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  • Department of Medicine
    Faculty of Medicine
  • +603-79502741




  • MMED(2005) (UM), (Perubatan Dalaman (Internal Medicine))
    Universiti Malaya (UM)
  • MD(UKM)(1998), (Medicine)
    Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)


  • Organizer for fellowship exam on behalf of Malaysian Society of Haematology
    28 Nov 2012 - present (National)
  • Planning on call and monthly duty roster of medical department
    01 Jan 2010 - present (Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine)
  • Coordinator
    11 Aug 2011 - 05 Jan 2023 (Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine)
  • Coordinator
    01 Sep 2015 - 05 Jan 2023 (Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine)
  • Quality Manager
    17 Jan 2012 - 31 Dec 2022 (Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine)
  • Acting Treasurer
    10 Sep 2020 - 30 Apr 2022 (National)
  • Head of Unit
    08 Feb 2019 - 08 Jan 2021 (Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine)
  • Acting Chairman
    09 Sep 2020 - 09 Oct 2020 (National)
  • Acting Chairman
    01 Jan 2020 - 12 Sep 2020 (National)
  • Chairman
    01 Jan 2020 - 10 Sep 2020 (National)
  • Chairman
    01 Jul 2019 - 04 Apr 2020 (National)


  • First research subject
    Novotech, 2019 (International)
    University of Malaya, 2019 (University)
    University of Malaya, 2018 (University)
    University of Malaya, 2013 (University)
  • Geran sanjungan penyelidikan
    Ministry of higher education, 2012 (Government)
  • Best poster presentation in Malaysian Society of Haematology meeting 2008
    Malaysian Society of Haematology, 2008 (National)


Article in Journal
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Article in Proceeding
  1. Improvements to detection of BCR-ABL1 kinase domain mutations in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia on tyrosine kinase inhibitors using high resolution melt curve analysis
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  1. 2019 - 2024, Monash University
    Asia Pacific Myeloma and related diseases registry ( Co-Researcher)
  2. 2011 - 2013, Geran Penyelidikan Universiti Malaya (UMRG)
    The Influence of Gene Polymorphism in Malaysian Populition For Folate Metabolizing Enzymes With Respect To Toxicity in Hon Hodhkin Lymphoma and Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Patients Treated With Methotrexate ( Principal Investigator(PI))
  3. 2008 - 2010, Norvatis
    CAAMN107A2109 Trial. An open-label, multicenter, expanded access study of oral AMN 107 in adult patients with imatinib (Glivec/Gleevec)-resistant or-intolerant chronic myeloid leukaemia in blast crisis, accelerated phase or chronic phase. ( Consultant)
  1. 2020 - 2028, Novartis Corporation (M) Sdn. Bhd.
    A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled phase III multi-center study of azacitidine with or without MBG453 for the treatment of patients with intermediate, high or very high risk myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) as per IPSS-R, or Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukemia-2 (CMML-2) ( Co-Researcher)
  2. 2019 - 2027, Celgene Corporation
    A Phase 3b, open-label, single-arm, rollover study to evaluate long-term safety in subjects who have participated in other luspatercept (ACE-536) clinical trials ( Principal Investigator(PI))
  3. 2021 - 2026, MorphoSys AG
    A phase 3, multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial comparing the efficacy and safety of tafasitamab plus lenalidomide in addition to R-CHOP versus R-CHOP in previously untreated, high-intermediate and high-risk patients with newly-diagnosed diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) ( Principal Investigator(PI))
  4. 2022 - 2025, NS Pharma, Inc
    A Phase 2b, Open-label, Multicenter, Randomized, Controlled, 2-Arm Study to Assess the Efficacy and Safety of Orally Administered NS-018 versus Best Available Therapy in Subjects with Primary Myelofibrosis, Post-Polycythemia Vera Myelofibrosis, or Post-Essential Thrombocythemia Myelofibrosis with Severe Thrombocytopenia (Platelet Count <50,000/ L) ( Co-Researcher)
    Randomized Phase 3 study of Pomalidomide-Cyclophosphamide-Dexamethasone (PCD) versus Pomalidomide-Dexamethasone (PD) in relapse or refractory myeloma. An AMN study ( Co-Researcher)
  6. 2016 - 2019, Private Funding
    A phase 3, double blind,randomized ,placebo-controlled ,multicenter study to determine the efficacy and safety of luspatercept (ACE-536) versus placebo in adults who required regular red blood cell transfusions due to beta thalassemia (ACE-536-B-THAL-001 ( Principal Investigator(PI))
  7. 2015 - 2018, International Funding
    A multicenter, randomised,open-label,three-parallel groups,phase 2-3 study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of masitinib with dexamethasone,gemcitabine with dexamethasone and the combination of masitinib,gemcitabine and dexamethasone in patients with relapsed or refractory peripheral T-cell lymphoma ( Principal Investigator(PI))
  8. 2013 - 2015, NONE
    PNH registry ( Principal Investigator(PI))
  9. 2012 - 2014, NONE
    SANDOZ GP13-301 -A Randomized, Controlled, Double- Blind Phase III Trial in Patients with Previously Untreated, Advanced Stage Follicular Lymphoma ( Principal Investigator(PI))
  10. 2008 - 2013, Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development
  11. 2008 - 2010, Pfizer
    A Phase III, Double Blind, Randomized Study To Evaluate Safety And Efficacy Of BAL8557 Versus Voriconazole For Primary Treatment Of Invasive Fungal Disease Caused By Aspergillus Species Or Other Filamentous Fungi ( Consultant)
    A Phase 3, Randomized, Double-blind, Active-Control Study of Pelabresib (CPI-0610) and Ruxolitinib vs. Placebo and Ruxolitinib in JAKi Treatment Naive MF Patients ( Co-Researcher)
  2. 2022 - 2023, AstraZeneca Sdn. Bhd.
    A Multicenter Retrospective Study To Understand The Clinical Characteristics, Treatment Pathway And Resource Utilization For Patients With Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL). ( Principal Investigator(PI))


  1. Overview of Haploidentical HSCT: Local Experience(UMMC), Malaysian Society of Transplant Annual meeting 2022, MST (National) (28 May 2022 - 29 May 2022)
  2. treatment of cutaneous lymphoma, updates in haematological malignancies, Medical department (National) (16 Nov 2019 - 16 Nov 2019)
  3. Acute Graft versus Host disease: How to prevent and treat?, The 5th ASEAN Federation of Hematology conference 2019, Indonesian Society of Hematology (International) (01 Nov 2019 - 02 Nov 2019)
  4. Life long anticoagulant, College of physician regional conference 2019-updates in internal medicine, Academy of Medicine , Malaysia (National) (21 Jun 2019 - 23 Jun 2019)
  5. Follicular Lymphoma: What are the current treatment strategies?, 16th Malaysian Society of Haematology Scientific meeting, Malaysian Society of Haematology (National) (11 Apr 2019 - 13 Apr 2019)
  6. High Dose Chemotherapy/Autologous Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation(ASCT), Master Class in Systemic Cancer Therapy , oncology department (National) (15 Mar 2019 - 16 Mar 2019)
  7. mutiple myeloma, speaker at the B-Cell Malignancies Update for the Health Care Alliance, December 5th 2015 (National) (05 Dec 2015 - 05 Dec 2015)
  8. Early Complications of Allo-HSCT other than Graft vs Host Disease (GvHD), Art of Haematology 2015, 17-18th October 2015 (International) (17 Oct 2015 - 18 Oct 2015)
  9. Bone marrow transplantation, Oncology workshop in UMMC, 30th May 2015 (University) (30 May 2015 - 30 May 2015)
  10. Managing bleeding with NOACs, NOAC (University) (30 May 2015 - 30 May 2015)
  11. Chronic myeloid leukaemia, patient workshop (National) (14 Jun 2014 - 14 Jun 2014)
  12. Multiple myeloma, 4th Patient Congress for People Living with Blood Cancer - 6 April 2014, Hotel, Kuala Lumpur (National) (06 Apr 2014 - 06 Apr 2014)
  13. Should quality of life be a therapeutic endpoint, Malaysian society of haematology 2014 Scientific Meeting at Shangri-La Hotel, 4 6 April 2014.  (National) (04 Apr 2014 - 06 Apr 2014)
  14. Massive splenomegaly , Advances in internal Medicine 2014, UPM (National) (16 Feb 2014)
  15. Multiple myeloma, Patient congress (multiple myeloma), Max foundation (National) (28 Apr 2013 - 28 Apr 2013)
  16. Lecture/Tutorial on Haematology, Saturday teaching in Haematology, Academy of Medicine (National) (12 May 2012)
  17. Approach to adult patients with anaemia, weekend teaching, Academy of Medicine , Academy of medicine (National) (08 Jan 2011 - 08 Jan 2011)
  18. Multiple Myeloma & CRAB, The Spectrum Workshop (for GP) (National) (24 Apr 2009 - 26 Apr 2009)
  19. Management of anticoagulation, INR Clinic Workshop, UMMC (University) (19 Jul 2008)
  20. Perioperative anticoagulation management, 1st National Anticoagulation Management Workshop 2007 (National) (11 Aug 2007)
  1. workshop, Oragnising committee for Transfusion workshop in UMMC (National) (21 Aug 2015 - 22 Aug 2015)
  2. scientific meeting, Ornanising committee of MSH 2015 scientific meeting, 24-25th April (National) (24 Apr 2015 - 26 Apr 2015)
  3. Scientific meeting, Organising committee of MSH 2014 Scientific Meeting, 4-6 April (04 Apr 2014 - 06 Apr 2014)
  4. multiple myeloma, Multiple myeloma and caregivers workshop (National) (22 Jun 2013 - 22 Jun 2013)
  5. Overview of Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia in UMMC, Maximize Life Workshop 23rd May 2009 (National) (23 May 2009)
  1. Case presentation, 8th New Horizons in Haematology , Shire (International) (21 Sep 2013 - 21 Sep 2013)
  2. tyrosine kinase inhibitor-first targeted agent in oncology, CPC, UMMC (University) (08 Dec 2010 - 08 Dec 2010)


  1. (2022) External Assessor for Promotion At Usm, National, (External Assessor)
  2. (2022) External Examiner of Research Project of Imu, National, (External Examiner)
  3. (2022) Evaluator, University, (Internal Evaluator)
  4. (2022) External Assessor for Promotion At Unimas, National, (External Examiner)
  5. (2022) Reviewer of Article, International, (Reviewer)
  6. (2022) Committee of National Specialist Registry for Clinical Haematology, National, (External Evaluator)
  7. (2022) Reviewer of Article, International, (Reviewer)
  8. (2022) Reviewer of Article, International, (Reviewer)
  9. (2022) Committee of National Specialist Registry, Sub Specialty (Haematology), National, (External Evaluator)
  10. (2021) Reviewer, International, (Reviewer)
  11. (2021) Educational Modules for Hcp, 18th December 2020 31st January 2021 and Virtual, National, (Reviewer)
  12. (2021) Reviewer, International, (Reviewer)
  13. (2021) Honorary Editorial Advisor, National, (Reviewer)
  14. (2021) External Assessor for Promotion of Universiti Sains Malaysia, National, (External Assessor)
  15. (2021) Reviewer, International, (Reviewer)
  16. (2021) Evaluator for New Drug Registration/Approval, National, (External Evaluator)
  17. (2021) Reviewer, International, (Reviewer)
  18. (2021) Reviewer, International, (Reviewer)
  19. (2020) Evaluate New Drug Application (Npra), National, (External Evaluator)
  20. (2020) Reviewer for Article, International, (Reviewer)
  21. (2020) Reviewer of Article, International, (Reviewer)
  22. (2020) Master of Internal Medicine, Thesis Exam, University, (Internal Examiner)
  23. (2020) External Assessor for a Research Project of Imperial College UK, International, (External Assessor)
  24. (2020) Examiner, University, (Internal Examiner)
  25. (2020) External Examiner for Phd Thesis of University of Mauritius, International, (External Examiner)
  26. (2019) drug control authority , reviewing new drug marketing application , (Reviewer)
  27. (2019) evaluate the qualification of staff that applied for promotion to associate professor , (Reviewer)
  28. (2019) judging the best poster, (Judge of poster competition)
  29. (2019) neurology Asia, (Reviewer)
  30. (2015) External assessor for new appointment of Lecturer for UKM 2015, (external assesor)
  31. (2014) Poster Judge. State research day, Ampang Hospital. 10-Nov-2014 , (Scientific Committee)
  32. (2014) Assessor for Best book award MAPIM-KPM 2013, (Reviewer)
  33. (2013) Circulating plasma RNA as a diagnostic tool to monitor treatment response and early detection of relapse in chronic myeloid leukemia, (External Examiner)
Contribution to external organisation
  1. (2022) Member of National Specialist Registry, (Hematology ), National, (Resource Person)
  2. (2020) Chief Examiner, National, (Academic Appointment )
  3. (2014) Reviewer for the Malaysian Journal of Pathology 2015, Malaysian Society of pathology
  4. (2013) Independent expert, Medical Research and ethics committee, Ministry of Health
Contribution to event
  1. (2021) Chairperson of a Talk, International, (Panelist/Moderator)
  2. (2021) Chairperson of a Talk (by Bms/Celgene), International, (Panelist/Moderator)
  3. (2021) Advisor for Asia Area Consensus Meeting - Hemato-Oncology, International, (Panelist/Moderator)
  4. (2021) Expert Input/Opinion for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, International, (Panelist/Moderator)
  5. (2021) Speaker, University, (Panelist/Moderator)
  6. (2021) Speaker, University, (Panelist/Moderator)
  7. (2021) Chairperson for Webinar (by Janssen & Janssen), National, (Panelist/Moderator)
  8. (2020) Speaker, National, (Panelist/Moderator)
  9. (2020) Speaker, National, (Panelist/Moderator)
  10. (2020) Speaker, University, (Panelist/Moderator)
  11. (2020) Speaker, University, (Panelist/Moderator)


Postgraduate Student
PhD/ Doctoral
  1. (2018) Dysregulated microRNA Expression in R-CHOP Resistance/ Early Relapse of Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma, Ting choo yuen
  4. (2012) Survey of Compliance of Iron Chelator In Thalassaemia Patients, Norashikin Saidon
  5. (2012) Prevalence of Cardiomyopathy Post CHOP/CHOP like chemotherapy, Doreen Sumpat
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  8. (2011) Master in Internal medicine, vijayan
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  10. (2010) Idiopathis thrombocytopenic purpura, Khoo Voon Ling
  11. (2010) Fungal infection in neutropenic patients, Ting Seng Kiat
  12. (2008) Autologous peripheral blood stem cell collection: factors that influences the yield of stem cells at UMMC, Dr Nor Faizal Latif
Under Graduate Students


  • Organizing Multiple Myeloma Workshop for Patients and Caregivers, (15 Aug 2015 - 15 Aug 2015)
  • Speaker in Haematology Update 2012 On 24 March 2012 (by Malaysian Society of Haematology, (24 Mar 2012 - 24 Mar 2012)
  • Speaker for Multiple Myeloma Patients Workshop, 10 September 2011., (10 Sep 2011 - 10 Sep 2011)
  • Organized Maximize Life Workshop (Cml Patients Support Group) On 5th March 2011., (05 Mar 2011 - 05 Mar 2011)
  • Conducted Haematology Workshop On 8th January 2011, Academy of Medicine Malaysia., (08 Jan 2011 - 08 Jan 2011)
  • Participate in Free Clinic At Detention Camp (Seminyih), (01 Jan 2006 - 01 Jul 2009)