Associate Prof. Dr. Zakiah Binti Saleh
  Associate Professor
  Department of Accountancy
  Faculty of Business and Accountancy
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  Department of Accountancy, Faculty of Business and Accountancy, University of Malaya, 50603 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

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THE CHARTERED INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC FINANCE & ACCOUNTANCY, Chartered Accountant, 2015, (International)

Accountant General's Department Knowledge Management, Chief Editor, 2012-2017, (National)


MALAYSIAN ACCOUNTING ASSOCIATION, Treasurer, 2011-2012, (National)

International Journal of Governmental Financial Management, Editorial Board Member, 2009, (International)

Asian Journal of Business and Accounting, Editorial Board Member, 2008-2015, (International)

MALAYSIAN INSTITUTE OF ACCOUNTANTS, Associate Member, 2004, (National)


(Role), (Level), (Start date),(End Date).

Internal Assessor, University Malaya, 12-Jun-13 - 11-Jun-15

Deputy Dean Of Higher Degree, Graduate Business School, Faculty Of Business And Accountancy, 01-Jul-12 - 31-Jul-14

Committee Member, IAAER and ACCA Accounting Consortium, Faculty Of Business And Accountancy, 01-Oct-10 - 08-Nov-10

Team Member, Working Committee for AACSB, Faculty Of Business And Accountancy, 26-May-10 - 25-May-13

Content Executive Knowledge Management JANM - Academic Member, National, 04-Dec-09 - 03-Dec-15

Coordinator MBA and MM Programmes, Faculty Of Business And Accountancy, 11-Apr-09 - 10-Apr-10

Head, Woking Committee for IFRS Workshop, Faculty Of Business And Accountancy, 02-Mar-09 - 01-Mar-10

Acting Deputy Dean, Faculty Of Business And Accountancy, 04-Dec-07 - 31-Jan-08

Head Of Department, Department Of Financial Accounting And Audit, Faculty Of Business And Accountancy, 01-Sep-06 - 31-Aug-07

Deputy Chairperson, the 19th Asian-Pacific Conference Organising Committee, International, 26-May-06 - 14-Nov-07

Committee Member, Ad Hoc Committee for Master in Accounting Programme, Faculty Of Business And Accountancy, 21-Feb-06 - 20-Feb-07

Chairperson, Ad Hoc Working Committee of Maybank Chair, Faculty Of Business And Accountancy, 17-Feb-06 - 31-Aug-07

Committee Member, Quality Assurance Committee, Faculty Of Business And Accountancy, 01-Jan-06 - 31-Jan-07

Deputy Dean Of Undergraduate, Faculty Of Business And Accountancy, 01-Jan-04 - 31-Aug-06

Committee Member, UM-FBA Asian Business Conference Organising Committee, Faculty Of Business And Accountancy, 20-May-03 - 15-Apr-05

Committee Member, Master of Business Administration Program Committee, Faculty Of Economics And Administration, 01-Jan-98 - 30-Jun-99


Public Sector Accounting (Government accounting reform; financial accounting and reporting; performance reporting; accountability; governance)


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Technical Report

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(Project title), (Role), (From)-(Until), (Source), (Level).

Accrual Accounting: Change and Managing Change, Co-Investigator, 2012-2013, Accountant General's Department, National

Corporate Ownership Structure and Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting (CSRR): The Moderating Role of Board of Directors and Regulatory Regime, Co-Investigator, 2011-2013, The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), National

A Study on Governance & Social Responsibility of Organisations in Malaysia, Co-Investigator, 2010-2011, Short Term Research Fund (Vote F)(PJP), National

Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) in Malaysian Family Business, Principal Investigator(PI), 2010-2012, Short Term Research Fund (Vote F)(PJP), National

Corporate Environmental Responsibility, Performance And Reporting: An Attitudinal Survey Of Managers In Malaysia, Principal Investigator(PI), 2007-2008, Short Term Research Fund (Vote F)(PJP), National

Management Accounting Control Systems and Performance Measurement Systems in the Context of Reforms in Local Governments, Co-Investigator, 2007-2009, Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS), National

Accounting Practices by Small Medium Enterprises, Co-Investigator, 2005-2006, UM (CEDER), National

Consumption Behaviours of Older People in Malaysia, Co-Investigator, 2003-2006, MOSTI (IRPA)

Survey on Governmental Accounting and Reporting in Malaysia, Principal Investigator(PI), 2001-2002, Short Term Research Fund (Vote F)(PJP), National

Accounting for Oil and Gas Industry, Co-Investigator, 1992-1992, MACPA Educational Trust Fund, National

(Project title), (Role), (From)-(Until), (Organisation).

Kajian Skim Simpanan dan Kredit Pertubuhan Peladang, Consultant, 1997-1999, Lembaga Pertubuhan Peladang

Prestasi dan Kedudukan Kewangan Syarikat-Syarikat Penerbitan di Malaysia, Consultant, 2012-2012, Majlis Buku Kebangsaan Malaysia


Post Graduate Level
(Name of Degree), (Name of Candidates), (Title of Thesis), (Academic Session)


Doctoral Degree (PhD), Abdulla Mohamed Hamoud Al-Tholaya, Accounting Implication of E-Government in Yemen, 2003/2004

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Gan Kin, Corporate Governance, Ownership Structure and Intellectual Capital Disclosure: Evidence From Malaysia, 2005/2006

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Mohammed Sharaf Mohsen Shaiban, Corporate Transparency, Private Information and Stock Price Synchronicity, 2005/2006

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Nur Barizah Abu Bakar, Performance Reporting Practices by Statutory Bodies in Malaysia, 2009/2010

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Dalilawati Zainal, Intellectual Capital Disclosure and Accounting Earnings Quality, 2007/2008

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Ali Jaballa Ehsein, Budgeting System in Libyan Government, 2005/2006

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Yap Kiew Heong, Internet Financial Reporting in Malaysia, 2006/2007

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Normawati Non, IFRS Implementation in Malaysia, 2007/2008


Doctoral Degree (PhD), Mira Susanti Amirrudin, Integrated Reporting, 2014/2015

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Farida Veerankutty, Investigating Auditor's General Reporting Process Change in Malaysia, 2012/2013

(Linkages Description), (Organisation), (Year of Involvement), (Duration), (Level).

External Assessor for Promotion, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, 2013, 2, (National)

Ketua Editor Knowledge Management (KM) Jabatan Akauntan Negara Malaysia, Jabatan Akauntan Negara Malaysia, 2012, 48, (National)

Lab Member for Strategic Reform Initiatives - Public Finance Lab, Performance Management and Delivery Unit (PEMANDU), Prime Minister's Department, 2011, 2, (National)

Academic Advisor, Center of Graduate Studies, International Islamic University College Selangor, 2010, 36, (National)

Content Executive Knowledge Management, Accountant General's Department of Malaysia, 2009, 84, (National)

Research Board Member, Malaysian Accountancy Research and Education Foundation, 2006, 12, (National)

(Activity), (Organisation), (Role), (From)-(Until), (Level).

Accreditation of Private Institution of Higher Learning, National Accreditation Board (LAN), Panel of Assessors, 1998-2007, (National)

Accreditation of Public Institution of Higher Learning, Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA), Ad Hoc Committee Member, 2007-2007, (National)

Editorial Board Member, Asian Journal of Business and Accounting, Editorial Board Member, 2007-2015, (University)

Editorial Board Member, The International Journal on Governmental Financial Management, Editorial Board Member, 2009-Present, (International)

External Reviewer for IPN Journal of Research and Practice in Public Sector Accounting and Management, Institut Perakaunan Negara, External Reviewer, 2012-Present, 2015, (National)

Internal Assessor for Academic Programmes University of Malaya, University of Malaya, Internal Assessor, 2013-Present, 2015, (University)

Managing Editor, Journal of Accounting Perspectives, Managing Editor, 2008-2010, (University)

Panel of Assessors, Penilaian Tahap Kecekapan 3&4, University of Malaya, Panel of Assessors, 2007-2010, (University)

Penilaian Semula Halatuju Program Perakaunan IPTA, Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE), Committee Member, 2006-2007, (National)

Workshop on Research Method, Faculty of Arts and Science Social, Facilitator, 2012-2012, (University)

(Description), (Evaluation Activity),(Year).

Utility of the External Auditors Report: A Mass Communication Perspective (PhD Thesis), Thesis , 

Islamic Corporate Reports (ICRs) and the Muslim Investors: The Case of the Islamic Banking Industry in Malaysia (PhD Thesis), Thesis , 

Journal of Accounting and Governance, Article In Journal , 

Journal of Accounting in Emerging Economies, Article In Journal , 

Audit Committee Expertise and Financial Reporting Quality (PhD Thesis), Thesis , 

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Effective Internal Audit: A Performance Index (Master Thesis), Thesis , 

International Review of Administrative Sciences, Article In Journal , 

IIUM Journal of Economics & Management, Article In Journal , 

International Journal on Governmental Financial Management, Article In Journal , 

Competency Assessment Course (PTK 3&4, UM), Competency Assessment , 

PhD Colloquium, Faculty of Business and Accountancy, Colloquium , 

Co-operative Governance Index from the Perspective of Co-operative Governance Mechanisms for Credit Co-operative in Malaysia (PhD Thesis), Thesis , 

Malaysian Journal of Co-Operatives Studies, Article In Journal , 

Accounting History, Article In Journal ,  (2014-2014)

Malaysian Journal of Cooperative Studies, Article In Journal ,  (2014-2014)

Memperkasakan Akauntabiliti Kerajaan Persekutuan Malaysia Melalui Pelaporan dan Perundangan (PhD Thesis), Thesis ,  (2014-2014)

IPN Journal of Research and Practice in Public Sector Accounting and Management, Article In Journal ,  (2014-2014)

Determinants of disclosure quality and its impact on the cost of equity financing: Evidence of Pakistan (PhD Thesis), Thesis ,  (2013-2013)

Developing a Framework of the Best Practices of Governance for State Statutory Bodies in Sarawak (PhD Thesis), Thesis ,  (2012-2013)