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  Department of English Language, Faculty of Languages & Linguistics, University of Malaya, 50603 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA


Kamila Ghazali (PhD) is a Professor at the Department of English Language, Faculty of Languages and Linguistics, University of Malaya. Her areas of academic expertise are critical discourse analysis and sociolinguistics. Her research is on political discourse, media discourse, and ethnolinguistics delving into the language and culture of the orang asli (indigenous peoples). She was part of a group project on the Mah Meri language which produced a full description of the language in English and Malay; and a tri-lingual dictionary. Her interest in indigenous languages has brought her to the longhouses in Sarawak where she conducted a preliminary sociolinguistic survey of the Tatau, Lugat, and Punan Ba to the jungles of Endau, Johor, to research on the Jakun community. In 2011, she did an ethnolinguistic study of the orang asli in the Gerik area in Perak. Since 2001, she has held several management roles at the faculty as well as university levels. They include the posts of Deputy Dean, Faculty of Languages and Linguistics; Chief Quality Auditor UM; Deputy Dean, Institute of Graduate Studies, UM; and, Director of International and Corporate Relations (ICR), UM. These roles had given rise to interest in organizational discourse. Her latest publication is a book she co-edited, published by Palgrave-MacMillan (2015) entitled, “Technology and Workplace Skills for the Twenty-First Century: Asia Pacific Universities in the Globalized Economy”. 

(Qualification), (Institution).

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Malaysian Association of Modern Languages, Member, 1995, (National)

(Role), (Level), (Start date),(End Date).

Ahli Task Force Peer Review for Teaching and Learning, University Malaya, 06-Feb-14

Associate Member, Global Planning & Strategy Centre, University Malaya, 01-Jan-14 - 31-Dec-14

Ahli Task Force Leadership, Culture and Image bagi Pelan Strategik Universiti Malaya, University Malaya, 15-Apr-13 - 14-Apr-15

Associate Member, Global Planning and Strategy Centre, University Malaya, 18-Oct-12 - 31-Dec-13

Ahli JK Kerja Audit Program Ijazah Tinggi - Area 7: Programme Monitoring and Review, University Malaya, 06-Aug-12 - 05-Aug-13

Ahli JK Induk Audit Program Ijazah Tinggi, University Malaya, 06-Aug-12 - 05-Aug-13

Ahli JK Think Tank bagi Penjenamaan Universiti Malaya , University Malaya, 01-Aug-12 - 01-Aug-14

Ahli Jawatankuasa Kajian Semula Kurikulum Peringkat Jabatan, Department Of English Language, Faculty Of Languages & Linguistics, 01-Jul-12 - 30-Jun-15

Auditor bagi Audit Khas Projek HIR, University Malaya, 02-Apr-12 - 31-May-12

Deputy Dean, Institute of Graduate Studies, University Malaya, 22-Mar-12 - 30-Jun-14

Ketua Jawatankuasa Bright Sparks dan SLAB/SLAI Fakulti Bahasa dan Linguistik, Faculty Of Languages And Linguistics Dean's Office, Faculty Of Languages & Linguistics, 17-Feb-12 - 16-Feb-14

Wakil Tetap Institut Pengajian Siswazah, Jawatankuasa Perpustakaan, University Malaya, 20-Jan-12

Ahli JK Kecil (Cultural Practices) Doktor Falsafah, FBL, Faculty Of Languages And Linguistics Dean's Office, Faculty Of Languages & Linguistics, 17-Jan-12 - 16-Jan-14

Ahli JK Kecil Program Sarjana Linguistik, Faculty Of Languages And Linguistics Dean's Office, Faculty Of Languages & Linguistics, 17-Jan-12 - 16-Jan-14

Chairman, Ethics Committee, Faculty of Languages and Linguistics, Faculty Of Languages And Linguistics Dean's Office, Faculty Of Languages & Linguistics, 14-Oct-11 - 13-Oct-13

Panel Penilai bagi Audit Pemantauan Pelaksanaan Program Universiti Malaya, University Malaya, 01-Mar-11 - 30-May-11

Director, International and Corporate Relations (ICR) office, University Malaya, 15-Jan-09 - 31-Aug-10

Acting Director, International and Corporate Relations (ICR) office, University Malaya, 15-Sep-08 - 14-Jan-09

Deputy Director, International Corporate Relations (ICR) Office , University Malaya, 01-Dec-06 - 14-Sep-08

Committee member, Academic Staff Selection Committee, Faculty Of Languages & Linguistics, 21-Nov-06 - 30-Sep-10

Coordinator, Soft Skills Module Development, University Malaya, 16-Oct-06 - 15-Oct-07

Quality assurance committee member, Faculty Of Languages & Linguistics, 14-Oct-06 - 13-Oct-07

Quality Internal Auditor for the Vice Chancellor, University Malaya, 12-Jun-06 - 12-Jun-06

Internal Auditor for Research University status for University of Malaya, University Malaya, 03-May-06 - 05-May-06

Committe member, Narrative Grade Description, Department Of English Language, Faculty Of Languages & Linguistics, 19-Sep-05 - 18-Sep-07

Leader for Team of Quality Internal Auditors for Student Affairs Department, University Malaya, 31-May-05 - 08-Jun-05

Committee member, Prime Minister\'s Quality Award, University Malaya, 20-May-05

Chief Quality Auditor, University Malaya, 01-Jul-02 - 31-Jan-04

Deputy Dean, Faculty Of Languages & Linguistics, 01-Oct-00 - 30-Sep-02

English Language Course Coordinator for Academy of Islamic Studies , University Malaya, 01-May-00 - 30-Sep-00

English Language Course Coordinator for Academy of Islamic Studies , University Malaya, 01-Jun-90 - 30-May-92


Sociolinguistics (Sociolinguistic overview on Tatau, Lugat and Punan Ba of Sarawak; the Kanaq of Johor, a sociolinguistic mapping of Jakun of Endau and Rompin)

Endangered Language (Languages of the Indigenous Peoples of Malaysia: Mah Meri, ongoing research on Kanaq, Jakun, Jahai, Temiar)

Critical Discourse Analysis (Employing mainly the critical discourse analysis framework to political speeches,leadership and organizational discourse, written texts of media news reporting)


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(Project title), (Role), (From)-(Until), (Source), (Level).

Critical Discourse Analysis


Indigenous Folktales as a Reflection of Cultural Worldview, Principal Investigator(PI), 01/12/2014, Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS), 31/10/2016

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An Automatic Speech Pronounciation Practice And Feedback System For Children With Speech Impairments, Co-Researcher, 12/07/2013, Geran Penyelidikan Universiti Malaya (UMRG Programme) - HNE (Humanities & Ethics), 11/01/2016

Patronage, Clientelism and Electoral Dynamics in the 13th Malaysian Federal Elections (PRU13), Co-Investigator, 2012-2013, University Malaya Flagship Project for Social and Behavioural Sciences Cluster, National

An Ethnolinguistic Mapping of the Orang Asli Gerik, Perak, Principal Investigator(PI), 2011-2012, Persatuan Bahasa Moden Malaysia, National

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Political Discourse, Principal Investigator(PI), 2008, 

Media Discourse, Principal Investigator(PI), 2008, 



A Generic Narrative Grade Description for the Faculty of Languages and Linguistics Undergraduate Programme: A Feasibility Study 2006 - 2007, Co-Investigator, 2006-2007, Short Term Research Fund (Vote F)(PJP), University

(Project title), (Role), (From)-(Until), (Organisation).

English Language Training for Sheikh Zayed University, Afghanistan, Resource Person, 2012-2012, University of Malaya Centre for Continuing Education

Program Transformasi Kerajaan 2.0 (GTP 2.0 - LINUS), Expert Advisor, 2012-2012, PEMANDU, Jabatan Perdana Menteri

Board of Governors, Lang Education Sekolah Sri Bestari, Expert Advisor, 2012-2013, Land and General Berhad

Board of Studies, Kulliyyah of Languages, International Islamic University, Expert Advisor, 2011-2013, International Islamic University Malaysia

External advisor for Institutional Visit (IV) to HELP University College for assessment of programs on 17th February 2011, Expert Advisor, 2011-2011, Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom

Panel Hakim ke Majlis Penghargaan Buku Terbaik Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia, Expert Advisor, 2011-2011, Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia

Penyediaan Garis Panduan Pelantikan Agen Perekrutan Republik Rakyat China, Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi Malaysia, 9 - 11 Jun 2008, Advisor, 2008-2008, Ministry of Higher Education

Conducted a programme on Presentation Skills to Postgraduate Students, 18 August 2004, Resource Person, 2004-2004, Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya

Conducted a session on Reading Skills, Management and Professional level civil staff, 16 Apr 1994, Resource Person, 1994-1994, Perak State Central District

(Name of Award), (Awarding Institution), (Year Awarded), (Level).

Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang, University of Malaya, 2008, (UNIVERSITY)

Anugerah Perkhidmatan Setia , University of Malaya, 2007, (UNIVERSITY)

Gold Medal - Seminar Hasil Penyelidikan Universiti Malaya , University of Malaya, 2006, (UNIVERSITY)

Gold Medal - Ekspo Penyelidikan, Rekacipta Dan Inovasi (Group Project), University of Malaya, 2005, (UNIVERSITY)

Bronze Medal - Ekspo Penyelidikan Dan Inovasi (Group Project), University of Malaya, 2004, (UNIVERSITY)

Majlis Pensijilan MS ISO 9001:2000, Universiti Malaya, 2003, (UNIVERSITY)

Penghargaan Khidmat Cemerlang , Universiti Malaya, 2002, (UNIVERSITY)

Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang, Universiti Malaya, 2001, (UNIVERSITY)

(Title), (Event), (Date Presented), (Organiser), (Level).
Pleanary/Keynote Speaker

Asmah Hj Omar and Kamila Ghazali, Indigenous Minorities of Bintulu: A Sociolinguistic Mapping, International Conference on Moribund Languages and Culture, 14 Oct 2008 to 14 Oct 2008, (International)
Invited Speaker

Dr. Mahathir's Selected Letters to World Leaders, Seminar YABHG. Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad sebagai penulis, 17 Apr 2013 to 17 Apr 2013, Perdana Leadership Foundation, (National)

Kamila Ghazali, MoU Contstructions in Culture-Specific Contexts, 2nd University Administrators Workshop, 30 Jan 2007 to 03 Feb 2007, (International)

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Kamila Ghazali, Mah Meri Project, Extra Seminar, Programme of Seminars, 08 Jun 2004 to 08 Jun 2004, (International)

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Chairperson: 1. Varieties of Malay and Other Codes used by Descendents of the Early Telegu Immigrants in Sarawak, Malaysia 2. Intra Ethnic Strategies for the Maintenance of Linguistic and Ethnic Identities: a Comparative Study of Chinese and Tamils in Malaysia 3. Usaha Kaum Tamil dalam Mempertahankan Jati Diri di Malaysia 4. First Language Based Multilingual Education for Minority Communities: A Bidayuh Example, International Conference on Minority and Majority: Language, Culture and Identity, 24 Nov 2010 to 24 Nov 2010, Malaysian Association of Modern Languages and Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, (International)

Co-presenter, Malaysian University Ranking: A Discourse Historical Approach, 2nd Postgraduate Conference, Faculty of Languages and Linguistics, UM, 09 Dec 2010 to 10 Dec 2010, Faculty of Languages and Linguistics, University of Malaya, (Others)


Post Graduate Level
(Name of Degree), (Name of Candidates), (Title of Thesis), (Academic Session)


Masters Degree, Sean Harley Lee Allen, Malaysian University Rankings: A Discourse Historical Approach, 2008/2009

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Teoh Mei Lin, Discursive practice at the workplace, 2004/2005

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Mustafa, A critical discourse analysis of strategic texts on global economy, 2009/2010

Masters Degree, Mohsina Akter, Media discourse on Bangladesh Education Policy 2009, 2009/2010

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Masters Degree, Lee Ee Wern, A Genre Analysis of University Study Abroad Programme Brochures, 2008/2009


Doctoral Degree (PhD), Christiantine Della A/P Anthony Pitchay, Discourse of Transformation in Organisational Change Management, 2006/2007

Masters Degree, Lam Kai Chee, Sikap komuniti Cina atas-talian terhadap variasi bahasa Cina, 2007/2008

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Tan Siew Choo, Communicative Patterns And Framing Of World Views Among Malaysian Chinese, 2003/2004

Masters Degree, Zainon Shamsudin, Discursive contsruction of identities of young homosexual males, 2006/2007

Masters Degree, Lor Lye Wah, Framing Women As Armed Fighters Against Male Violence In Contemporary Consumer Culture: A Critical Discourse Analysis, 2004/2005

Masters Degree, Ajuntha A/P Kuppan, An Evaluation of an English Course for Hospitality Management in a Tertiary Institution, 2005/2006

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Nor Fariza Mohd Nor, Communication strategies of ESL speakers in interaction, 2003/2004

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Chan Mei Yuit, Identity and organisational control in network marketing discourse, 2001/2002

Masters Degree, Koh Sook Teeng, Sikap terhadap penggunaan bahasa Mandarin di kalangan masyarakat Cina di Malaysia: Satu Kajian Kes, 2005/2006

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Munif Zarirruddin Fikri B Nordin, Kepimpinan Rasulullah s.a.w. : analisis wacana khutbah Ghazawat al-Rasul (Recipient of the Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin Best Thesis Award 2011), 2004/2005

Masters Degree, Noor Suraya Adnan Sallehudin, Perubahan Bahasa Dalam Warkah Diraja Melayu: Suatu Kajian Mengenai Surat-Surat Kepada Gabenor Dalam Tahun 1786-1794 Dan 1886-1894, 2001/2002

Masters Degree, Lim Peng Geok, A Discourse Analysis Of Letters To The Editor In A Local Newspaper, 2000/2001

Masters Degree, Salomy Sumithra A/P Krishna, A Schema-theoretic View of How Readers Interpret a Religious Text (project continued from prior supervisor on 4/Mar/2005), 2000/2001

Masters Degree, Munira Hussein, Turn taking in a group discussion (project continued from prior supervisor on 4/Jan/2002), 1999/2000

Masters Degree, Nor Ashikin Ghazali, Kesopanan Negatif: Satu Tinjauan Di Kalangan Penutur Melayu Di Utara Dan Tengah Semenanjung, 2002/2003

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Stefanie Shamila Pillai, Patterns of Disfluencies and the Process of Self-Monitoring in Spontaneous Speech, 1999/2000

Masters Degree, Pritam Singh, Lexical And Semantic Variation In An English Language Newspaper The New Straits Times A Case Study, 1997/1998

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Roslina Mamat, Analisis Perbualan Penutur Asli Bahasa Jepun: Satu Kajian Pengambilan Giliran Dan Maklum Balas, 2000/2001

Masters Degree, Che Mahmood Che Pa, Satu Analisis Penggunaan Jenis Wacana dalam Buku Di Hadapan Pulau (project continued from prior supervisor on 3/Jan/2003), 1997/1998

Masters Degree, Yong Moi Moi, A genre analysis of advertisements on private institutions of higher learning, 1995/1996

Masters Degree, Sudesh Nicholas Ramachandran, Language Maintenance and Shift among the Portuguese Eurasians in the Portuguese Settlement, 1997/1998

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Idris Aman, Wacana dan kepimpinan : Satu Analisis Terhadap Perutusan Perdana Menteri Mahathir Mohamad, 1997/1998


Doctoral Degree (PhD), Yvonne Campbell, Indigenous folktales of Bidayuh as a reflection of cultural worldview, 2012/2013

Masters Degree, Nur Syafiqa Mazlan, Indigenous folktales of the Bajau as a reflection of cultural worldview, 2012/2013

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Yeoh Pei Lee, Critical discourse analysis, 2011/2012


Masters Degree, Hana Salleh, Pemerolehan leksikal bahasa jepun melalui penceritaan digital, 2010/2011

Masters Degree, Fatma M. Farhat, A Systemic Functional Linguistic Analysis of Obama's Speeches on Muslim World Issues, 2010/2011

Masters Degree, Nur Shahidah Abu Hanifah, Media Representation of Unwed Teenage Mothers and Abandoned Babies in Malaysian Press, 2010/2011

Masters Degree, Thiba Naraina Chetty, A discursive construction of identity of Malaysian transsexuals, 2007/2008

(Linkages Description), (Organisation), (Year of Involvement), (Duration), (Level).

Programme committee, QS Summer School Summit, 2015, 12, (International)

International Academic Advisory Committee, 11th QS-Apple Conference, 2015, 12, (International)

Advisory Board - Issues in Language Studies, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, 2015, 12, (National)

Executive Committee of ASEAN University Network (AUN) and Kyoto University Student Mobility Programme toward Human Security Development, ASEAN University Network, 2013, 12, (International)

Dual PhD programme with University of Antwerp, Erasmus Mundus Europe Asia (EMEA) , 2013, 12, (International)

Jury for Book Awards, PNM-RTM 2013, National Library of Malaysia, 2013, 4, (National)

Panel Member for the area of Discourse Analysis, Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, 2013, 24, (National)

Co-researcher - Language Variation and Multilingualism Among Speakers of the Northern Aslian Languages of Peninsular Malaysia. , Lund University Sweden, 2013, 36, (International)

(Activity), (Organisation), (Role), (From)-(Until), (Level).

Moderation panel for the subject English as Second Language Studies, South Australian Matriculation Program, Senior Secondary Assessment Board of South Australia (SSABSA), Expert Advisor, 1995-1995, (National)

Internationalization and international linkages of Malaysian Institutions of Higher Learning, Institut Penyelidikan Pendidikan Tinggi Negara (IPPTN), Universiti Sains Malaysia, Resource Person, 2007-2007, (University)

Inter-rater for study on Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, Universiti Utara Malaysia, Resource Person, 2007-2007, (Individual researcher)

In preparation of Domain 8: Leadership, Governance and Administration , Institutional Audit for Self Accreditation, University of Malaya, 2009, University of Malaya, Resource Person, 2009-2009, (University)

Working committee for protocol and event flow the International Exposition of Research and Inventions of Institutions of Higher Learning 2009 (Pecipta 2009), 8 - 10 October 2009, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC), Malaysia, University of Malaya and Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia, Chairman, 2009-2009, (University)

Co-organize the 5th QS-Apple Conference, 24 - 26 Nov 2009, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia, QS-Apple, University of Malaya and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Resource Person, 2009-2009, (International)

Advisory Committee for protocol, CASE Asia-Pacific Advancement Conference 2010, 24 - 26 March 2010, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia, Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE), Technical Advisor, 2010-2010, (International)

Manage media opportunities for \'Give Life a Chance\' charity concert for cancer patients, University of Malaya, University of Malaya Medical Centre & Music Academy Shah Alam, Manager, 2011-2011, (University)

Internal Assessment Panel Member for Programme Accreditation Audit based on the Malaysian Qualifications Framework (MQF), University of Malaya, Technical Advisor, 2011-2011, (University)

Sharing of experiences and best practices for internationalizing the university via video conferencing with Northern Illinois University, Ohio University, American University's School of International Service, Washington., Malaysian-American Commission on Educational Exchange (MACEE) & the US Embassy, Resource Person, 2011-2011, (International)

Honorary Advisor for Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Management candidate Ms. Selma Kalotta, Universiti Brunei Darussalam. Thesis title: A comparative study of four ASEAN universities' performances at regionalization in higher education", Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Expert Advisor, 2011-2012, (International)

Judge for the Research, Invention and Innovation Exhibition 2011 (IRIIE), IIUM, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), Expert Advisor, 2011-2011, (National)

Task Force for Course Teaching and Evaluation Survey, University of Malaya, Committee Member, 2012-2013, (University)

Presenter in a seminar for Young Talents, University of Malaya: ESSENTIALS OF BUILDING A GLOBAL NETWORK, Global Planning & Strategy Centre, University of Malaya, Resource Person, 2012-2012, (University)

Judge for IIUM Research, Invention and Innovation Exhibition 2012, International Islamic University Malaysia, Expert Advisor, 2012-2012, (National)

Task force for Leadership, Culture and Image, UM Strategic Plan 2011-2015, University of Malaya, Committee Member, 2013-2015, (University)

Task force for Peer Review for Teaching and Learning, University of Malaya, Committee Member, 2013-current, 2014, (University)

(Course Title), (Academic Session), (No of Student), (No of Contact Hours).

Post Graduate

SOCIOLINGUISTICS, 2012/2013(1), 20, 3

Sociolinguistics, 2011/2012(2), 14, 3

Sociolinguistics, 2011/2012(1), 8, 3

Sociolinguistics, 2011/2012(1), 9, 3

Critical discourse analysis, 2011/2012(2), 10, 3

SOCIOLINGUISTICS, 2006/2007(1), 13, 3

FIELD RESEARCH, 2005/2006(1), 9, 3

SOCIOLINGUISTICS, 2005/2006(1), 20, 3


SOCIOLINGUISTICS, 2002/2003(2), 21, 3

SOCIOLINGUISTICS, 2001/2002(2), 22, 3

SOCIOLINGUISTICS, 2000/2001(2), 20, 3

TEXT AND DISCOURSE ANALYSIS, 2000/2001(2), 10, 3

TEXT AND DISCOURSE ANALYSIS, 1999/2000(2), 18, 3

BASIC ENGLISH, 1999/2000(1), 50, 3

TEXT AND DISCOURSE ANALYSIS, 1998/1999(2), 14, 3

First Degree

DISCOURSE ANALYSIS, 2014/2015, 6, 3


PRACTICE PAPER WRITING, 2013/2014(2), 6, 3

Pengantar Sosiolinguistik, 2011/2012(1), 15, 2

Pengantar Sosiolinguistik, 2011/2012(1), 11, 2

Language Variation (English Language), 2011/2012(2), 18, 2



LANGUAGE VARIATIONS, 2005/2006(1), 35, 3

WRITING THE RESEARCH PAPER, 2005/2006(2), 16, 3


ENGLISH CLINIC, 2005/2006(2), 3, 2

LANGUAGE VARIATIONS, 2005/2006(2), 20, 3

ENGLISH CLINIC, 2004/2005(2), 3, 2



LANGUAGE VARIATION, 2004/2005(3), 1, 3

LANGUAGE VARIATIONS, 2003/2004(1), 50, 3

LANGUAGE VARIATIONS, 2003/2004(2), 25, 3

KELAINAN BAHASA, 2003/2004(2), 1, 3

LANGUAGE VARIATIONS, 2001/2002(2), 20, 3

LANGUAGE VARIATION, 2001/2002(1), 127, 3

LANGUAGE VARIATION, 2000/2001(1), 129, 3


LANGUAGE VARIATIONS, 2000/2001(3), 12, 3



(Description), (Evaluation Activity),(Year).

Master's proposal - Representations of sex workers in the Malaysian print media: A critical discourse analysis, Thesis ,  (2013)

Discursive legitimation of UIV in Global Media: CDA for Discourse of Maxims in Yemen Times, Thesis ,  (2013-2013)

Master's dissertation - Modality and identity construction in the narratives of Libyan EFL learners, Thesis ,  (2013)

Examiner - Representations of the Bersih (2.0) rally protesters in Malaysian online newspapers, Project ,  (2013)

Chairman, Master's proposal presentation, Thesis ,  (2013)

Proposal presentation - Masculinity and Sexuality in the Obedient Wives Club: A Case study, Thesis ,  (2013)

Chairman, Candidature defense for Shahizan Shaharuddin (THA 100001), Chairman for candidature defense panel ,  (2012-2012)

Chairman, PhD Candidature defense for Kumaran Rajandran (THA 110006), Chairman for candidature defense panel ,  (2012-2012)

PhD candidature defense panel member for Seval Birlik (THA 090018), Candidature defense ,  (2012-2012)

Postgraduate research proposal presentation for Syarifah Noorasyidah Syed Mohri (TGC 090051), Research Proposal ,  (2012-2012)

Master's project, "A critical discourse analysis of the news coverage of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in AjE and CNN news websites", Project ,  (2012-2012)


Pewasit Makalah Isu bertema di Jurnal Pertanika, JSSH, Article In Journal ,  (2012-2012)

Postgraduate research proposal presentation for Norhayatee Benjasmith (TGC 090013), Research Proposal ,  (2011-2011)

Masters Examination for Nor Amriah binti Abdul Rahman, The Portrayal of Dr. M in Lat's Dr. Who?, 2010, Thesis ,  (2010-2010)

Masters Examination for Nur Evelyn Ghazali, ASEAN in the Malaysian English News Print Media: A Critical Discourse Analysis, 2010, Thesis ,  (2010-2010)

Doctoral Examination for Norazlina Hj. Mohd Kiram, Konsep Malu Orang Melayu dalam Novel SAGA : Satu Kajian Sosiolinguistik, 2010, Thesis ,  (2010-2010)

Doctoral Examination for Mohammed Azlan Mis, Analisis Pilihan Bahasa Sebagai Lingua Franca Di Sarawak, 2010, Thesis ,  (2010-2010)

Doctoral Examination for Riyadi Santosa, Forms and Meanings of Conjuctive Relation in Adult, Teenage, and Children Indonesian Popular Magazines and their Impact on Language Styles: A Systemic Functional Linguistics Approach, Universiti Utara Malaysia, 2010, Thesis ,  (2010-2010)

Sidang Penasihat Antarabangsa Jurnal e-Bangi, Fakulti Sains Sosial dan Kemanusiaan, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, 28 September 2010, Article In Journal ,  (2010-2010)

Reviewer for journal article, Strategi Kesantunan Melayu Dalam Membuat Teguran, Jurnal e-Utama, Malay Language and Culture, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 20 September 2010, Article In Journal ,  (2010-2010)

Disertasi bertajuk "Strategi komunikasi pelajar Dusun dalam pembelajaran bahasa Melayu", Thesis ,  (2010-2010)

Masters Examination for Robinson John Joseph Fernandez, Swear Words Used by Male Indian Undergraduates in Daily Conversation, 2008, Thesis ,  (2008-2008)

Doctoral Examination for Evelyn Khor Sook Hiang, An Investigation Of Medical Consultations In A Malaysian Public Hospital, 2007, Thesis ,  (2007-2007)

Referee for journal article, Language Choice among Iranians in Sweden, Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development, Routledge, 30 Sept 2007, Article In Journal ,  (2007-2007)

Doctoral Examination for Neng Lia Marliana, Wacana Pedagogi Kurikulum Berbaris Kompetensi Pelajar Indonesia: Satu Analisis Wacana Kritis, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, 2007, Thesis ,  (2007-2007)

Masters Examination for Fadell Hayeeharasah, Kitab Mun-Yat Al-Musalli: Analisis Tema Dalam Konteks Tautan, Maklumat Dan Subjek, 2007 (Academy of Malay Studies, UM), Thesis ,  (2007-2007)

Masters Examination for Wong Shin Shin, Analisis Teks Ucapan Rmk-9: Pendekatan Pragmatik, 2006 (Academy of Malay Studies, UM), Thesis ,  (2006-2006)

Masters Examination for Fang Geok Leng, Discourse Markers in Talk Shows: A case study, 2006, Thesis ,  (2006-2006)

Judge for Oral Presentation, University of Malaya Seminar on UM Research Output "Developing Knowledge Capital Through Research", Oral Presentation ,  (2006-2006)

Doctoral Examination for Mahmud Hasan Khan, The Discourse of Popular Culture: How Malay Youth Interpret the Culture of Other and Construct Self Identity Discursively, International Islamic University Malaysia, 21 June 2006, Thesis ,  (2006-2006)

Masters Examination for Lim Choy Wan, Representation of Racial Politics in a Malaysian Play: A critical discourse analysis of The Big Purge,2006, Thesis ,  (2006-2006)

Doctoral Examination for D. Ravichandran a/l K. Dhakshinamoorthy, A Sociolinguistic Study of Multiparty Negotiations among Diplomats from Third World Countries, 2005, Thesis ,  (2005-2005)

Masters Examination for Michael Justin Huckleberry, Understanding In The Esl Classroom: A Case Study, 2004, Thesis ,  (2004-2004)

Reviewer for Manuscript, Reading Attitude and University Students, Selangor: Universiti Putra Malaysia, 26 October 2004, Manuscript ,  (2004-2004)

Doctoral Examination for Asma Yusoff, Berita Politik Dalam Akhbar Bahasa Melayu: Analisis Struktur Dan Kohesi, 2003, Thesis ,  (2003-2003)

Masters Examination for Lee Ai Chat, Analisis Teks Ucapan Politik Bahasa Melayu dari segi Retorik: Satu Kajian Kes Terhadap Ucapan Politik Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, 2001, Thesis ,  (2001-2001)

Doctoral Examination for Vijaya Lekshmi K.P. Viswanathan, Conjunctive Relations in Agricultural and General Editorials, 2000, Thesis ,  (2000-2000)

Doctoral Examination for Choong Kee Foong, Analisis Strategi Retorik Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien III Tentang Perlembagaan Negeri Brunei dan Rancangan Malaysia, 1959-1963, 2000, Thesis ,  (2000-2000)

Masters Examination for Mohammad Najib Awang Kechik, Kajian Pemakaian Ayat Majmuk dalam Skrip Jawapan Geografi Pelajar Tingkatan 5, 1999, Thesis ,  (1999-1999)

Masters Examination for Umaiyah Hj. Umar, Thai-English Hybrid Lexical Formations, 1992, Thesis ,  (1992-1992)

(Contribution To Society), (Level), (Start Date), (End Date).

Board of Governors, Sekolah Sri Bestari, Bandar Sri Damansara, (Private), 01-Jan-12 until 31-Dec-13

Judge for Sekolah Rendah Damansara Utama Hari Aerobikton, (Community), 10-Oct-04 until 10-Oct-04

Co-organised Teachers' Day Celebrations Sekolah Rendah Damansara Utama, (Community), 16-May-04 until 16-May-04

Chaired a session in 2nd ASEAN Inter-varsity Environmental Debate, (University), 04-Sep-00 until 08-Sep-00