Curriculum Vitae


Clarissa Ai Ling Lee is an artscience creator/researcher. She is equally interested in creative and academically rigorous interventions when it comes to interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary collaborations. Prior to starting her PhD, she had spent 6 years working in industry as well as in non-academic research while also pursuing her MA during that time. She had spent an even longer period freelancing in the creative and media industries, as a copywriter, arts/literary reviewer, columnist, and a features writer. She is always looking for ways to bore into the stubborn boundaries of teaching, learning, and thinking. She enjoys making pedagogical and informational videos, creative-philosophical guidebooks, and has run multiple workshops on artscience creation/speculative design. She is presently a visiting fellow with the ISEAS Yusof Ishak in Singapore under their Media, Technology, and Society programme, working on a project relating to political social media, race, and cybersecurity in Malaysia and Southeast Asia more broadly.

She has a BSc in Physics (Hons) and MA in English Literature from University Malaya. Her PhD in Literature; together with graduate certificates in the history and philosophy of science, technology and medicine; feminist studies; as well as information science, information studies; are from Duke University.

For PhD and MA by Research Supervision: I will only supervise students who wish to work on audiences and fan studies, critical theory and/or philosophy of performing arts and media, the role of globalization on cultural industries and performances, the role of technology on media consumption and production (which includes AI and social media), as well as science and speculative fiction (particularly on works of adaptations) although I can consider other interesting research into literary adaptations to screen or stage. You may approach me if you are interested in artscience topics as well. I am not a film theorist so only approach me if you are studying films from a media studies perspective, NOT a film studies framework.

However, in all instances, I will only accept proposals that are clear and indicate deep-thinking. Please only send me, at maximum, a two-page proposal (A4 size, Times New Roman, 12 points) with research objectives, problem statement with explanation on why that particular problem/subject of research interests you, your understanding of the research landscape when it comes to that problem (don’t send me a generic lit review), and justification as to why should this research matters. Anything other than these explicitly stated out requirements will receive no response from me. Any inquiries from agents on behalf of students will be ignored and sent straight to the spam folder. If you appoint me as a supervisor in an application without consulting me beforehand, you would be summarily rejected.

Area of Expertise
  • HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGY (science and literature, science studies, science and society)
  • DRAMA (History and philosophy of the arts)
  • APPLIED PHILOSOPHY (science, technology, arts and ethics)
  • Critical theory and philosophy of artscience (Sustainability sciences, critical design, performance theory, games design)
  • INFORMATION STUDIES (Informational justice, Infrastructure and platform studies, data studies, critical code studies)
  • CULTURAL THEORY (Comparative media studies, new media, media arts, continental philosophy)
    (Title of publication in APA style)
    • Lee, Clarissa Ai Ling (2022). Channelling Artscience Through Fan-Fiction for Diversifying STEM Approaches in Participatory Learning in Malaysia, AMERICAN BEHAVIORAL SCIENTIST. (), . doi:10.1177/00027642221078511
    Refereed Journals
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    Non-Refereed Journals
    • Lee, C.A.L. (2017). Review of Making Medical Knowledge by Miriam Solomon. Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective 6(1 ), 1-8.
    • Lee, C.A.L. (2016). ArtScientist/ScienceArtist: Finding a Creative-Intellectual Room of One s Own.Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective.
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    Book Chapter
    • Lee, C.A.L. (2022) Diagramming ArtScience: Designing at Knowledge Intersections. In Leslie Atzmon (ed.) Design and Science. Bloonmsbury Academic Publishing.
    • Lee, C. A. L., Yong, M. H., Lim, S. C., Giga, S., Lau, S. L., Johan, J., & Tsekleves, E. (2021). ImaginAging Malaysia: Bringing participatory speculative design to Malaysia s exploration of healthy ageing in place. In E. Tsekleves, R. Cooper, & J. Spencer (Eds.), Design for Global Challenges and Goals (pp. 155 169). Taylor & Francis.
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    • Lee, C. A. L. (2017). Interdisciplinarity. In B. S. Turner (Ed.), The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Social Theory (pp. 1 3). Wiley Blackwell.
    Article in Proceedings
    • Lee, C.A.L. (2018). Radiation and the Public: the role of nuclear security and safeguards in public acceptance of nuclear technology in the case of Malaysia. IAEA-CN-269-329. Conference Proceedings of the International Conference on Security of Radioactive Material: the Way Forward for Prevention and Detection, abstract 329.
    • Lee, C. A. L., & Lau, S. L. (2018). Imagining the Future of Foods Through Speculative Design. International Conference on Culture Technology 2018. International Conference on Culture Technology. (Non-WoS/Non-SCOPUS)
    Mass Media(Newspaper,Radio,TV,Popular Magazine)
    • Lee, CAL (Oktober-Disember 2021). Antara Seni dan Sains: Wujud Sekuntum Falsafah Sinkretik. Svara 08.
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    • Lee, C. A. L. (2017). Nuclear Science as Big Science in Southeast Asia: A Case of Malaysia. Asia Pacific Physics Newsletter, 6(2), 42 45.
    Other Media(Tape,Video,Internet)
    • Lee, C. A. L., & Lee, S. L. (2020, July 3). Episode 32. The Distillery.
    • Lee, C. A. L. (2020, September 16). On COVID-19 and vulnerable communities [Academic]. History of Science ON CALL: Listening, Attending, Acting.
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    • Lee, C.A.L (2021). Artscience: A Curious Education. Kuala Lumpur: Gerakbudaya Essentials
    Original Writing
    • Lee, C.A.L. (2021). Automating Dissent with Hashtags: from #Kitajagakita to #Benderahitam [Policy Brief]. Fulcrum. Forthcoming
    • Lee, C.A.L. (2021). Malaysia s #Kitajagakita Invigorates Political Activism and Tackles Apathy [Policy Brief], Fulcrum. Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute).
    • Lee, C. A. L., & Adli Rosli, A. (2021, August 19). Najib Razak: Bestriding Social Media Like a Bossku. Fulcrum.
    Postgraduate Student
    (Title of Thesis),(Name of Candidates),(Institution),(Academic Level)
    • Experimental Films in Mainland China: An Analysis of its Social and Cultural Characteristics with the Development of Digital Technology, Yuan Meng, University of Malaya (PhD)
    UG Student/Clinical Fellowship
    (Title of Thesis),(Academic Session)
    • Final Year Academic (RIB 3001), 2021
    • Final Year Academic (RIB3001), 2021
    • Pendapat penonton terhadap permasalahan berkaitan plot dan watak dalam drama melayu/ GKI1001, 2021
    Academic/Professional Services
  • Reviewer and Programme Committee Member, 20/06/2022 to 24/06/2022, International, (Event Organiser)
  • Faculty Level Undergraduate Research Symposium - panelist, 11/06/2021 to 11/06/2021, University, (Internal Evaluator)
  • Theme lead for the Building Resillient Systems Track of the Commonwealth Science Conference, 02/11/2020 to 26/02/2021, International, (Technical Advisor)
  • Expert Linkages
    (Linkages Description),(Organisation),(Duration of Involvement),(Level)
  • Panel Pakar Projek Dana Penyelidikan dan Pembangunan (R&D) , Kementerian Sains, Teknology dan Inovasi (MOSTI) , 2021 (Malaysia)
  • Academic/Technical Contribution
  • Project on Malay Social Media, Social Hacking, and Internet Trolling, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS) Yusof Ishak, 2021 - 2021 (Project Leader)
  • Theme lead and co-host for the Commonwealth Science Conference 2021, Royal Society of Science, 2020 - 2021 (Technical Advisor)
    (Name of Award/Stewardship),(Awarding Institution),(Year Awarded),(Type of Award)
    • Visiting Fellowship in the Media, Technology, and Society Programme at ISEAS Yusof-Ishak, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS)-Yusof Ishak, Singapore, 2021 (GENERAL ACHIEVEMENTS)
    (Title),(Event),(Date Presented),(Organiser),(Level)
  • Artist with Evidence Library Launch - Brief remarks, Artist with Evidence Library Launch, 21/10/2021 to 21/10/2021, Artist with Evidence (International)
  • Building the Emergent Philosophy of Artscience, INSPEM Online Weekly Seminar, 13/08/2021 to 13/08/2021, Institut Penyelidikan Matematik (INSPEM) (National)
  • Respondent to a keynote speaker, 2021 Summer School on the Histories of AI: A Genealogy of Power, 12/07/2021 to 16/07/2021, University of Cambridge (International)
  • ARTSCIENCE AS SPECULATIVE ART PRACTICE AND RESEARCH CREATION, SIRI 3 Mgtf Usm KUAT (Kuliah Atas Talian), 17/06/2021 to 17/06/2021, Muzium & Galeri Tengku Fauziah (National)
  • Shapes of Knowledge: Speculative Fiction Through Artscience, Lloyd Fernando Seminar Series, 23/04/2021 to 23/04/2021, English Department, Universiti Malaya (University)
  • Theories, Archives, and Fieldsites: Case of Doing STS in Southeast Asia, TECHNOLOGY AND POSTCOLONIALITY: HISTORICAL AND SOCIAL STUDIES OF TECHNOLOGY IN SOUTHEAST ASIA , 25/01/2019 to 26/01/2019, Center for Culture and Frontier Studies (International)
  • Malay Exceptionalism as Counter-Securitization Strategy in Malaysian Social Media: Exploiting vulnerabilities, Trends and Trajectories of Online Information Warfare in Three Southeast Asian Countries, Cyber Troops and Organised Propaganda in Southeast Asia Webinar Series, 02/12/2021 to 02/12/2021, MEDIA, TECHNOLOGY AND SOCIETY PROGRAMME , ISEAS-Yusof Ishak (International)
  • When Race Becomes the Bait, or the Algorithms of Divide and Conquer in Malaysia s Politics, Social Media and Democracy: A Complicated Relationship, 21/09/2020 to 21/09/2020, MEDIA, TECHNOLOGY AND SOCIETY PROGRAMME AND INDONESIA STUDIES PROGRAMME WEBINAR SERIES (International)
  • A-S/S-A (artscience/scienceart spectrum) Systems Manual + Mitigating Climate Change Through Game Simulation, Ideas Fest 2020, 22/02/2020 to 22/02/2020, IdeasCity- NTU Centre for Contemporary Art (International)
  • Science and Technology Diplomacy in Designing Malaysia s Future Technoscientific Collaborations, Meeting on Malaysia-Republic of Korea Relations: Advancing the Case for a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership, 23/04/2019 to 23/04/2019, Malaysia Scholars on Korea Network (Government Sector/public Institution)
  • Speculative Design as Art-Science Approach to Thinking About Ageing, Building knowledge and narratives between social innovation and science and technology, 08/10/2018 to 09/10/2018, Social Innovation-Live Asia (International)
  • To Affect, Be Affected and Affecting as an Ontology of Being on the Internet, Writing the Internet: Internet Lore in Asia, 08/03/2018 to 09/03/2018, Asia Research Institute (International)
  • The Public's Right to Know: Communicating the Science of Radiation Risks and Standards in Malaysia. , Risks, Standards, and Knowledge Circulation in Nuclear and Radiation Science and Technology for Development and Making and Doing Exhibition, 29/08/2018 to 01/09/2018, Annual Meeting for the Society of Social Studies of Science (4S) (International)
  • Media Digital dan Tradisi dalam Teater Tradisional, 5th Invitation to the Theatre 2021: Lokalitas dan Globalitas dalam Teater Indonesia - Malaysia , 16/11/2021 to 18/11/2021, ISBI Bandung and Universiti Malaya (International)
  • From Multi-Disciplinary Teams to Interdisciplinary Projects: A Humanist s view on Managing Cross-disciplinary Collaborations in a Developing Country, DHSI 2021: Project Management in the Humanities, 07/06/2021 to 18/06/2021, Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI) (International)
  • Malaysian Trolls: Internet-based trolling as the new normal in Malaysian politics, JCI Forum, 10/12/2019 to 10/12/2019, Jeffrey Cheah Institute of Southeast Asia (University)
  • Radiation and the Public: the role of nuclear security and safeguards in public acceptance of nuclear technology in the case of Malaysia, International Conference on Security of Radioactive Material: the Way Forward for Prevention and Detection, 03/12/2018 to 07/12/2018, International Atomic Energy Agency (International)
  • International Conference on Culture Technology 2018, International Conference on Culture Technology 2018, 15/11/2018 to 18/11/2018, International Association for Convergence Science and Technology (International)
  • Nuclear Scientific Diplomacy as Transnational Knowledge Transfer in Building Science and Technological Expertise in Malaysia, Nuclear Diplomacy publication workshop , 09/11/2018 to 11/11/2018, Sokendai University, Japan and Drexel University, US (International)
  • Polycentres of Science and Transnational Scientific Diplomacies in East Asia, 13th East Asian STS Network Conference: The Past, Present, and Future of East Asian STS, 01/12/2017 to 03/12/2017, East Asian STS Network (International)