Dr. Sheena Kaur A/P Jaswant Singh
  Senior Lecturer
  Department of English Language
  Faculty of Languages & Linguistics
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  Department of English Language, Faculty of Languages & Linguistics, University of Malaya, 50603 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA


Sheena was born in Malacca but spent most of her childhood in Batu Pahat, Johore. She studied in Temenggung Ibrahim Girls' School (TIGS) up till Form Six and pursued her Bachelor and Masters degrees at the University of Malaya, Malaysia. She obtained her PhD in Linguistics at Lancaster University, United Kingdom.

She has taught English for the past twenty years at various levels to school children, undergraduates and adult learners. On the MA  programme, she has taught Language for Specific Purposes, Sociolinguistics and Corpus Linguistics. Her research involves the use of corpus linguistics in semantic and text analysis, error and contrastive analysis, and computer technology. 

She has reviewed articles for journals including Pertanika (UPM), Gema Online Journal of Language Studies (UKM) and Journal of Modern Languages (UM). She is also competent in Malay and has some experience doing translation.

(Qualification), (Institution).

(Organisation), (Role), (Year), (Level).

University Women Association, Committee Member, 2014, (University)

Journal of Modern Languages, Reviewer, 2013, (University)


GEMA Online Journal of Language Studies. Reviewer, Member, 2011, (University)


Koperasi Kedaibuku Universiti Malaya Berhad, Member, 1997, (University)

(Role), (Level), (Start date),(End Date).

Committee member of Faculty Handbook for 2012/2013 Session, Faculty Of Languages And Linguistics Dean's Office, Faculty Of Languages & Linguistics

Head of Language Unit, Faculty of Languages and Linguistics, University of Malaya, University Malaya, 17-Nov-14 - 31-Jul-16

Acting Head Of Department, Department Of English Language, Faculty Of Languages & Linguistics, 25-Mar-14 - 25-Mar-14

Coordinator for Dean's list display, 30-Jan-14 - 31-Dec-14

Administrator for Alumni Database , Department Of English Language, Faculty Of Languages & Linguistics, 01-Jan-14 - 31-Dec-14

Committee member for English Language Curriculum for the Bachelor of Languages and Linguistics Programme, Department Of English Language, Faculty Of Languages & Linguistics, 19-Oct-13 - 31-Dec-14

Coordinator for Jalinan Masyarakat Course (GXEX1417), Department Of English Language, Faculty Of Languages & Linguistics, 13-Sep-13 - 12-Sep-14

Coordinator for TTEA3112 Course (Komunikasi Antara Budaya)Sem 1 2013/2014, University Malaya, 13-Sep-13 - 31-Jan-14

Acting Head of Department, Department Of English Language, Faculty Of Languages & Linguistics, 05-Aug-13 - 07-Aug-13

Committee Member Universiti Malaya Women's Association (UWA), University Malaya, 02-Aug-13 - 02-Aug-15

Anggota Jawatankuasa Nadi, Department Of English Language, Faculty Of Languages & Linguistics, 12-Jul-13 - 31-Dec-13

Floor Manager Jawatankuasa Persidangan Antarabangsa "Daya hidup bahasa dan budaya'. Persatuan Bahasa Moden Malaysia, National, 05-Jun-13 - 06-Jun-13

Acting Deputy Dean Of Research, Faculty Of Languages And Linguistics Dean's Office, Faculty Of Languages & Linguistics, 17-Jul-12 - 20-Jul-12

Acting Deputy Dean, Department Of English Language, Faculty Of Languages & Linguistics, 03-Apr-12 - 04-Apr-12

Acting Deputy Dean (Undergraduate Studies and Development), Department Of English Language, Faculty Of Languages & Linguistics, 03-Apr-12 - 03-Apr-12

Ahli Jawatankuasa Kecil Program Doktor Falsafah, Fakulti Bahasa dan Linguistik, Department Of English Language, Faculty Of Languages & Linguistics, 17-Jan-12 - 16-Jan-14

Acting Deputy Dean (Undergraduate Studies and Development), Department Of English Language, Faculty Of Languages & Linguistics, 22-Dec-11 - 23-Dec-11

Webmaster Laman Web, Department Of English Language, Faculty Of Languages & Linguistics, 01-Apr-11

Head of Multimedia Planning Unit, Faculty Of Languages & Linguistics, 15-Feb-10

E-learning co-ordinator, Department Of English Language, Faculty Of Languages & Linguistics, 15-Jan-10 - 14-Jan-12

Ahli Jawatankuasa Sokongan Penyelidikan Pascasiswazah, Department Of English Language, Faculty Of Languages & Linguistics, 15-Jan-10 - 14-Jan-12

Coordinator for the English Language Programme , Centre For Foundation Studies In Science, Centre For Foundation Studies In Science, 01-May-03 - 30-Jun-05

Assistant Coordinator for the English Language Programme, Department Of Syariah And Law, Academy Of Islamic Studies, 10-Oct-94 - 14-Oct-96


Corpus Linguistics (Application of corpus-based methods in semantic and text analysis (social differentiation in gender and culture))


Applied Linguistics


Pogadaev, Victor; Sheena Kaur Jaswant Singh; Doshi, Asha; Ahmad Kamil Ghazali(eds.)(2006)Hashim Yaakob. Aku Hanya Mahu Ke Seberang.Translations in 45 Languages. Kuala Lumpur: University of Malaya Press. 
Chapter In Book

Sheena Kaur. 2004. Information and Communications Technology in English Language Teaching in Malaysia. In David, M.K.(ed). Teaching of English in Second and Foreign Language Settings: Focus on Malaysia. Frankfurt:Peter Lang.59-77. 

Ainun Rozana Mohd. Zaid and Sheena Kaur Jaswant Singh (2004). Learning of Maths and Science in English: Focus on Orang Asli . Jayakaran Mukundan, Dzeelfa Zainal Abidin and Anealka Aziz Hussin (eds) ELT Matters 1. Issues in English Language Learning and Teaching. Universiti Putra Malaysia Press: Serdang, pg. 1 7. 
Article In Academic Journals

Salahuddin Mohd. Shamsuddin , Zuraidah Mohd Don , Mat Taib Pa & Sheena Kaur. (2014) Belief of Monotheism in Ancient and Medieval Religions of the Nations (An analytical study of Abu al-Kalām ʾĀzād's writings). October, Vol. 19, Issue 10. International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, ISSN - 2279-0837. (Non-ISI/Non-SCOPUS Cited Publication)

Nimehchisalem, V., Yoong, D., Kaur, S., Zainuddin, S.Z., Norouzi, S., & Khalid, S. (2014). A self-assessment checklist for undergraduate students' argumentative writing. Advances in Language and Literary Studies 5(1), 65-80. (SCOPUS-Cited Publication)

Ang Lay Hoon, LAU SU KIA, Sheena Kaur, Tay Yang Lian, Hazlina Abdul Halim & Roslina Mamat. (2013). Analisis kesilapan tersalah letak kata nama bahasa Cina. In Proceeding of 4th MICFL Malaysia International Conference on Foreign Languages 2013 (pp. 1-12). Serdang: University Putra Malaysia. [CD: e-ISBN 978-967-960-343-9] (Non-ISI/Non-SCOPUS Cited Publication)

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Sheena Kaur and Muhammad Nadzri Abdul Aziz. 2004. Perceived Difficulties in the English Language Skills of Higher National Diploma Students. Issues, Practices and Challenges in Establishing a Language Learning Culture. Proceedings of the 1st International Language Learning Conference, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang.16-18 Dec 2004: 651-663. 

Sheena Kaur, Maya Khemlani David and Ibtisam M. H. Naji. 2003. "Language Maintenance of Language Shift among the Punjabi Sikh Community in Malaysia". In International Journal of the Sociology of Language. 

Sheena Kaur. 2000. "An Overview od Selected Errors in the Written English of Tamil Undergarduates". In Jurnal Pengajian India. Jilid 7/2000. 
List Of Written Works That Have Not Been Published

A Corpus-Driven Contrastive Study of Girls' and Boys' Use of Vocabulary in their Writing in Malaysia and the United Kingdom. PhD Thesis. Lancaster University. 

(Project title), (Role), (From)-(Until), (Source), (Level).

THE DISCURSIVE AND VISUAL REPRESENTATIONS OF HEALTH TOURISM IN MALAYSIA, Principal Investigator(PI), 17/07/2013, Geran Penyelidikan Universiti Malaya (UMRG Programme) - SBS (Equitable Society), 16/07/2015


RISK COMMUNICATION RESEARCH FOR ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD (EMF) FROM RADIO FREQUENCY (RF: Researching the discourse representation of media texts when communicating scientific evidence regarding health effects of RF and EMF exposure and risk information to the public, Co-Investigator, 2012-2014, Malaysian Commission for Multimedia and Communication (MCMC), National

Risk communication research for electromagnetic field (EMF) from Radio Frequency (RF) Project, Co-Investigator, 2012-2013, Malaysian Commission for Multimedia and Communication (MCMC), National

Sociolinguistics, Co-Investigator, 2008, 

Computer assisted language learning, Co-Investigator, 2008, 

Perception of the Other: Views of Malaysian Pre-Schoolers Towards Other EThnic Groups, Co-Investigator, 2007-2008, Short Term Research Fund (Vote F)(PJP), National

The Teaching of Spoken English for Professionals in the Global Era, Co-Investigator, 2007-2007, NONE

Learning of Maths and Science in an Orang Asli School, Co-Investigator, 2004-2004, NONE

(Project title), (Role), (From)-(Until), (Organisation).

The LANCAWE Project (Lancaster Corpus of Written Academic English), Corpus Builder, 2005-2007, Lancaster University

Lancaster Child Language Survey Project, Research Assistant, 2007-2007, Lancaster University

PhD Seminar, Evaluator, 2014-2014, Faculty of Languages and Linguistics, University of Malaya

Translator for Questionnaire Validation in Oral Health Status among Down Syndrome Patients Research, Translator, 2014-2014, Dental Faculty, University of Malaya

Proposal for Communication at the Workplace for Puncak Semangat, Committee Member, 2014-2014, Puncak Semangat Technology Sdn. Bhd

Panel for Research Proposal in the field of Corpus Linguistics, Expert Advisor, 2014-2014, Faculty of Languages and Linguistics, University of Malaya

Panelist for Postgraduate Conference 28 and 29 Nov 2014, Expert Advisor, 2014-2014, Faculty of Languages and Linguistics

Reviewer for Conference Paper, 2014-2014, Centre for Research and Development, Taylor's University, Malaysia

Reviewer for Journal Article for SEARCH (Journal of the South East Asia Research centre for Communication and Humanities), Reviewer, 2014-2014, Taylor's College

(Name of Award), (Awarding Institution), (Year Awarded), (Level).

Anugerah Khidmat Cemerlang (Award for Excellent Service), University Malaya, 2013, (INTERNATIONAL)

Award for Excellent Service , University of Malaya, 2005, (UNIVERSITY)

Certificate for Excellent Service , University of Malaya, 2004, (UNIVERSITY)

Certificate of Appreciation, Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad, 2011, (COMMUNITY)

Certificate of Appreciation (in recognition as Committee Member for Graduation Hi-Tea at Holiday Villa Subang), Faculty of Languages and Linguistics, 2014, (INTERNATIONAL)

Certificate of Appreciation for 20 years of service, University of Malaya, 2013, (UNIVERSITY)

Certificate of Appreciation for Staff Sports , Faculty of Languages and Linguistics, 2014, (INTERNATIONAL)

Certificate of Appreciation for being a member of the organizing committee at the 3rd International Conference on Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice (ALAPP 2013), 12-14 December 2013, University of Malaya, 2013, (UNIVERSITY)

PhD Study Leave Scholarship(HLCB), University of Malaya , Universiti Malaya, 2005, (UNIVERSITY)

Sijil Penghargaan Majlis Pusat Kebajikan SeMalaysia Cawangan Wilayah Persekutuan, Majlis Pusat Kebajikan SeMalaysia, 2014, (NATIONAL)

Sijil Penghargaan kerana sumbangan dan kerjasama, Majlis Pusat Kebajikan SeMalaysia, 2013, (INTERNATIONAL)

(Title), (Event), (Date Presented), (Organiser), (Level).
Invited Speaker

A Corpus-Driven Analysis of Malaysian School Children's Writing, Malaysia Corpus Research Colloquium, 05 Apr 2012 to 05 Apr 2012, Associate Prof Hajar Abdul Rahim, School of Humanities, Universiti Sains Malaysia, (National)

Linguistic Sexism and Gender Role stereotyping in Qatari English Language Learning School Resources, SoLLs.lNTEC.ll Conference, 11 May 2011 to 12 May 2011, (International)

Using a Semantic Tagger (WMatrix) for the Analysis of Children's Writing, Workshop on Corpus Development in Malaysia; Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Skudai, Johor, Malaysia., 12 May 2010 to 13 May 2010, (National)

WMatrix Workshop, Qatar Foundation Research Project on English Textbooks, National University of Malaysia, 21 Oct 2010 to 21 Oct 2010, (National)
Event Organiser

Health Tourism, Health Tourism Forum, 12 Nov 2014 to 12 Nov 2014, (University)

Pengaruh Faktor Etnolinguistik dalam Peralihan dan Pengekalan Bahasa dalam Kalangan Etnik Tamil di Kuching (The Influence of Ethnolinguistics Factors in Language Shift and Maintenance among the Tamil ethnic group in Kuching), 5th FLL Postgraduate Research Conference, 28 Nov 2014 to 29 Nov 2014, Faculty of Languages and Linguistics, University of Malaya, (University)

Malaysian Health Tourism Resiliency Project, Research Seminar Equitable Society Research Cluster (ESCR), 24 Jun 2014 to 25 Jun 2014, Equitable Society Research Cluster, University Malaya, (University)

The discursive and visual representations of Medical Tourism in Malaysia, Researchers' and stakeholders' seminar on current issues in medical tourism, 31 Oct 2013 to 31 Jan 2014, UMRG Project, (International)

Linguistic Aspects of Medical Tourism, Tourism Focus Group Seminar, 05 Oct 2013 to 05 Oct 2013, UMRG funded project, (International)

Bagaimana dengan golongan OKU? : Satu Kajian Linguistik Menggunakan Pengkalan Data Korpus Bahasa Melayu DBP ("How about the OKU group?" : A Linguistics Analysis using the DBP Malay language corpus - presentation in Malay), SEMINAR SAINS KEMANUSIAAN OKU (SKOKU 2013), 18 May 2013 to 18 May 2013, Universiti Malaysia Kelantan, (National)

Speech Patterns and Styles of Young Malaysian Metrosexuals (Mohd Khushairi Tohiar & Sheena Kaur), University of Malaya conference on Discourse and Society 2012 Transforming scholarship:Setting a new agenda for research and teaching in language studies, 27 Jun 2012 to 29 Jun 2012, University of Malaya, (International)

Using Spectrum for Language Courses, Teaching and Learning with Spectrum Sharing of Best Practices, 12 Jul 2012 to 12 Jul 2012, ADEC, (University)

A Corpus-driven Analysis of the Content of Men's and Women's Online Magazines (Miki Yap Khai Ling and Sheena Kaur), University of Malaya conference on Discourse and Society 2012 Transforming scholarship:Setting a new agenda for research and teaching in language studies, 27 Jun 2012 to 29 Jun 2012, University of Malaya, (International)

Towards enhancing teachers understanding of children s use of English vocabulary in written corpora of Malaysian and British school children., Inter-Varietal Applied Corpus Studies (IVACS) 2010.Edinburgh, UK., 18 Jun 2010 to 19 Jun 2010, (International)

What are little girls little boys made of? On using corpora to bridege the gap between gender constructions and ELT., International Seminar on Corpus Linguistics in Honour of John Sinclair, Granada, Spain., 22 Sep 2008 to 24 Sep 2008, (International)

Corpus-Based Study of Gender Representation: A Case of Malaysian School Children's Writing, The Third Lancaster University Postgraduate Conference in Linguistics and Language Teaching, Lancaster University, 03 Jul 2008, Lancaster University, (International)

The Free Writing of British and Malaysian Schoolchildren: A Corpus-based Study, Corpus Linguistics Research Group, Lancaster University, 11 Jun 2007, (University)

Coaching and Mentoring Workshop 1, Participant Coaching and Mentoring Workshop 1, 10 Sep 2014 to 09 Sep 2013, ADEC, (University)

English Language Curriculum, Curriculum Review Workshop for the Bachelor of Languages and Linguistics Programme, 14 Nov 2014 to 16 Nov 2014, Faculty of Languages and Linguistics, University of Malaya, (University)

Presentation Sub-programme 4, Malaysian Health Tourism Resiliency Project, 16 Oct 2014 to 16 Oct 2014, University of Malaya, (University)

Medical Travel Management (MTM) presentations, Medical Travel Management Sydney Showcase, 14 Oct 2014 to 14 Oct 2014, MTM Sydney, (International)

The multifaceted medical tourism industry, 2nd MIHTE 2013 Malaysia International Healthcare Travel Expo, 20 Oct 2013 to 22 Oct 2013, MIHTE, (International)

Discourse, Power, Context and Knowledge, Workshop on Discourse, Power, Context and Knowledge by Prof Tuen A. Van Dijk, 09 Nov 2012, Faculty of Languages and Linguistics, (Others)

Special Guest Advisor, 3rd Faculty of Languages and Linguistics Postgraduate Conference 2011, 08 Dec 2011 to 08 Dec 2011, Faculty of Languages and Linguistics, (Others)


Post Graduate Level
(Name of Degree), (Name of Candidates), (Title of Thesis), (Academic Session)


Masters Degree, Kam Yong Meng, An Analysis of Verb Form Errors of Chinese ESL Students, 2000/2001

Masters Degree, Koh Kok Tin, A Study of Subject-Verb Agreement Errors in the Interlanguage of ESL Learners, 2000/2001

Masters Degree, Zahira Binti Abdullah, Lexical Errors in English Compositions of Upper Secondary Malay Students, 2001/2002

Masters Degree, Beatrice Fernandez A/P A.M. Fernandez, Tense Errors in the Written Work of Malay ESL Students, 2003/2004

Masters Degree, Uthia Malar A/P Thirugnanam, An Error Analysis of Verbs In the English Compositions of Upper Secondary Students, 2004/2005

Masters Degree, Muhammad Nadzri B. Abdul Aziz, Needs Analysis of Malaysian Higher National Diploma Students, 2004/2005

Masters Degree, Subbulatchimie A/P J.C. Ramalu, A Study of Grammatical Errors of Tamil ESL Students, 2004/2005

Masters Degree, Mohd Khushairi B.Tohiar, Speech Patterns and Styles of Young Malaysian Metrosexuals, 2010/2011

Masters Degree, Ilyana Haikal, An Investigation of Semantic Domains in a Malaysian Corpus of ESL Undergraduate Writing, 2010/2011

Masters Degree, Siham Sagheyer, A Study of Apology Strategies among Postgraduate Libyan Students, 2010/2011

Masters Degree, Chin Jing Yi, Varieties of English, 2014/2015

Masters Degree, Rimi Salleh Bagudu, A Corpus Analysis of Prepositions in ICE Nigeria, 2014/2015

Masters Degree, Huang Wen Jie, A Corpus Analysis of Weblogs, 2014/2015


Masters Degree, Norazmi Bin Hassan, Pembelajaran Bahasa Jepun, 2010/2011

Masters Degree, Abigail Subatra A/P Anbalakan, Not finalised, 2012/2013

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Selvajothi @ Pillai A/L Ramalingam, Language Shift and Maintenance among Tamils in Kuching, 2014/2015

Masters Degree, Kevin Raj A/L Murugasan, ESP in Gym Instructors, 2014/2015

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Sanda Kumari A/P Chandran, A Corpus Analysis of English Language Textbooks, 2014/2015

Masters Degree, Sarveswaran A/L Amalu @ Amalanathan, Analysis of Language of Facebook, 2014/2015

(Description), (Evaluation Activity),(Year).

Retorik dan pemaparan imej lelaki dalam bahasa iklan majalah Men's Health.(Rhetoric and image construction of men in the language of advertisements in Men's Health), Research report ,  (2012-2012)

Anis Ashrafzadeh (THA110010), PhD Research Report ,  (2012-2012)

Candidature defence for MA Research Proposal of Manokaran A/L Rengasamy (TGA11002)titled Bahasa Kiasan dalam Novel Elachia Payanam: Satu Kajian Semantik on 3 May 2013, Candidature Defence ,  (2013)

Internal examiner TXGX6304 English for Specific Purposes Masters Programme in Sem 2, 2011/2012 session, Masters Programe ,  (2012)

Candidature defence for PhD candidate on 9 July 2012 at Bilik Mersawa, FBL. Title of research: A Study of Lexical Collocaiton Errors Among Chinese Learners of English - YE HONG (THA50019), PhD Candidate Defence ,  (2012)

Panel member for PhD Candidature Defence for Mohammad Hamad Khalef Al Kreshah-THA100004); 31 Oktober 2012 (Rabu)at 10.00 am at Bilik GR8, FBL. Title of research : A Study of Word Order Use By Jordanian EFL Learners, Panel member for Candidature Defence ,  (2012)


Candidature Defence Sarjana Corpus-Based Study of Metaphors in Original and Simplified Version of Around The World in 80 Days oleh NOOR BAIZURA ADNAN @ ANANG, Candidature Defence NOOR BAIZURA ADNAN @ ANANG ,  (2013-2013)

Pembentangan Rancangan Penyelidikan Ijazah Sarjana Manokaran A/L Rengasamy (TGA110002), Pembentangan Rancangan Penyelidikan ,  (2013-2013)

Pembentangan rancangan penyelidikan PhD oleh Lau Su Kia, Rancangan penyelidikan PhD ,  (2013-2013)

(Contribution To Society), (Level), (Start Date), (End Date).

Judge for Preliminary Level - Beyond Borders Interschool Project Competition : 1. Enhancing Reading Habits 2.Planet Green Interschool Project Competition, and 3.`Act It Up' Drama Competition , (National), 26-Sep-12 until 03-Oct-12

Judge for National Level Finals - Beyond Borders Interschool Project Competition and Golden Pen Award- Essay Writing Competition, (National), 22-Nov-12

Judge Beyond Borders (i) Project Interschool Competition (ii)Planet Green Interschool Competition (iii)Golden Pen Award: Essay Writing Competition, (National), 22-Nov-11 until 23-Nov-11

English Writing Workshop Beyond Borders 2011 bagi Program Tanggungjawab Sosial Korporat Anjuran Malaysia Airports (for the Corporate Social Responsibility Programme organised by Malaysia Airports) , (National), 01-Jun-11 until 30-Aug-11

English Language Proficiency Programame for Canon Staff, (Local), 08-Jan-11 until 26-Mar-11

English for Specific Purposes Programme for Kandahar University Staff , (Department), 02-Aug-11 until 26-Aug-11

Sukarelawan Tahun Melawat Malaysia Kementerian Pelancongan Malaysia, (Government), 16-Jan-13 until 31-Jan-14

Letter of appreciation for the Beyond Borders Programme 2012 organised by Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd. , (National), 02-Apr-12 until 28-Nov-13

Hakim Pertandingan Pidato Bahasa Inggeris antara Sekolah Kluster Peringkat Kebangsaan, (National), 22-Jun-13 until 22-Jun-13

Majlis Pusat Kebajikan SeMalaysia cawangan Wilayah Persekutuan, (National), 01-Jan-13 until 31-Dec-12

Donation Drive for Myanmar refugee children from United Learning Centre Kuala Lumpur , (Ptj), 31-Mar-14 until 01-Apr-14

Generated Turnitin reports for staff and postgraduate students, (Ptj), 01-Jan-14 until 31-Dec-14

Secretary for UWA-Geriatric Unit Fund Raising Charity Gala Dinner on 2nd Nov 2014 at Pullman Bangsar Kuala Lumpur, (National), 02-Nov-14 until 02-Nov-14

Judge English Public Speaking Competition among cluster schools organised by ChitRa , (National), 22-Jun-13 until 22-Jun-13

Head Jury English Public Speaking Competition Inter-school Selangor organised by UM Cares, (State), 06-Sep-14 until 06-Sep-14