Prof. Dr. Ng Kee Peng

Department of Medical Microbiology
Faculty of Medicine
  Department of Medical Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya, 50603 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
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  • Malaysian Medical Association (MMA), Active Member, 1989, (National)

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  • Head Coordinator, Mikrobiologi Perubatan, Department Of Medical Microbiology, Faculty Of Medicine


  • Virology (Serology: 1. Laboratory diagnosis of viral hepatitis A, B and C. 2. Laboratory diagnosis of Human Immunodeficiency Virus infection. )
  • Virology (Laboratory Diagnosis Of HIV Infection;)
  • Molecular Approaches In Studying Hiv Disease; - Rt-Pcr Viral Loads; - Molecular Epidemiology Based On Env And Pol Genes Genomic Analysis, Study Of Recombinant Hiv In The Recently Infected Cases; - Detection Of Antiretroviral Drug Resistance Mutants Based On Rt And Pr Genes Of Treated And Naive Patients; - Bioinformatic Approaches In Studying Hiv Disease; - Hiv Genotypic Resistance Algorithm, Geno2Pheno Software Application (Bioinformatic approaches in studying HIV disease)
  • Mycology; - Identifications Of Medically Important Fungi By Phenotypic And Molecular Approaches; Candida Sp., Aspergillus Sp., ; - Penicillium Sp. And Emerging Dematiaceae Fungi; - In Vitro Antifungal Drug Resistance Testing Inclusive Of Yeasts And Molds; Genomic Approaches In Studying The Molecular Epidemiology Of Fungal Infections In Malaysia With Special Interest In Studying The Emergence Of Low Virulence Opportunistic Fungi In Human Mycosis (Epidemiology of fungal infections in Malaysia )
  • Currently Undertaking Research To Optimize And Solve Technical Hiv Drug Resistance Testing Associated Problems. Hope To Implement On The Diagnostic Platform Iof N The Very Near Future. (Genotypic HIV drug resistance testing )
  • Setting Up A Routine Molecular Laboratory In The Hospital. The New Molecular Tests Are Introduced For The Diagnosis And Monitoring Of Cmv, Hbv And Hcv Infections. These Tests Included: 1. Cobas Amplicor Cmv Monitor Test 2. Cobas Ampliprep/Cobas Amplicor Hepatitis C Virus Test 3. Linear Array Hcv Genotyping Test 4. Cobas Ampliprep/Cobas Amplicor Hepatitis C Virus Monitor Test 5. Cobas Amplicor Hbv Monitor Test (Application Molecular PCR and sequencing technique)
  • The Establishment Of A Tb Algorithm Which Included T-Spot Tb For The Diagnosis Of Latent Tuberculosis Infection And Seeplex Mtb Ace Detection Pcr Dna Amplification Technique For Detection Of Tb Infection In Sputum And Tissues (T-Spot TB and Seeplex MTB ACE Detection PCR DNA )


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Article In Academic Journals
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(Project title), (Role), (From)-(Until), (Source), (Level).

  • 1. Title; A study on the immuno diagnosis of systemic candidiasis, Source and Amount of Financial Assistance; IRPA RM201,696, Dates; 1997-99, Co-researcher; Prof. J. Bosco (Jab. Perubatan), Prof. Gracie Ong, (Jab. Anaesthesiologi), Dr. Peter Bundasun (Agen BioMedial, Australia), Dr. Soo-Hoo Tuck Soon (Jab. Mikrobiologi Perubatan), Research results; - established laboratory protocol for identification of Candida species, - Two papers were published, the work developed to major grant MOSTE/BIOTEK Topdown Projects, (06-02-04-005BTK/023), 2008, 
  • 1. Title; To study the health of transsexual prostitutes in Kuala Lumpur, Source and Amount of Financial Assistance; F Vote, RM 6300.00, Dates; 1997/98, Co-researcher; Assoc. Prof. Eddie Teoh, Faculty of Science, Research result; High prevalence of HIV infections among transsexual prostitutes in Kuala Lumpur, Chromosomal abnormality was not detected within the transsexual, 2008, 
  • 2. Title; A study on the human immunodeficiency virus, Source and Amount of Financial Assistance; IRPA RM236,000, Dates; 1998 2000, Co-researcher ; Non, Research results; - molecular epidemiology of HIV genotypes in Malaysia, - developed HIV viral quantitative assay, the basis of HIV viral loads, - three research papers were published, the work developed to IRPA grant 36-02-03-6036 and CMB 103-00000-8122221, 2008, 
  • 2. Title; Laboratory studies of Mycotoxins produced by Fuserium species
    Source and Amount of Financial Assistance; IRPA 06-02-03-0247-EA247, Rm 98,500.00, Dates; 2004 for 3 years, Co-researcher; Assoc Prof Dr H Hamimah, Objective; - to isolate, identify and characterize Fusarium species from the patients, environment and food samples, - to identify mycotoxin producing Fusarium isolates, - laboratory study of biological action of Fusarium mycotoxin, - to develop an immunoassay kit for the rapid detection of Fusarium mycotoxin, 2008, 
  • 3. Title; The use of Real Time PCR testing for the detection of HVB, HCV and HIV genome in blood donation, Source and Amount of Financial Assistance; CMB 103-00000-8122221. Rm 12000.00, Dates; 2003, Co-researcher; Mr Tee Kok Kheng (RA), Mr Pon Chee Keong (RA). Research results The main objective is to validate and evaluate the suitability of PCR in detecting HBsAg, HCV and HIV genomes in blood donors. RNA and DNA of 1872 blood samples were abstracted by Qiagen Ultrasen kit, amplified by ATS HIV, HBV and HCV RG Quantitative reagents and detected by Rotorgen. The data indicated that PCR did not enhance sensitivity in HBV, HCV and HIV screening compared to conventional MEIA. The main criticism of the project was the number of blood samples used in the study; the preliminary study suggested the needs of future NAT in blood transfusion services, 2008, 
  • 4. Title; Development of a genotypic assay for drug resistance HIV mutants and their impacts on management and control of HIV infections, Source and Amount of Financial Assistance; IRPA Rm 188,000.00, Dates; 2003-2005, Co-researcher ; Prof Adeeba (Department of Medicine), clinical component of the project. Objective; - To develop molecular genotypic assay to study the emergence of HIV- 1 drug resistant mutants, - To identify the nucleotide sequences of mutants and quasispecies of HIV-1, - To study the effects of the emergence of HIV drug resistant mutants on the clinical managemnt and control of HIV infection in Malaysia, 2008, 
  • 5. Title ; International Collaborative Study on Epidemiological Survey of HIV infections, isolation and Characterization of Unique HIV-1 Recombinants Emerging in Malaysia, Awarding agency; Japan Foundation for AIDS Prevention (JFAP), Amount; 6 juta Yen (USD 50,000), Principle Investigator; Professor Dr Adeeba Kamarulzaman, Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya, Co-investigator; Prof. Dr Ng Kee Peng, 2008, 
  • HIV; Molecular and genomic of HIV, bioinformatic approaches in studying the impacts of mutants on HIV infections in Malaysia, Research on HIV, 2008, 
  • Mycology; morphologic and genomic approaches in fungal identification, Principal Investigator(PI), 2008, 
  • Surveillance and screening of blood borne pathogensserology approaches, genomic amplification technologies, Viral Hepatitis, Hepatitis B, Impacts of HBV vaccination (EPI) on HBV infections in Malaysia, The project was initiated in 1997 collaborated with the Cancer Society of Malaysia (perak branch). Emergence of HBV mutants in Malaysia. Molecular epidemiology of HBV infections in Malaysia, Hepatitis C, Molecular epidemiology of HCV in Malaysia. HIV, HBV and HCV coinfections; impacts on HIV disease progression. Nucleic acid-amplification testing of HBV and HCV in blood donations. GBV, Molecular epidemiology of GBV in Malaysia. GBV and HIV disease progression, Principal Investigator(PI), 2008, 
  • Title; Antifungal susceptibility Testing and DNA fingerprinting as molecular markers of Candida - applications for rapid diagnosis of systemic candidiasis, Source and Amount of Financial Assistance; MOSTE/BIOTEK Topdown Projects, (06-02-04-005BTK/023), RM 435, 000, Dates; Commence year 2003 for 3 years, Subproject leader; Dr. Ng Kee Peng, Co-Investigator; Dr. Chong Pei Pei, Objective; to assess the in vitro antifungal drug susceptibilities of clinical isolates of Candida from immunocompromised patients, to identify prevalence of antifungal drug resistance among Candida isolated, to perform genetic fingerprinting of Candida isolates by Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA analysis (RAPD), Principal Investigator(PI), 2008, 
  • Title; Development of DNA-based Diagnostic Tool for detection of Azole-resistant Candida isolates, Source and Amount of Financial Assistance; MOSTE/IRPA RM 8, 06-02-04-0598-EA001, RM 217, 400, Dates; Commence year 2002 for 3 years, Co-researcher; Project Leader ; Dr. Chong Pei Pei, Co-Investigator; Dr K P Ng, Objective; To study the molecular basis of Azole-resistant Candida isolates, The impact of emergence of Azole-resistant Candida isolates on the management of patients, To develop a DNA-based diagnostic assay for identifying Azole-resistant Candida species, Principal Investigator(PI), 2008, 
  • Title; Molecular Pathogenesis Study of Candida Infection; Towards Development of Novel Markers for Rapid Detection, Source and Amount of Financial Assistance; MOSTE/BIOTEK Topdown Projects, Total RM 2.17 million for whole project; RM 494, 000 for this subproject, Dates; Commence year 2003 for 3 years, Subproject leader; Dr. Chong Pei Pei, Co-Investigator; Dr Ng Kee Peng, Objective; to study pathogenesis of Candida infections, identification and characterization of proteins associated with pathogenesis, development of novel markers for detection of systemic Candida infections, Principal Investigator(PI), 2008, 

(Title), (Event), (Date Presented), (Organiser), (Level).

Invited Speaker
  • Expert Users meeting related to the Elecsys Syphilis Adopters Program Study, Early Adopters Program Elecsys Syphilis Expert Users meeting Z rich, 5 - 6 March 2015, 05 Mar 2015 to 06 Mar 2015, Location: Swiss Hotel Z rich Schulstrasse 44 8050 Z rich Switzerland Tel: +41 44 317 3111 Fax: +41 44 317 3311, (International)
  • Phyogenetic Analysis of Fusarium sp. Isolates in Clinical Specimens, 9th International Symposium on Antimicrobial Agents and Resistance, 13 Mar 2013 to 15 Mar 2013, Asia Pacific Foundation for Infectious Diseases, (International)
  • Hepatitis an Overview, 2nd Roche Infectious Disease Symposium 2013, 11 Jun 2013 to 11 Jun 2013, Roche Diagnostics, (Others)
  • Application of an Innovative seminested PCR Test for Identification and Detection of Ten Medically Important Candida Species, 13th International Congress on Infectious Diseases, 19 Jun 2008 to 22 Jun 2008, The International Society for Infectious Diseases, (International)
  • HIV-1 loop sequences among Malaysian IVDU, 6th Western Pacific Congress of Chemotherapy and Infectious Diseases, 27 Nov 1998 to 03 Dec 1998, Society of Infectious Diseases Singapore, (International)
Event Organiser
  • Current updates in TB, Update on TB Culture: Identification and drug Susceptibility Testing, 28 Apr 2011 to 28 Apr 2011, Department of Medical Microbiology, UM, (National)
  • Working Safely in PC2(BSL-3) Laboratories, Workshop on Biosafety in the Microbiology Laboratory, 25 Apr 2011 to 27 Apr 2011, Department of Medical Microbiology, UM, (National)
  • To increase awareness in ethical issues and encourage ethical practices among scientist and clinicians, Workshop on Ethical Issues in research involving Human Participants, 10 May 2010 to 12 May 2010, Department Of Medical Microbiology University Malaya, (University)
  • The theory portion of the training will emphasize on the Biosafety levels, Personal Protective Equipment, proper use of Biosafety cabinets, aerosol procedures, emergency procedure, and, decontamination and waste management. This training will be specific to the Biosafety level requested. The practicum will compliment and reinforce the theory course, as it will allow the trainee to experience different scenarios in a safe environment, Workshop on Theory on Bio-safety Level 3 Laboratory, 05 May 2010 to 07 May 2010, Department of Medical Microbiology, (University)
  • Updates on new laboratory identification of Mycology Identification of fungal isolates to species level by phenotypic and molecular assays., Mycology Workshop on Clinical Laboratory Methods, 09 Sep 2009 to 11 Sep 2009, Department of Medical Microbiology, (National)
  • Genetic fingerprinting of azole resistant isolates of candida tropicalis,candida rugosa and candida dubliniesis, 8th National Congress on Genetics, 04 Aug 2009 to 06 Aug 2009, Persatuan Genetik Malaysia (Genetics Society of Malaysia, (National)
  • Nucleotide sequence of isocitrate Hyase genes from Candida albicans, Candida tropical, Candida glabrata and Candida krusei, 14th National Biotechnology Seminar, 11 Dec 2003 to 13 Dec 2003, MOSTE, (National)


Post Graduate Level
(Name of Degree), (Name of Candidates), (Title of Thesis), (Academic Session)
  • Masters Degree, Goh Fen Ning, Drug resistant TB
  • Masters Degree, Lailatul Akmar Bt Matnor, Antifungal surveillance
  • Masters Degree, Sarah Chee Hui Sien, Molecular approaches to the diagnosis and management of systemic fungal infections

  • Masters Degree, Ong Chia Sui, Drug resistant TB, 2007/2008
  • Masters Degree, Ong Lai Yee, The Dynamic Mechanism in the Evolution of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Resistant Strain following Antiretroviral therapy, 2008/2009
  • Masters Degree, Tiang Yee Peng, Correlation of human papillomavirus DNA detection by polymerase chain reaction and MCM-2 immunofluorescence staining in women with cervical neoplasia, 2007/2008
  • Masters Degree, Wan Nadzimah, In vitro study of immunologic memory for HBsAg induced by vaccine, 2008/2009
  • Doctoral Degree (PhD), Leila Hilout, Development and use of normal Hepathocyte cell lines as a model for the study of cell cycle deregulation in relation to pathogenesis of HBV related liver disease, 2003/2004
  • Doctoral Degree (PhD), Tee Kok Keng, Molecular Epidemiology, Virology and Evolutionary Dynamics of HIV Type 1 circulating recombinant forms, 2007/2008
  • Masters Degree, Wong Won Fen, Identification of differential expressed gene in Candida albicans during hyphal formation and recombinant production of Candida tropicalis secreted aspartic proteinase 4 proteins, 2004/2005
  • Masters Degree, Tee Kok Keng, Construction and Biological characterization of an infectious CRF33_01B HIV Type 1, 2004/2005

  • Doctoral Degree (PhD), Yew Su Mei, Genome sequencing and in Silico characterization of Cladosporium Sphaerospermum, 2012/2013
  • Masters Degree, Chan Chai Ling, Morphological and Molecular Characterization of Daldinia eschscholzii isolated from Clinical Sample, 2012/2013
  • Masters Degree, Tan Ruixin, Phylogenetic analysis of Fusarium sp. isolates in UMMC clinical samples, 2010/2011

(Linkages Description), (Organisation), (Year of Involvement), (Duration), (Level).

  • Genotypic antiretroviral drug resistance assay. Follow IAS-USA guideline., Fogarthy Foundation, 2000, 24, (International)
  • HIV Research Program, , Henry M. Jackson Foundation, Thailand, 2003, 46, (University)

(Activity), (Organisation), (Role), (From)-(Until), (Level).

  • GLOBAL ANTIFUNGAL SURVEILLANCE STUDY, ARTEMIS, Resource Person, 2004-2008, (International)
  • Curriculum Restructuring for the Master's of Pathology Programme, Jawatan Kuasa Bersama Pengkhususan Patologi ke 26,, Committee Member, 2008-2010, (National)

(Course Title), (Academic Session), (No of Student), (No of Contact Hours).

Post Graduate
  • Masters of Pathology, 2008/2009, 10, 56
First Degree
  • ADVANCED MEDICAL VIROLOGY, 2012/2013, 22, 8
  • Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences, 2013/2014, 28, 2

(Contribution To Society), (Level), (Start Date), (End Date).

  • Consultant for the Community Hepatitis B, Malaysia Red Crescent Society , (Local), 06-Apr-92 until 05-May-94
  • Consultant to the The National Cancer Society of Malaysia, Perak Branch. Community Hepatitis B programme. , (National), 02-Mar-96 until 04-Mar-14