Curriculum Vitae


Associate Professor
  • Department of East Asian Studies
    Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • 03-7967-5591


  • Ph.D (ECONOMIC HISTORY) (SORBONNE) (2014), (Economic History)
    Paris University, Sorbonne, France
  • Ph.D (INTERNATIONAL STUDIES) (SEOUL) (2014), (International Studies)
    Seoul National University, Korea
    Seoul National University, Korea
  • B.A (FRENCH LITERATURE AND LANGUAGE) (SUNGKYUNKWAN) (2003), (French Literature and Language)
    Sungkyunkwan University


Article in Journal
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Chapter in Books
  1. Parc, J. (2022). Korean Cuisine and Restaurants in Europe and Southeast Asia. In Tae-Sup Keum et al. (Eds.) Culture Trend 2023 (pp. 120-133). Book Korea.
  2. Parc, J. (2020). Rethinking copyrights: The impact of copying on cultural creativity and diversity. In N. Otmazgin & E. Ben-Ari (Eds.), Creative Context: Creativity and Innovation in the Media and Cultural Industries (pp. 143-162). Singapore: Springer.
Other Publications
  1. Parc, J. (2023). Global Hallyu: A New Approach toward K-pop, Cultura 113: 64-67 (in Korean). - Policy Paper
  2. Parc, J (2022). Korea s cultural exports and soft power: Understanding the true scale of this trend, Asialink, - Mass Media(Newspaper,Radio,Tv,Popular Magazine)


  1. 2023 - 2024, University Grant
    Enhancing Malaysia's Soft Power Through Culture: Lessons From Korea With Hallyu (the Korean Wave) ( Principal Investigator(PI))
  1. 2021 - 2024, International Funding
    The Korean Wave, Hallyu And Its Implications To The World ( Co-Researcher)
  2. 2015 - 2021, The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea
    The emergence, success and challenges of Hallyu: Korea as a game changer in global cultural industries ( Co-Researcher)