Dr Lau joined FEA in 2006 upon completing his doctoral studies in Japan. Currently, he is a Senior Lecturer and the Programme Coordinator of Master of Applied Statistics. He is also the Associate Research Fellow of MIER. He was formerly the Head, Department of Applied Statistics from May 2013 to July 2014. Prior to joining the academia, he worked for a number of years in financial institutions before being awarded the Monbusho Scholarship by the Ministry of Education and Science, Japan to undergo his postgraduate studies in the Graduate School of Economics where he was supervised by Professor Emeritus Kazuhiko Nishina, former Vice President of Osaka University. In addition to presenting his work at Nippon Finance Association Conference in Tokyo (2004 & 2005), he was selected twice for the Asian FA / FMA Doctoral Student award for the Asian FA Conference in Kuala Lumpur (2005) and Auckland (2006). Apart from lecturing Statistics and Econometrics at FEA, he had also been invited to teach International Finance and Financial Econometrics at both the Faculty and Graduate School of Business (GSB), University of Malaya between 2009 and 2010. From Sept 2012 to May 2013, he was a Visiting Scholar at the Risk Management Institute, National University of Singapore (NUS), where he was a member of the research group in dynamics of credit rating. He also attended the Executive Education Program in Portfolio Management, Asset Allocation and Behavioral Finance conducted by Professor Burton Malkiel, Professor Yacine Ait-Shalia and colleagues at the Bendheim Center for Finance, Princeton University in June 2013. He has been invited to contribute to Malaysia's Business Optimism Index (BOI) Study by Dun & Bradstreet in 2014-15 and authoring a professional text for the Malaysian Insurance Institute (MII) in 2015. Dr Lau has published articles in the area of asset allocation, portfolio management, equity style and futures market. His earlier work establishes the relationship between equity style and fund performance (MF, 2007). His recent work establishes the existence of economic content and information transmission in equity style indices which are useful as leading economic indicators (Ekonomie a Management, 2015). His recent work has been presented in the Malaysian Statistics Conference, BNM Economics Research Workshop and the ISBIS Conference in Barcelona.  To date, 6 of his PhD students have graduated and 17 of his Master students have completed their research papers. He serves as the Hon. Secretary to Malaysian Finance Association (2015/16, 2016/17 and 2017/18) and Hon. Treasurer to Malaysian Economic Association (2016-2018), in addition as reviewers of ISI-indexed journals like Investment Analyst Journal, Applied Economics, Energy Economics and Singapore Economic Review, just to name a few.  

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                                          Ma  Tin  Cho  Mar No. 4A-2, 1st Floor Jalan 18/35, Taman Sri Serdang 43300  Serikambangan Selangor,  Kuala  Lumpur, Malaysia. Email: matinchomar@gmail.com   PROFILE:   A  Ph.D Student  with  a  wide  range  of  experience  in a  team  work  of  Faculty of Educational Studies, University Putra Malaysia.  Able  to  work  on  own  initiative  and  as  part  of  a  team.  Proven  leadership  skills  involving  managing,  developing  and  motivating  teams  to  achieve  their  objectives.  First-class  analytical,  and  problem  solving  skills.  Dedicated to  maintaining  high  quality standards.   CAREER   HISTORY:   Currently                                            Teaching Burmese Language for Children of Myanmar Expatriates as part-time in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.   From2003 – 2nd May                     Asia-Europe  Institute,  University  of  Malaya,                                                              Malaysia. To  2003 – 31st  December                 Senior  Research  Assistant ·                     Researching  the  area  of  Trade  Liberalization  within ASEAN  countries.     From 2000 _  2nd  February                CARE (Myanmar) foreign aid organization,                                                             providing humanitarian assistance across the globe. To     2000 _  30th  September                       Senior  Accountant. ·                     Preparing  Final  Account  Reports  using  by  sun  accounting  package  software.     From  1996- 20th  October                 SANFORD  HUMAN  RESOURCE  PTE.,  LTD. To  1998-  28th  September                 Accountant     Sanford  Human  Resource  Pte., Ltd  is  a  recruitment  agency  service  in  S’ pore.  Responsibilities  and  achievements: ·                     Manage  Primary  Ledgers  Entries. ·                     Handling  Pay- Slips  for  staffs,  and  ·                     Preparing  Final  Account  Reports.   From  1998-  29th  September            SANFORD  HUMAN  RESOURCE  PTE.,  LTD. To  1999-  30th  October                    Assistant  Manager (Human  Resource  Dept.) Sanford  Human  Resource  Pte., Ltd  is  a  recruitment  agency  service  in  S’ pore.  Responsibilities  and  achievements:   ·                     Preparing  Schedules  of   Job  Description  and  Job  Title  for  general  workers/  Arranging   Training  Plan  for  the  particular  workers  and  time- table of  training  individually  for  specific  back – ground.   From  1995-  1st  June                        P.P.E  Company  Limited,  Bangkok, Thailand. To  1996-  31st  May                          Accountant. P.P.E  Company  Limited  is  a  Electronic  Products  Trading  Company  in  Thailand.  Responsibilities: ·                     Preparing   Daily  Petty  Cash  Report  and  Final  Accounts  Reports  for  every  six  months.   From  1993-  1st  May                        SBM(Myanmar)  Investment  Holding  Co.,Ltd. To  1995-  30th  April                         Accountant. SBM(Myanmar)  Investment  Holding  Co., Ltd.(Malaysia  Based)  is  a  soft-drinks  manufacturing  company  in  Myanmar.   ·                     Preparing   Daily  Petty  Cash  Report,  Monthly  Accounts  Reports,  Final  Accounts  for  the  year  ended  according  to  financial  year. TRAINING:   (1)               Completed  the  Intermediate  Business  English  Course (1996)  conducted  by  the British  Council,  Yangon, Myanmar.   (2)               Completed  Business  English  Certificate  Course  (University  of  Cambridge)  conducted  by  the  British  Council,  Yangon,  Myanmar  in  1996.   (3)               Completed  the  training  course  on  IT(1994)  (MCC  Information  Technology  Training  Programme)  at  Yangon,  Myanmar.   (4)               Practical  use  of  Computer  software  (windows’  98  operating  system,  word’ 97 ,  excel  97,  Adobe  Page  Maker  6.5,   Dbase  IV,  Accpac  Plus)  at  the   KMD  International  Studies  Center  (1998),  Yangon,  Myanmar. QUALIFICATIONS:   (1)        M.B.A (HRD)  Human  Resource  Development,  from  the  Graduate  School  of  Management,  University  Putra  Malaysia.  (completed  in   Jan, 2003). (2)        Passed  B. Econ( Economics )  in  1992  From  the  Institute  of  Economics,  Yangon,  Myanmar.             (3)        Passed  Basic  Education  High  School  Examination   with  distinction  in  Mathematics in  1985  from  Myanmar  Examination  Board, Yangon, Myanmar.       PERSONAL  DETAILS:   Date  of  Birth                       :           (31-05-1968)   Sex                             :           Female.   Material  Status          :           Married Citizenship                 :           Myanmar.   Religion                     :           Islam   Passport  Number      :           PP- 413575.   Contact  Number       :           HP: 60-16-313 6546   SPOKEN  LANGUAGES: (1)               Myanmar(Burmese)               Mother Tongue (2)               English                                   Second Language INTERESTS: Reading,  Playing  tennis,  Physical  fitness-  etc.   PUBLICATIONS AND  CONFERENCE   Ma Tin Cho Mar et al, “The types of motivation and their impact on employees’ performance in manufacturing companies in Malaysia” Master in Business Administration, Graduate School of Management, UPM 2003 Issue.   Noor Azman A. and  Ma Tin Cho Mar et al, “Validating the Criticality of KPIs in Supply Chain Performance Management of Malaysian Food Industry”, seminar 05 Faculty of Economics, University Putra Malaysia Press  Vol. 40, No. 1. pp. 38-40, 2005 Issue.       ACADEMIC   REFERENCE: (1)               Associate Professor Dr. Bahaman Abu Samah Deputy Director Institute for Social Science Studies University Putra Malaysia                         Selangor Darul Ehsan             MALAYSIA             Fax: 603- 8941 2970 Tel  : 03-  8946  8572                         e-mail :  drbas@ace.upm.edu.my   (2)       Associate Professor  Dr.  Jamil  Bojei Institute of   Halal  Products  Research                         University  Putra  Malaysia                         43400   UPM  Serdang                         Selangor,  Malaysia   Fax : 03-  8943 4019.                         e-mail :  jamil@putra.upm.edu.my                         PH: 03-8941 6541.   CHARACTER  REFERENCE:   (1)       DR  HARIS  BIN  HUSEIN,                         Hart  Medical  Clinic,                         A-2,  Mentiri  Complex,  Kg  Mentiri,                         Jln  Kota  Batu,  B.S.B.  BU 1929, Brunei.                         Phone: 02 – 793  800,  08- 808  503.   (2)       DR.  HJ.  YUSOOF  BIN  HJ.  KASSEIN. Medical   Officer,  PIHM  Hospital, Tumborong,  Brunei  Darussalam. Phone:  05-  221  526.     I  hereby  certify   that  all  the  above  information  mentioned  is   true.

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  Prof Dato’ Dr Mohd Jamil Maah   Graduated with BSc(Hons) in Chemistry from UM in 1979 and started his academic career as a chemistry tutor at PASUM and later went to University of Sussex, UK to do his MSc in Organometallic Chemistry. This was the year he worked collaboratively with the late Prof Sir Harry Kroto, a Nobel Laureate in Chemistry. In 1985 he went again to Sussex University for his DPhil - continuing on the pioneer work he initiated during MSc on the coordination chemistry of ligands containing P-C multiple bonds under the supervision of Prof John Nixon. Other than research, he is actively involved in chemical education and had been consultants to several ministries and industries in Malaysia. He held several academic administrative positions in UM like Head of Dept, Directors, Dean of several establishments in UM and DVC(Research & Innovation) and Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic & International). He is Chairman of Malaysia Chemistry Olympiad Committee and heading several scientific committees involving government ministries and societies. He was seconded to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) as Undersecretary of BIOTEK Division. Currently, he is Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry, University of Malaya and Director of PKKM. He was also a member of Board of Trustee for National Institutes of Biotechnology Malaysia (NIBM) and chaired the Management Committee since March 2014.  

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