Department of Pathology
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 Department of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya, 50603 Kuala Lumpur, W.Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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  • Royal College of Pathologists United Kingdom, February 1985., Fellowship Member, 1985, (National)
  • The Royal Collge of Pathologists, United Kingdom, Fellowship Member, 1995, (International)
  • Medical protection Society, Member, 2018 to 2019, (National)

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  • Overall coordinator, Master of Medical Science in Clinical Pathology since 2005. Co-ordinator, Master of Medical Science in Clinical Pathology(Histopathology)since 2005. Co-ordinator, Phase 2 MBBS, Pathology since September 2013., Faculty, 03/09/2013
  • 1. Member of Anatomic Pathology, Renovation team, Division of Anatomic Pathology: Chair Records Office Manangemnet team, University Malaya Medical Centre, Faculty, 08/08/2011
  • 1.Academic staff in charge of the Records Office of Division of Anatomic Pathology, Department of Pathology. 2. Academic staff in Laboratory information system, Division of Anatomic Pathology, Department of Pathology, Faculty, 01/08/2010 (Academic staff in charge of the Records Office of Division of Anatomic Pathology, in charge of Laboratory information system, Department of Pathology)
  • Chair, Qualiy Assurance Team, Academic staff in Charge of Histopathology, Division of Anatomic Pathology, Department of Pathology, Faculty, 01/03/2009 (Chair, Qualiy Assurance Team, Academic staff in Charge of Histopathology, Division of Anatomic Pathology, Department of Pathology)
  • 1. Overall coordinator for Master of Medical Science in Clinical Pathology.Department of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya. 2. Co-ordinator for Master of Medicla Science in Clinical Pathology, Department of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya. 3. Co-ordinator, Master of Medical Science in Clinical Pathology (Histopathology), Department of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya., Faculty, 07/06/2005


  • Pathology (Histopathology, dermatopathology and cancer pathology)


Article in Academic Journals

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Extended Abstract

  • Retnagowri Rajandram1, Ning Yi Yap, Jayalakshmi Pailoor, Azad H.A. Razack, Keng Lim Ng, Christudas Morais and Glenda Gobe(2014). Serum TRAF-1 as a biomarker for developing clear cell renal cell carcinoma. Journal of Molecular Biomarkers & Diagnosis. April 2014, 5(2):p42 .Proceeding of 5th International Conference on Biomarkers and Clinical Research (ISI/SCOPUS Indexed Publication)
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  • An unusual case of melanosis of peritoneum 
  • Case report: Chloroma of the breast 
  • Case report: The flip over technique & sucker free technique for en-bloc technique for en-bloc para aortic lymph noded dissection in a patient with synchronous moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma and left ovarian endometrioid adenocarcinoma 
  • Cutaneous melanoma in University of Malaya Medical Centre 
  • Epidural anaesthesia (singular) for Werheim's hysterectomy and en-bloc pelvic/para aortic dissection with sucker free technique in a patient with lung dysfunction in the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
  • Laboratory Manual 
  • Leiomyosarcoma of the breast:report of a case with fine needle aspiration, cytologic, histologic and immunohistochemical features. 
  • Unveiling cutaneous granulomas 
  • Role of immunochemistry in the evaluation of metastatic tumours of unknown origin 
  • Malignant melanoma in malaysian patients 

(Project title), (Role), (From)-(Until), (Level), (Source).

  • Molecular profiling and pathway analysis of clinically aggressive Renal Cell Carcinoma, Consultant, 2017 - 2019, Geran Penyelidikan Universiti Malaya (UMRG) - AFR (Frontier Science), (University)
  • Establishing The Roles Of The Receptors Involved In The Purinergic Signalling Pathway In The Human Bladder, Consultant, 2016 - 2019, Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS), (National)
  • Detection Of Alk Protein In Lung Adenocarcinoma Using Immunohistochemistry And Fluorescence In Situ Hydridization Techniques, Principal Investigator(PI), 2015 - 2018, Postgraduate Research Grant (PPP) - Course & Disertation, (National)
  • BIOMARKER DISCOVERY IN RENAL CELL CARCINOMA (RCC), Co-Investigator, 2013 - 2015, ScienceFund, (National)
  • Deciphering the molecular mechanisms and therapeutic potential of TRAF1 and NFkB in renal cell carcinoma, Co-Investigator, 2013 - 2015, Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS), (National)
  • Studies to elucidate phenotypic, genotypic characteristics as well as apoptotic pathways in Blastocystis hominis isolated from colorectal cancer and irritable bowel syndrome patients, Co-Investigator, 2013 - 2016, High Impact Research (HIR), (National)
  • Traf1 And Nf-kb : Understanding And Evaluating The Molecular Mechanisms And Therapeutic Potential In Renal Cell Carcinoma, Consultant, 2013 - 2016, Geran Penyelidikan Universiti Malaya (UMRG) - HTM (Wellness), (University)
  • Caspase-8 and TRAF1 as biomarkers of progression of Renal Cell Carcinomas, Co-Investigator, 2012 - 2013, Geran Penyelidikan Universiti Malaya (UMRG), (National)
  • Ovarian Cancer study: Immunohistochemical and serum markers, Principal Investigator(PI), 2012 - 2013, Geran Penyelidikan Universiti Malaya (UMRG), (National)
  • Caspase-8 and TRAF1 as biomarkers of progression of renal cell carcinomas., Co-Investigator, 2011 - 2013, Geran Penyelidikan Universiti Malaya (UMRG), (National)
  • Caspase-8 and TRAF1 as biomarkers of progression of Renal Cell Carcinomas, Co-Investigator, 2011 - 2012, Geran Penyelidikan Universiti Malaya (UMRG), (National)
  • Epidermal growth factor receptor(EGFR) mutations with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Total amount granted. . Account project number: . Duration of project: 28 April 2010-27 April 2011.Prof Dr Liam Chong Kin, Prof Jayalakshmi Pailoor, Dr Johari Mohd Ali, Assoc Prof Pang Yong Kek., Co-Investigator, 2010 - 2011, Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS), (National)

(Project title), (Role), (From)-(Until), (Organisation).

  • Consultant Pathologist to UMSC and private laboratories, 2002-2002, UMSC, private laboratories (Gribbles, BP Lab, Integrated References lab)

(Name of Award), (Awarding Institution), (Year Awarded), (Level).

  • Certificate of Excellent Service, University Malaya, 2007, (University)
  • Certificate of Excellent Service, University Malaya, 2005, (University)
  • Khidmat Setia 20 Award, 2002
  • Excellence Service Award, University Malaya, 1997, (University)
  • Excellence Service Award, University Malaya, 1995, (University)

(Title), (Event), (Date Presented), (Organiser), (Level).

  • Renal cell carcinoma: Silver-in-situ hybridization detection of chromosome 7 abnormalities, 20th Malaysian Urological Conference-Asia Pacific Society of Uro-Oncology Conference, 2011-11-25 to 2011-11-27, Malaysian Urological Society , (International)
  • Granular cell Tumour: Benign or Malignant?A Case Series. Jayaletchumi,Gunasagaran, Azura Mansor,Jayalakshmi Pailoor,Vivek Ajit Singh, 43rd Malaysian Orthopedic Association Annual Scientific Meeting and 33rd ASEAN Orthopedic Association Annual Congress, 2013-06-06 to 2013-06-09, Malaysian Orthopedic Association and ASEAN Orthopedic Association, (International)
  • Leprosy: The Chameleon Disease. Z Kwan, J Pailoor, LLTan, S Robinson, SM Wong, CC Ch'ng, R Che lsmaill, 38th Annual Dermatology Conference, 2013-09-12 to 2013-09-15, Malaysian Society of Dermatologists, (National)
  • A Practical approach to skin pathology, Neoplastic skin lesions,Slide seminar on Skin Pathology. Slide seminar on gastrointestinal tumors. Molecular Pathology of Soft tissue tumours., Joint WASPaLM-Sudan Anatomical Pathology Update Seminar on Renal, GIT and Skin Pathology in Khartoum-Sudan, 2014-04-10 to 2014-04-12, World Association of Societies of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, (International)
  • Spectrum of Infectious diseases-Leprosy, HIV, fungal infection and tuberculosis, Midterm Meeting 2016 Dermatological Society of Malaysia Dermatopathology Weekend, 2016-03-26 to 2016-03-27, Dermatological Society of Malaysia, (National)
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  • Ning Yi Yap, Keng Lim Ng, Teng Aik Ong, Jayalakshmi Pailoor, Azad H.A. Razack, Glenda Gobe, Christudas Morais and Retnagowri Rajandram Clinical data as prognostic tools in the management of renal cell carcinoma (RCC., 67th Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand Annual Scientific Meeting, 2014-03-17 to 2014-03-19, USANZ, (International)
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  • Attended the conference, 2014 IASLC Asia Pacific Lung Cancer Conference (APLCC), 2014-11-06 to 2014-11-08, Malaysian Oncological Society and Malaysian Thoracic Society., (International)
  • Recent trend of skin cancers among adult patients in an urban Malaysian population., 43rd Annual Dermatology Conference, 2018-09-27 to 2018-09-30, Dermatological Society of Malaysia, (National)
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(Description), (Evaluation Activity),(Year).

  • Malaysian Journal of Pathology, Article In Journal ,  (2006 - 2014)
  • Examiner for Master of Medical Science in Clinical Pathology, Examiner ,  (2003 - 2014)
  • Co-ordiantor for Master of Medical Science in Clinical Pathology., Others ,  (2003 - 2014)


(Name of Degree), (Name of Candidates), (Title of Thesis), (Academic Session)

  • Master Degree, Magboul Eltigani Mohamed Hamza, No thesis required for the course, 2014/2015
  • Master Degree, Marliza Hadzar, not decided yet. Masters Degree on coursework, 2014/2015
  • Master Degree, Noraini Binti Mohamed, ALK protein adenocarcinoma of lung. Degree based on cousework, 2013/2014
  • Master Degree, Dr Musa Adem Ahmed Mohammed, -, 2012/2013
  • Master Degree, Dr Shobana Mukunda Devan, OVARIAN CANCER AND IMMUNOHISTOCHEMICAL MARKER, 2012/2013
  • Master Degree, Dr Kularaja Thamasegaran, Primary skin cancer. Course is based on coursework, 2012/2013

  • Master Degree, Norfadzilah Mohd Yusof, P53 expression in pancreatic adenocarcinoma and precursor lesions, 2011/2012
  • Master Degree, Asma Osman Ali Osman, Thesis not required for this course: Master of Medical Science in Clonical Pathology (Histopathology), 2010/2011
(Course Title), (Academic Session), (No. of Candidates)

  • MPath as a mentor for 2 candidates, 2017/2018, 2