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 Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Malaya, 50603 Kuala Lumpur, W.Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Dr. Md Firoz Khan is an environmental chemist and currently a senior lecturer in the Department of Chemistry, University of Malaya, Malaysia. He also held a Professor (Visiting) position at the China University of Mining and Technology, China. Dr. Khan received his Ph.D. degree from the Yokohama National University, Japan (Academic advisor: Professor Shigeki Masunaga) in 2010 as a Monbukagakusho scholar (Japanese Government Scholarship). He received his M.Sc. degree in Air Pollution from the University of Birmingham, UK and his bachelor degree in Chemistry from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2005 and 1994, respectively. He also received an M.Sc. degree in Chemistry from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, in 1995. After his doctoral degree, Dr. Khan conducted his post-doctoral research at the University of Tokyo, Japan from 2010-2011. Then, he joined the Centre for Tropical Climate Change System at the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, as a senior lecturer and attained the position till November 2018. He has been serving as an Associate Editor to two ISI indexed journals, Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene since 2016, Impact Factor 3.518 (Q1) and Arabian Journal of Geosciences (Springer, IF: 1.327, Q4). He also served as a member of the Working Group of Air Quality and Haze Episodes for Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM) Local & Trans-boundary Haze Study in 2016. His research interests cover a wide variety of topics in air pollution. He supervises students at the undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D. level.  He also encourages the potential and outstanding students and postdoc to join in his group.



Research interests: 


  • Urban and Indoor Air Pollution
  • Aerosol compositions, Size Distribution and New Particle Formation (NPA)
  • Fate and Transport of Organic Pollutants in the Environment 
  • Reactive Gases in Atmospheric Environment
  • Chemometric Model (e.g. positive matrix factorization (PMF), APCS-MLR, etc.)
  • Respiratory Tract Dosimetry Model and Health Risk Analysis (HRA)



A recent interview published by The Star Online on "Air quality in M’sia getting worse". Sunday, 12 Jan 2020. For further detailed, here you go:



(Qualification), (Institution).

(Organisation), (Role), (Year), (Level).

  • Society of Environmental Science (SES) Japan, Member, 2008 to 2008, (International)
  • European Geophysical Union (EGU), Member, 2015 to 2015, (International)
  • Air and Waste Management Association (AWMA), Member, 2016 to 2017, (International)
  • Elementa - Atmospheric Science Domain (ISI, IF 3.518, Q1) , Associate Editor, 2016 to 2021, (International)
  • Task Force on Haze, Working Group of Air Quality and Haze Episodes for Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM) Local & Trans-boundary Haze Study, Member, 2016 to 2016, (National)
  • KORUS-AQ Special Feature, Elementa - Science of the Anthropocene (ISI, IF 3.518, Q1), Editorial Member, 2018 to 2020, (International)
  • Institute of Ocean and Earth Sciences (IOES), Associate Member, 2019 to 2020, (University)
  • Arabian Journal of Geosciences (Springer, Indexed by Web of Science, IF: 1.141, Q4), Associate Editor, 2019 to 2021, (International)
  • Proceedings Editor and Member of the Scientific Committee. 2nd Conference of the Arabian Journal of Geosciences (CAJG), Track 4: Environmental Earth Sciences. 25-28 November 2019 , Editorial Member, 2019 to 2019, (International)
  • China University of Mining and Technology, Professor (visiting), 2019 to 2022, (International)
  • Bangladesh Chemical Society, Life Membership, 2020, (International)

(Role), (Level), (Start date),(End Date).

  • Environmental and Sustainability Task Force, Faculty, 01/01/2019 to 31/12/2019


  • Atmospheric Physics (Atmospheric Chemistry)
  • Air Pollution Engineering
  • Chemometrics (Multivariate receptor model (e.g. PCA-APCS, PMF, CMB, Unmix, and integration of them with HYSPLIT trajectory modeling )
  • Trace Chemical Analysis (Trace elements and hazardous class of organic compounds)
  • Air Pollution (Measurement and modelling )


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Mass Media(Newspaper,Radio,Tv,Popular Magazine)

  • Interviewed by The Star Online. Air quality in M’sia getting worse. Sunday, 12 Jan 2020. 

  • Md Firoz Khan, Expert opinion on Sungai Kim Kim Chemical Poisoning and Disaster in Pasir Gudang, Johor Bharu. Interviewed by TV3, Buletin Utama, 12 March 2019 and Buletin 1.30 (2019), Sabtu, 9 March. 

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  • Md Firoz Khan. Intense Biomass Fire Haze Smoke Strikes in Malaysia in September 2015. Bulletin Earth to Space, ISSN: 2462-1528, Page 10-11, Vol. 1, October 2015. 

(Project title), (Role), (From)-(Until), (Level), (Source).

  • Gas-particle Partitioning, Sources And Determination Of Toxic Effect Of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Near A Petrochemical Refinery Site, Principal Investigator(PI), 2019 - 2022, Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS), (National)
  • Source Apportionment And Health Risk Of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon From The Gas And Particle Phases, Principal Investigator(PI), 2019 - 2021, Others MOHE - Top 100 (IIRG)-IISS, (National)
  • Understanding South and Southeast Asian Haze in 3-Dimension: Aerosol source, climatology, transport and health impacts, Co-Investigator, 2019 - 2021, International Funding, (International)
  • Low cost high density network for NOx and ozone over the airport and its surrounding environment, Co-Investigator, 2019 - 2021, PENYELIDIKAN DANA UP (UKM), (National)
  • Environmental impact and health risk assessment from vehicle emission in Kuala Lumpur urban environment, Co-Investigator, 2019 - 2021, Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS), (National)
  • A comprehensive source apportionment of toxic particles from a coal-fired power plant [untill I had been working under UKM], Principal Investigator(PI), 2017 - 2019, Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS), (National)
  • Transboundary forest fires (haze) and their associated burden of disease and oxicity in Malaysia, Co-Investigator, 2017 - 2019, UKM Geran Universiti Penyelidikan (GUP), (National)
  • Variation and Health Impact of ground-level ozone in Malaysia: Mitigation Procedures and Future Policy Implementation, Co-Investigator, 2016 - 2018, UKM Projek Arus Perdana (AP), (National)
  • Evaluation of fine and nano particle concentration in several cities in Malaysia and Thailand, Co-Investigator, 2016 - 2017, Royal Thai Embassy, (International)
  • Integrating Energy-Pollution Nexus in a Dynamic LCA Framework for Urban Buildings: Towards Sustainable Conurbation in Malaysia, Co-Investigator, 2016 - 2019, UKM Dana Impak Perdana (DIP), (National)
  • The influence of seasonal climatic variations to the composition of fine particulate matter and atmospheric gases, Co-Investigator, 2016 - 2018, UKM Dana Impak Perdana (DIP), (National)
  • Vulnerability and adaptation assessment due to the impacts of sea level rise on fisheries sector, Co-Investigator, 2016 - 2019, TRGS, (National)
  • Association of short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs) emitted from forest/wildfires to the Inter-annual climatic variability during the haze strike in Malaysia, Principal Investigator(PI), 2016 - 2018, UKM Young Lecturers Incentive Grant (GGPM) (GGPM), (National)
  • Characterization, Source Apportionment and Health Risk Assessment of Fine Particulate Matter and Indoor Dust in School Environment, Co-Investigator, 2015 - 2018, Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS), (National)
  • The use of first portable Gas Chromatography GC with electron capture detector (ECD) in the determination of Very-Short Live Halocarbons (VSLH) in the atmosphere and coastal water of Antarctic, Co-Investigator, 2015 - 2017, Yayasan Penyelidikan Antartika Sultan Mizan, (National)
  • Observations of biogenic VOCs and tropospheric ozone and their implications for human health, Co-Investigator, 2015 - 2017, ScienceFund, (National)

(Project title), (Role), (From)-(Until), (Organisation).

  • Study on Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene and Xylene (BTEX) in Malaysia, 2016-2016, Department of Environment, Malaysia
  • Study on Ground Level Ozone in Malaysia, 2015-2015, Department of Environment, Malaysia
  • Review of Air Pollutant Index, 2015-2015, Department of Environment, Malaysia

(Name of Award), (Awarding Institution), (Year Awarded), (Level).

  • Professor (Visiting), China University of Mining and Technology, 2019, (International)
  • Travel Award to Attend 2019 Isprs Workshop On Remote Sensing and Synergic Analysis On Atmospheric Environment. 25-27, October 2019, Nanjing, China, 2019 Isprs Workshop On Remote Sensing and Synergic Analysis On Atmospheric Environment, 2019, (International)
  • Travel Award “Igac-Mango/Nies Travel Grant Recipient”, 2018 Joint 14th Icacgp Quadrennial Symposium/15th Igac Science Conference in Takamatsu, Japan, 2018, (International)
  • Travel Award from Sparc/Igac to Attend as An Invited Speaker, "The Third Workshop On Atmospheric Composition and The Asian Monsoon (Acam)" in Guangzhou, China, June 2017, 2017, (International)

(Title), (Event), (Date Presented), (Organiser), (Level).

  • Aerosol pollution in Malaysia: transport, source apportionment, and implication of health risk, Seminar Presentation, 2016-10-03 to 2019-03-05, Earth Observatory of Singapore, (International)
  • A measurement campaign of air pollution at the street level in Kuala Lumpur City: an integrated approach to find the key hotspots areas, The 2017 International Conference on Space Science and Communication (IconSpace2017), 2017-05-03 to 2017-05-05, Space Science Centre (ANGKASA) of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), (International)
  • South westerly monsoon impact on fine particulate matter in Malaysia: trend, source apportionment and health implication, The 3rd Workshop on Atmospheric Composition and the Asian Monsoon (ACAM), 2017-06-05 to 2017-06-09, SPARC and IGAC, (International)
  • Source Apportionment of Air Pollutants, INVITATION AS A TRAINER FOR SOURCE APPORTIONMENT OF AIR POLLUTANTS COURSE, 2018-04-17 to 2018-04-18, Institute for Medical Research, (National)
  • Southeast Asian Biomass Burning and Haze pollution choke in Malaysia, 2019 ISPRS Workshop on Remote Sensing and Synergic Analysis on Atmospheric Environment, 2019-10-25 to 2019-10-27, ISPRS Working Group on Remote Sensing and Synergic Analysis on Atmospheric Environment (ISPRS WG III/8), (International)
  • Impact of Southeast Asian Biomass Burning on Haze Pollution and Rainwater Compositions in Malaysia , National Awareness Workshop Acid Deposition Monitoring Network in East Asia (EANET) from 26 until 28 November 2019 at Zenith Hotel, Putrajaya, 2019-11-26 to 2019-11-28, Malaysia Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change (MESTECC) and UNEP (UN Environment Programme), (International)
  • Tianjia Liu, Loretta J. Mickley, Miriam E. Marlier, Ruth S. DeFries, Md Firoz Khan, Mohd Talib Latif, and Alexandra Karambelas. Diagnosing spatial biases and uncertainties in global fire emissions inventories: Indonesia as regional case study, 9th International GEOS-Chem Meeting, 2019-05-06 to 2019-05-09, Harvard University, (International)

(Linkages Description), (Organisation), (Year of Involvement), (Duration), (Level).

  • SAS Training course: SAS® Enterprise Guide® 1: Querying and Reporting, SAS Malaysia and PTM UM, 2019, (University)

(Activity), (Organisation), (Role), (From)-(Until), (Level).

  • Interviewed by The Star Online. Air quality in M’sia getting worse. Sunday, 12 Jan 2020., The Star Online, Resource Person, 2020-2020, (National)
  • Md Firoz Khan, Expert opinion on Sungai Kim Kim Chemical Poisoning and Disaster in Pasir Gudang, Johor Bharu. Interviewed by TV3, Buletin Utama, 8:04 PM, 12 March 2019 & Buletin 1.30 (2019) Sabtu, 9 March., TV3 Malaysia, Expert Opinion, 2019-2019, (National)
  • Md Firoz Khan. Introduce our activities to 40 selected young scholars and student “Academic Salon: Bringing International Scholars and Young Scientists Face-to-Face”., 2019 ISPRS Workshop on Remote Sensing and Synergic Analysis on Atmospheric Environment. 25, October 2019, Nanjing, China, Resource Person, 2019-2019, (International)

(Description), (Evaluation Activity),(Year).

  • Evaluated a new course proposed on atmospheric chemistry for IIT Mandi, India. This is a 3 credit elective course and evaluated the content of the course proposed by Dr. Sayantan Sarkar at IIT Mandi., A New Course On Atmospheric Chemistry ,  (2020 - 2020)
  • Panel for proposal defense of Alka (17220243/1) under ISB. The thesis title is "DEVELOPMENT OF A VOLATILE COMPOUND-BASED METHOD FOR RAPID DETECT OF CAMPYLOBACTER JEJUNI IN CHICKEN AND CONTAMINATED WATER"., Thesis ,  (2020 - 2020)
  • Internal examiner for Master student, MOHAMAD NORAINI BINTI MOHYEDDIN (HGT150005) under Institute of Advanced Studies. The title of the thesis is METEOROLOGICAL CONDITIONS AND TRANSPORT OF AIR POLLUTANTS AT BACHOK MARINE RESEARCH STATION (BMRS) IN PENINSULAR MALAYSIA., Thesis ,  (2020 - 2020)
  • Reviewer for Arabian Journal of Geosciences (AJGS-D-19-00737R2), Article In Journal ,  (2020 - 2020)
  • Reviewing for Chemosphere (CHEM70546R1), Article In Journal ,  (2020 - 2020)
  • Reviewing for Chemosphere (CHEM70546), Article In Journal ,  (2020 - 2020)
  • Reviewer for Environmental Pollution (ENVPOL_2020_1560_R1), Article In Journal ,  (2020 - 2020)
  • Reviewing for Atmospheric Environment (ATMENV-D-19-01641), Article In Journal ,  (2020 - 2020)
  • Internal examiner for FYP student: Sasikala A/P Savaneswaran, Jabatan Kimia and the thesis title: Heavy Metals in Water of Wetland and Tasek Varsiti of Universiti Malaya, Thesis ,  (2020 - 2020)
  • Reviewer for Environmental Pollution (ENVPOL_2020_1560), Article In Journal ,  (2020 - 2020)
  • Reviewer for Journal of Geochemical Exploration (GEXPLO_2019_200), Article In Journal ,  (2019 - 2019)
  • Reviewer for Atmospheric Pollution Research (APR_2019_291), Article In Journal ,  (2019 - 2019)
  • Reviewer for Journal of Cleaner Production (JCLEPRO-D-19-00569), Article In Journal ,  (2019 - 2019)
  • Reviewer for Atmosfera (52718-150578-1-RV), Article In Journal ,  (2019 - 2019)
  • Reviewer for Environmental Pollution (ENVPOL_2019_2973), Article In Journal ,  (2019 - 2019)
  • Reviewer for Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres (Manuscript ID: 2019JD031246), Article In Journal ,  (2019 - 2019)
  • Reviewer for Journal of Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT-D-19-03044), Article In Journal ,  (2019 - 2019)
  • Reviewer for Environmental Monitoring and Assessment (EMAS-D-19-01297), Article In Journal ,  (2019 - 2019)
  • Reviewer for Journal of Environmental Management (JEMA-D-19-03235), Article In Journal ,  (2019 - 2019)
  • Internal Examiner for a Ph.D. Thesis "Magnetic Sporopollenin based Cyclodextrin and Calixarene: Molecular Modelling, Characterization and Application for Determination of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs", Thesis ,  (2019 - 2019)
  • Reviewer for Sustainable Cities and Society (SCS_2019_1693), Article In Journal ,  (2019 - 2019)
  • Reviewer for Scientific Reports (SREP-18-16507A), Article In Journal ,  (2019 - 2019)
  • Assessment panel for Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS) under Faculty of Science, University of Malaya, Project ,  (2019 - 2019)

(Contribution To Society), (Level), (Start Date), (End Date).

  • Interviewed by The Star Online. Air quality in M’sia getting worse. Sunday, 12 Jan 2020., The Star Online, (National), 12/01/2020 until 12/01/2020
  • The ASEAN Haze: A Citizen's Forum at KL Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, Meeting Room 2, (National), 10/11/2019 until 10/11/2019
  • Associate Editor: Arabian Journal of Geosciences (ISI, IF: 1.141, Q4), (International), 07/06/2019 until 06/06/2021
  • Editor to KORUS-AQ Special Feature, Elementa - Science of the Anthropocene (ISI, IF 3.518, Q1), (International), 08/11/2018 until 31/12/2019
  • Associate Editor to Elementa Atmospheric Science Domain (ISI, IF 3.518, Q1) 2016-present, (International), 01/01/2016 until 31/12/2020


(Name of Degree), (Name of Candidates), (Title of Thesis), (Academic Session)

  • Doctoral Degree (phd), Mohd Famey Yusoff, Spatio-Temporal variation of Nocturnal Surface Ozone and Regional Background Ozone Level in Malaysia, 2019/2020
  • Doctoral Degree (phd), Royston Uning, Isoprene and Monoterpenes Flux in the Tropical Air-Sea Interface, 2019/2020
  • Doctoral Degree (phd), Azwani Alias, The compositions, source apportionment and health risk assessment of fine particulate matter in naturally ventilated school environment, 2019/2020
  • Doctoral Degree (phd), Nadhira Binti Dahari, Chemical Characterization of Atmospheric PM2.5 and its Particle Number Concentration in Industrial-Residential-Commercial Area., 2018/2019
  • Master Degree, Shagufta Tazin Shathy, Estimation of Environmental Integrity in Highly Urbanized Kuala Lumpur City, Malaysia, 2016/2017
  • Master Degree, Muhammad Abdul Basit Bin Ahmad Tajudin, Risks of Criteria air pollutants on cardiovascular and respiratory hospitalisations and emergency room visits at Hospital Canselor Tuanku Muhriz (HCTM), Kuala Lumpur, 2016/2017
  • Doctoral Degree (phd), Nor Azura Sulong, Composition of black carbon in PM2.5 and its correlation with water soluble inorganic compositions, 2015/2016
  • Master Degree, Mohamed Yasreen Bin Mohamed Ali, A sustainable framework for integrating indoor air quality and its potential impacts on human health into life cycle assessment (LCA) of buildings, 2015/2016
  • Master Degree, Noor Aisyah Binti Abdullah, Potential Emission of Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds (BVOCs) by Oil Palm in Peninsular Malaysia, 2015/2016
  • Master Degree, Norshazira Umran, Biological Exposure Assessment and Monitoring of Workers Exposed to Organic Compounds in Industry in Selangor, 2014/2015

  • Doctoral Degree (phd), Asadullah Shoaib, A comprehensive characterization of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon in ambient air near a petrochemical refinery site, 2019/2020
  • Master Degree, Haasyimah Binti Ab Rahim, Sources, Transport and Health Risk of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) In PM2.5 from a Marine Site in East Malaysia, 2019/2020
  • Doctoral Degree (phd), Sharifah Mazrah Syed Mohamed Zain, Still in Discussion, 2019/2020
  • Master Degree, Sharifah Alia Amilla Syed Hamid, Method validation and screening of local cosmetics to detect hazardous chemicals, 2018/2019
  • Master Degree, Siti Amira 'ainaa' Binti Idris, Indoor microenvironment of particulate matter (PM2.5) and volatile organic compound on human health, 2018/2019
  • Master Degree, Sufian Abd. Rahman, Penentuan Sumber dan Penilaian Toksisiti Ekstrak Organik dan Inorganik PM 2.5 di Lembah Klang, 2018/2019
  • Doctoral Degree (phd), Hanashriah Hassan, Meteorological influence of temporal PM10 and Physicochemical characteristics of PM2.5 in Petaling Jaya urban city, 2016/2017
(Course Title), (Academic Session), (No. of Candidates)

  • Nurul Hidayah Binti Hishamuddin (SIC160059). Spatial Distribution and Sources Identification of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Street Dusts in the Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan areas, 2019/2020, 1
  • Hamidah Binti Suradi (SIC160017). Determination of potential sources and health risk estimation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in fine airborne particulate matter in a Kuala Lumpur urban site, 2019/2020, 1

  • Nur Hidayah Norazman (SIC160054). Chemical Characterization and Source Apportionment of water-soluble ions in PM2.5 from an urban site in Dhaka, 2019/2020, 1

(Course Title), (Academic Session), (No of Student), (No of Contact Hours).

  • RESEARCH METHODOLOGY, 2019/2020(2), 13, 2
  • CHEMOMETRIC, 2019/2020(2), 14, 21
  • ADVANCED RESEARCH METHODOLOGY, 2019/2020(1), 18, 7
  • RESEARCH METHODOLOGY, 2019/2020(1), 17, 7
  • ADVANCED RESEARCH METHODOLOGY, 2019/2020(2), 17, 2
  • ATOMIC SPECTROSCOPIC ANALYSIS, 2019/2020(2), 2, 21
  • RESEARCH METHODOLOGY, 2019/2020(2), 9, 2
  • ADVANCED RESEARCH METHODOLOGY, 2019/2020(2), 17, 2
  • ADVANCED RESEARCH METHODOLOGY, 2018/2019(2), 25, 6
  • RESEARCH METHODOLOGY, 2018/2019(2), 10, 6
  • CHEMOMETRIC, 2018/2019(2), 7, 21
  • ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY I, 2019/2020(1), 16, 42
  • ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMISTRY II, 2019/2020(2), 2, 47
  • INDUSTRIAL CHEMISTRY II, 2019/2020(2), 14, 42