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Research Officer
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
    Faculty of Engineering
  • +603-79677633



  • Sarjana Sains Kejuruteraan (UM), (Sains Kejuruteraan)
    Universiti Malaya (UM)
  • BE, (Kejuruteraan Cad/Cam)
    Universiti Malaya (UM)
  • GCE, (Lain-Lain)
    Cambridge University, United Kingdom


  • Task Force Member
    11 Jan 2021 - 31 Dec 2021 (University Malaya)


    2021 to 2022 (National)
    2021 to 2021 (University)


    University of Malaya, 2022 (University)
    NAIB CANSELOR, 2015 (University)
    University of Malaya, 2006 (University)


Article in Journal
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Chapter in Books
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Article in Proceeding
  1. N.Hilman, L. H. Saw, M. Fadzil, M. Hamdi, & M. Z. Norhirni 2010. Design and Evaluation of Regenerative Braking on Conventional Passenger Vehicle. Proceedings of International Conference on Sustainable Mobility 2010, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 1-3 December 2010.
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  1. 2022 - 2025, Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS)
    Investigation on the effect of hot forging on the deformation behavior and microstructural response of Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) of high strength low alloy (HSLA) steel components. ( Co-Researcher)
  2. 2022 - 2024, Others MOHE - Top 100 (IIRG)-IISS
    WP2: Mineral Carbonation for Carbon Capture and Utilisation in Malaysian Basalts Formation and Concrete ( Co-Researcher)
  3. 2019 - 2023, Others MOHE - Top 100 (IIRG)-IISS
    Aerospace Process Capability Enhancement Towards I4.0 Adoption ( Co-Researcher)
  4. 2020 - 2023, Prototype Research Grant Scheme (PRGS)
    Rimba: An Edutainment Experience In Teaching & Learning - Linking Unique Physical Locations To The Digital World ( Co-Researcher)
  5. 2021 - 2023, Others MOHE
    Development Of A Dedicated Wire-arc Additive Manufacturing (waam) Work Cell For The Production Of Near-net Shaped Large Sized Lightweight Metal Components ( Co-Researcher)
  6. 2019 - 2022, Knowledge Transfer Programme (KTP)
    Installation And Training On Handling The Methadone Dispenser For Replacement Therapy Treatment (rtg) Program Using Methadone ( Co-Researcher)
  7. 2021 - 2022, Covid-19 Special Research Grant
    Manufacturing of Portable Ventilator ( Co-Researcher)
  8. 2021 - 2022, Covid-19 Special Research Grant
    Indoor Airflow Analysis to Prevent Air-Borne Covid-19 Infection ( Co-Researcher)
  9. 2011 - 2015, High Impact Research (HIR)
    Precision Joining Technology ( Consultant)
  1. 2019 - 2023, International Funding
    Integration Of Advanced Experiments, Computation And Data For Duplex Stainless Steel Joining Innovation ( Co-Researcher)


  • Tensile Testing of Textile Specimens, MMC GAMUDA KVMRT (T) SDN BHD, Project Leader/Lead Consultant
    20 Oct 2022 - 30 Nov 2022 (National)


  1. EFFECT OF AL-Ni POWDER ADDITION ON DISSIMILAR FRICTION STIR WELDING (FSW) BETWEEN AA7075-T6 ALUMINUM ALLOY AND 304L STAINLESS STEEL, Advances in Materials & Processing Technologies Conference (AMPT 2016), Centre of Advanced Materials (CAM) and Centre of Advanced Manufacturing and Material Processing (AMMP Centre), University of Malaya (International) (08 Nov 2016 - 11 Nov 2016)


  1. (2021) Penyemak Kertas Cadangan Penyelidikan/Penulisan Ilmiah Jp Digest 2021, Jabatan Perdagangan, Politeknik Seberang Perai, Pulau Pinang, National, (Reviewer)
Contribution to event
  1. (2021) Speaker, "How to Turn Final Year Project (Fyp) Into a Journal Article", Japan Malaysia Technical Institute (Jmti), National, (Course Facilitator)
  2. (2021) Speaker for "Online Webinar: Transform Your Final Year Project Report Into a Journal Article", National, (Panelist/Moderator)
  3. (2021) Penceramah Bengkel Webinar Persatuan Kedoktoran Teknikal Malaysia, National, (Course Facilitator)
  4. (2021) Penceramah " Webinar Academic Writing" Anjuran Jabatan Kejuruteraan Mekanikal, Politeknik Ungku Omar (Puo), National, (Course Facilitator)


  • Brazing Of Stainless Steel And Diamond Particles With Addition Of Porous Interlayer Cutting Tool Applications
    Patent (National)
  • A Method Of Producing Vacuum Brazed Metallic Implants
    Patent (National)