of Fellowship, Macmillan Research Centre, University of Southamptom , 2019, (International)
  • Assoc Editor International Journal of Occupational Therapy , Hindawi Limited , Adam House, 3rd Floor, London W1t 5hf, Uk, 2019, (International)
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  • Um Eco Campus Leader, UM Eco Campus , 2018, (University)
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  • Cancer Control and Prevention Training Certificate 2018, China Cancer Control , 2018, (International)
  • Editorial Board Member for Jsm Health Education and Primary Health Care, Scimed Central , 2018, (International)
  • Certificate of Excellence from Asian Journal of Medical & Health, Science Domain International , 2018, (International)
  • Academic Editor _ Asian Journal of Medicine and Health 2018 -2022, Science Domain International, 2018, (International)
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  • Reviewer Certificate for Asian Journal of Medicine and Health, Asian Journal of Medicine and Health, 2018, (International)
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  • Nih Cancer Prevention Fellowship 2018, Usa National Institute of Health, 2018, (International)
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  • Niosh Research Grant for Researchers (National), Niosh, 2002, (National)
  • Public Service (Jpa) S Scholarship (National), Jpa for Msc in Med Edu (Uwcm, Wales), 1992, (University)

(Title), (Event), (Date Presented), (Organiser), (Level).

  • Patients self management for chronic diseases, Malaysian Occupational Therapy Association & AGM 2013, 2013-06-13 to 2013-06-16, MOTA, MOH, (National)
  • Barriers to self management in women with breast cancer , Presummit National Breast Cancer, Kuala Lumpur, 2006-07-01 to  , UM &Prince Court Medical, (International)
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  • Cancer Survivorship: Scope for research , Cancer Survivorship workshop_CEPH, UM & QUB, Ireland, 2010-06-08 to  , CEPH, (University)
  • Cancer Suvivorship Researh : Implications for Occupational Therapy, 1st Regional Health Sciences and Nursing Conference, 2011-02-23 to  , UITM, (International)
  • Cancer Survivorship Research , Queens_CEPH, UM Public Health 2011 symposium , 2011-07-13 to 2011-07-13, SPM, (International)
  • Cancer survivorship- a new frontier for Occupational Therapy , 2012 International OT Conference, Hong Kong, 2012-02-23 to 2012-02-27, HONG KONG Polytechnic University, (International)
  • Keepable, Cancer survivorship : keeping survivors able in the community, 2014-11-14 to 2014-11-14, Malaysian Occupational therapy association & CEPH, SPM, (National)
  • OCCUPATIO​NAL THERAPY IN cancer survivoship, OCCUPATIO​NAL THERAPY IN the COMMUNITY: A HOLISTIC APPROACH, 2014-12-04 to 2014-12-05, MOTA, (National)
  • Cancer Survivorship lectures, UKM Bsc program 2015, 2015-10-28 to 2015-10-28, UKM, (National)
  • Occupational Therapy education in development: debating the essence, Occupational Science, Occupational Therapy & Promoting Participation in schoolchildren with disability workshop (21 June 2012), 2012-06-21 to 2012-06-21, Faculty of Medicine, CEPH (SPM), (National)
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  • The SAMA Book (Project ID: UM130228) Awarded Silver Medal, Percipta 2009, 2009-11-01 to  , (International)
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  • Make our University inclusive , MOUI 2015 , 2015-09-22 to 2015-09-22, University malaya, (University)

(Linkages Description), (Organisation), (Year of Involvement), (Duration), (Level).

  • Europe taskforce OT palliative, Europe OT PalliativeCare , 2020, 36, (International)
  • NIH Stigma research, NIH, USA, 2020, 24, (International)
  • The EORTC Quality of Life Gastric module QLQ-STO22, Southampton University UK & JAPAN, 2020, 12, (International)
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  • Editorial board for International journal of Psychology and Behavioural analysis, International journal of Psychology and Behavioural analysis, 2020, 24, (International)
  • PsychoOncol reveiewer cert, International PsychoOnchology IPOS, 2020, 12, (International)
  • University of Southampton _maxmillan research centre, UICC Union Int Cancer control, 2019, 1, (International)
  • International Conference Abstract reviewer, international nursing conference London UK, 2019, (International)
  • MedxUM 2019 panelist, MEDxUM, 2019, (University)
  • Cancer Networking Conference Speaker 2019, subatha cancer , 2018, 12, (International)
  • Asia Pacific training course on Cancer prevention, Beijing, China, China cancer Control , Beijing, 2018, (International)
  • National Inst Health, USA Cancer Fellowship 2018, NIH, 2018, 1, (International)
  • reviewer for conference abstracts_ American society for nutrition, American society for nutrition , 2018, 3, (International)
  • UM Eco campus leader, UM, 2018, (University)
  • conference session chair, Asia health literacy, 2016, 2, (International)
  • Meeting National OT 2015 at UKM, UKM, 2015, 1, (National)
  • Speaker for postbasic couurse for ministry of health, MOH, 2015, 1, (National)
  • Organiser for cancer survivors seminar, Malaysian Occupational therapy associationa, 2014, 1, (National)
  • BMJ 2011 Third finalist, BMJ award, 2011, (International)
  • Cancer Survivor Research conference, Washington DC 17-20 Jun2010, NIH, CDC, Lance Armstrong,, 2010, 3, (International)
  • Book publishing, VDM, Germany, 2009, 12, (International)
  • UICC, Geneva, Capacity workshop research, 2009, 10, (International)

(Activity), (Organisation), (Role), (From)-(Until), (Level).

  • WFOT Congress Reviewer for the 18th Congress of the World Federation of Occupational Therapists 2022, World federation, Congress Reviewer, 2021-2022, (International)
  • Invited Reviewer for UICC applicant for the 2020 UICC technical award, UICC_Union Int Cancer control, Geneva, Technical Advisor, 2020-2020, (International)
  • The icare _Covid19 international study with 40 countries - translation of Malay icare tool, montreal behavioural medicine , canada, Researcher, 2020-2021, (International)
  • International IcareCovid Collaborator & Malay language translator, Montreal behavioural centre, Co-researcher, 2020-2021, (International)
  • Reviewer for DOVE, Journal of Clinical epidemiology, Reviewer, 2020-2020, (International)
  • Europe_Taskforce_OT palliative, EuropeTask-force-OT-Palliative, Committee Member, 2020-2020, (International)
  • Reviewer for Clinical Nursing, Wiley clinical nursing, Expert Advisor, 2018, (International)
  • Trainer for enumerator, Manipal College, Project Leader, 2018-2018, (International)
  • IPOS 2018 Collaborator with Aust, Canada, UK and USA for a symposium, International psychooncology, Resource Person, 2018, (International)
  • Public education on community cancer -soldering on together, star (M) sdn Bhd, Expert Advisor, 2018, (National)
  • inTech Open Ambassador, INTECHOPEN LIMITED, Expert Advisor, 2018-2022, (International)
  • Cancer patient Pavilion Speaker _world cancer conference Oct 1-4 2018, UICC, Expert Advisor, 2018-2018, (International)
  • ARN_ community and student engagement report, Asia research news, Resource Person, 2018-2018, (International)
  • STAR Paper Top 10 cancer Myth, STAR, Resource Person, 2018, (National)
  • Reviewer for J of Disability & Rehab, J of Disability & Rehab, Technical Advisor, 2018, (International)
  • Int Psychooncology Conference in Hong Kong, IPOS, Researcher, 2018, (International)
  • UMR Bulletin 2018-2019, IPPP UM, Resource Person, 2018-2019, (University)
  • Reviewer for Neuropsychiatry Disease & Treatment, Neuropsychiatry Disease & Treatment, Technical Advisor, 2018, (International)
  • Journal Reviewer for European Journal of Cancer, European Journal of Cancer, Technical Advisor, 2018, (International)
  • Reviewer for Clinical Nursing, Journal of Clinical Nursing, Technical Advisor, 2018, (International)
  • Reviewer for BMC Cancer, BMC Cancer, Technical Advisor, 2018, (International)
  • Cancer Investigation, Cancer Investigation, Technical Advisor, 2018-2020, (International)
  • Cancer Survivorship Care: Exploring an occupational participation perspective _Presented by research student, World Federation of OT conference in south africa, Expert Advisor, 2018, (International)
  • Reviewer for PLOS, PLOS, Technical Advisor, 2018, (International)
  • The Eco Campus Leader, UM, Project Leader, 2018-2020, (University)
  • cocuriculum community engagement, keepable cancer community, Advisor, 2018-2019, (University)
  • ACADEMIC EDITOR for Asian Journal of Medicine and Health 2018-2022, Science Domain international, 207 regent Street, London W18 3HH, UK, Expert Advisor, 2018-2022, (International)
  • Invitation to Cancer summit in april 2019, / cancersummit., Resource Person, 2018-2019, (International)
  • Interdisciplinary Rehab for people with long term schizophrenia_ chapter, IntechOpen, Resource Person, 2017-2018, (International)
  • Editorial Board Member for Int Journal of Psychology, Int Journal of Psychology, Technical Advisor, 2017-2019, (International)
  • UMCRI Restructuring Team - Community survivorship, Cancelleri, Committee Member, 2017-2020, (University)
  • Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation to Facilitate Recovery of People Living with Long-Term Schizophrenia in Developing Countries - author, intech pub, Resource Person, 2017-2018, (International)
  • Community counselling Bay by Rotary KL for cancer community, Rotary KL, Project Leader, 2017-2018, (National)
  • Reviewer for emedicine paper -Nursing interventions with repercussions on the adaptation of women with breast cancer - a systematic literature review Lu�Miguel Ferreira et al, emedicine, Reviewer, 2014-2014, (International)
  • reviewer for emedicine paper -Nursing interventions with repercussions on the adaptation of women with breast cancer - a systematic literature review Ferreira et al, emedicine .org, Reviewer, 2014-2014, (International)
  • Case Management- Mental Health support program for SOCSO case manager, SOCSO, Advisor, 2013-2013, (National)
  • Editorial Board member, Asean Scientific Research, Committee Member, 2012-2012, (International)
  • Occupational Science, Occupational Therapy & Promoting Participation in schoolchildren with disability, Faculty of Medicine, Chairman, 2012-2012, (International)
  • Evaluation of imu MSc Med Sc program, MQA panel, Advisor, 2011-2011, (National)
  • Curiculum review panel for Master Public health_Appointment from MQA, MQA, Advisor, 2011-2011, (National)
  • Manuscript Reviewer for Journal Preventive medicine (PM-09-628: Title: Prevalence of poor cancer knowledge in the Singapore general population, its determinants and association with cancer screening)., Journal Preventive medicine, Expert Reviewer, 2011-2009, (International)
  • UMCIC Exhibitor for Patient self management for Breast canecr - the published book by VDM, Euro $79 (GOLD MEDAL), UMCIC Um expo (DTC) 1-3 April 2010, Researcher, 2010-2010, (University)
  • Representative from UM to PERCIPTA 2009 (Project: The SAMA Book), MOHE, Researcher, 2009-2009, (National)
  • Evaluation of Curricullum of a proposeed MSc & Phd program on Therapeutic Sciences by a Private College, appointed by the MQA Division of Ministry of higher education, Agensi Kelayakan Malaysia, Tingkat 14B, Menara PKNS-PJ, 17, Jalan Yong Shook Lin, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, MALAYSIA, Expert Advisor, 2009-2010, (National)
  • Representative from UM to BIOINOVATION MALAYSIA 2009 [ i)The SAMA Program, ii)The CATS -Calf, Archilles tendon stretcher-exerciser, UM, 22-25th NOV 2009, KLCC, Researcher, 2009-2009, (International)

(Description), (Evaluation Activity),(Year).

  • Reviewer for Preventive Medicine: Cancer Incidence due to Overweight, Obesity and Leisure-time Physical Inactivity in Canada: The Potential for Prevention. Darren R. Brenner, Article In Journal ,  ( )
  • WFOT Congress Reviewer for the 18th Congress of the World Federation of Occupational Therapists 2022, Abstracts ,  (2021 - 2022)
  • Ext Assessor for application to the pot of Assoc Professor, Human Resource Ukm ,  (2021 - 2021)
  • BMC Health Services Research - BHSR-D-20-02466: Attributes and generic competencies required of doctors in 21st century health-care systems: a participatory concept mapping study., Article In Journal ,  (2020 - 2020)
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  • BMC Health Services Research - Manuscript BHSR-D-20-01329 (Precursors and outcomes of work engagement among healthcare professionals) byTerje Slåtten, Ph.D; Gudbrand Lien, Article In Journal ,  (2020 - 2020)
  • ASSOCIATE EDITOR FOR INTERNATIONAL OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY JPURNAL, Journal Of International Occupational Therapy ,  (2020 - 2021)
  • Tetra_Tech Newton Fund evaluator, Project ,  (2020 - 2020)
  • Reviewer for J Disability and rehabilitation - TIDS-05-2020-055, Article In Journal ,  (2020 - 2020)
  • Reviewer for BMC Pub Health (PUBH-D-20-01370). Predictors of resignation and sick leave after cancer diagnosis among Japanese breast cancer survivors Mitsui et al, 2020., Article In Journal ,  (2020 - 2020)
  • International Icare covid study with PI from canada, Project ,  (2020 - 2021)
  • Reviewer for Int J of workplace Health Mx, Article In Journal ,  (2020 - 2020)
  • BMC Health Service BHSR-D-20-00141 -Young Medical Doctors’ Perspectives on Professionalism: A Qualitative Study Conducted in Public Hospitals in Pakistan, Article In Journal ,  (2020 - 2020)
  • BMC Health Services Research /BHSR-D-20-00330/ Perceptions and experiences of organizational justice among healthcare professionals in academic hospitals in South-eastern Nigeria, Article In Journal ,  (2020 - 2020)
  • Reviewer for Disability and Rehabilitation- Developing and validation VO2 calculation from 6mwt, Article In Journal ,  (2020 - 2020)
  • PhD projects for Indonesian nursing candidates, Project ,  (2019 - 2019)
  • journal of oncology manuscript ..., Article In Journal ,  (2019 - 2019)
  • BMC Health Services -manuscript BHSR-D-19-01326, 'Evaluation of the impact of a brief educational message on clinicians’ awareness of risks of ionising-radiation exposure in imaging investigations: an intervention study'., Article In Journal ,  (2019 - 2019)
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  • Examiner of PHD proposal 2019, Thesis ,  (2019 - 2019)
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  • Journal of PsychoOncology - Manuscript PON-19-0038_1/2019, Article In Journal ,  (2019 - 2019)
  • BMC Cancer for manuscript BCAN-D-18-02464R1-Coverage of cancer services in Australia and providers’ views on service gaps: findings from a national cross-sectional survey., Article In Journal ,  (2019 - 2019)
  • Reviewer for cancer investigation, Article In Journal ,  (2018 - 2022)
  • ECC-2018-0202, entitled "Effect of Home-Based Music Intervention on Patients with Breast Cancer: A Randomized Controlled Trial", for the European Journal of Cancer Care., Article In Journal ,  (2018 - 2019)
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  • Nutrition 2018 Abstract reviewer, International Conference ,  (2018 - 2018)
  • "Examining the Factors Influencing People’s Personal Information Disclosure Behaviours in Online Health Communities (OHCs): Insights from a Chinese Online Cancer Community", Article In Journal ,  (2017 - 2017)
  • Reviewer for Manuscript Clinical breast cancer CBC2017-334 Health behaviour and QOL in BC survivors, Article In Journal ,  (2017 - 2017)
  • Journal of Disability& Rehabilitation : TIDS-12-2016-087.R1 Functioning in women with cervical cancer in Brazil: the perspective of experts, Article In Journal ,  (2017 - 2018)
  • PhD Thesis on population awareness n HCP 's behavior on cervical cancer prevention in libya, Thesis ,  (2017 - 2017)
  • editorial board member for Madridge Journal of clinical research, Editorial Board ,  (2017)
  • reviewer for European Journal of Cancer Care (ECC-2017-0049) manuscript on 'Return-to-work intervention parallel with cancer treatment – providers’ experiences and challenges.', Article In Journal ,  (2017 - 2017)
  • Chair of session 4 Helath literacy and social determinants of health, Chair ,  (2016 - 2016)
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  • MQA appointed Assessor for Master Curriculum proposed for Master-in-Pub.Health(IMU,Dec 2009), Curicullum ,  (2009 - 2009)

(Contribution To Society), (Level), (Start Date), (End Date).

  • Survivorship in cancer - occupational perspective by Assoc prof Dr Loh Siew Yim, (University), 20/01/2021 until 20/01/2021
  • Assessor for Promotion to Assoc Professor in ukm , (National), 04/01/2021 until 05/02/2021
  • reviewer for world conference psycho-oncology 2021 Kyoto , (International), 01/12/2020 until 23/12/2020
  • Reviewer for BMC health services Journal manuscript on medical education , (International), 01/09/2020 until 09/11/2020
  • icare collaborator, (International), 31/03/2020 until 30/01/2021
  • saturdays colon cancer screening at community , (Community), 06/07/2019 until 28/12/2019
  • invited speaker Cancer summmit 9-10 april 2019 , (International), 09/04/2019 until 10/03/2019
  • 2019 Cancer Walk Organiser & Adviser to Medsoc , (Community), 27/01/2019 until 22/06/2019
  • cancer community project, (Community), 01/01/2019 until 31/12/2019
  • Bloom Newsletter SY Loh (2012) , (International), 01/12/2018 until 30/12/2018
  • community work with students, (Community), 01/08/2018 until 15/12/2018
  • TV (Mandarin 8TV) Media Public education on colon cancer - 25 april 2018 , (National), 01/04/2018 until 01/05/2018
  • Asia News research - why community engagement matters to University student (SY LOH 2018), (Government), 01/04/2018 until 01/06/2018
  • Newspaper (STAR HEALTH) Media - Cancer education on cancer myth 25 feb 2018, (National), 25/02/2018 until 25/02/2018
  • Living lab : chapter 6 Cancer Living lab, (Community), 01/11/2017 until 01/06/2018
  • Community Research to Asia research news, (asia ), 01/08/2017 until 01/01/2021
  • cancer survivors day 2017, (International), 01/06/2017 until 30/06/2017
  • keepable colon cancer screening for the community, (Community), 22/04/2017 until 22/04/2017
  • 2017 cancer walk _ "we can I can" agenda, (Community), 25/03/2017 until 25/03/2017
  • Organizer of 2016 Cancer Survivor Day at the community, (National), 24/12/2016 until 24/12/2016
  • keepable - cancer community activities, (Country), 28/03/2016 until 30/04/2016
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  • Representative for MAKNA to Asian Breast Cancer Research Roundtable Meet , (National), 16/11/2008 until  
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(Course Title), (Academic Session), (No of Student), (No of Contact Hours).

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